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The Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI 2023: A Night of Innovation and Impact

The Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI 2023 celebrated groundbreaking innovations and transformative impacts across various sectors, honoring the best and brightest in the AI industry.

The Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI, presented at Cypher 2023, celebrated its fifth edition this year. The event was a grand affair that brought together the brightest minds in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics. The awards aim to recognize and honor the transformative efforts that organizations and individuals are making in the AI landscape.

A Commitment to Transparency and Fairness

The Minsky Awards stand out for their commitment to transparency and fairness. There are no hidden fees or costs involved, which adds to the integrity and significance of these esteemed honors. The awards are evaluated based on three key criteria:

  1. Innovation: The degree to which the work represents a new idea or approach.
  2. Impact: The significance of the work in its field or for end-users.
  3. Quality of Contribution: The rigor of the methodology and validity of the claims.

Esteemed Panel of Judges

The awards boasted a distinguished panel of judges, with industry luminaries and thought leaders. The panel of judges included Faten Abdullatif, Chief Big Data Specialist at Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, Dr. Geraldine Wong, Chief Data Officer at GXS Bank, Dan Merzlyak, Director, Head of Aladdin Data Migration Practice and Business Intelligence at BlackRock, Frederick Bisbjerg, Chief Transformation Officer at AXA – Global Healthcare, Manish Sethia, VP – Applied AI at Chubb, Avijit Chatterjee, Head of AI/ML and NextGen Analytics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Simon Goo – ED & Head, Group Risk Analytics at UOB. Their collective wisdom ensured the integrity and prestige of the Minsky Awards.

Award Categories

AI for Community Welfare Award

The first award of the night, the “AI for Community Welfare Award,” was presented to LatentView Analytics for their partnership with the International Myeloma Foundation. Their AI-powered platform has significantly impacted healthcare and community support.

AI for Social Impact Award

Code Vipassana, a non-profit program founded by a Googler, won the “AI for Social Impact Award.” The initiative has empowered over 5,000 developers across the country this year, focusing on hands-on learning in developing real-world AI and ML applications using Google Cloud.

AI for Sustainability Award

EY’s Business Consulting Team was honored with the “AI for Sustainability Award” for their innovative work in enterprise risk and sustainable finance. Their product, Supply Chain Cognitive, focuses on monitoring and assessing supply chain emissions.

AI Leadership Award

Shell received the “AI Leadership Award” for their remarkable journey in enterprise AI. Their AI initiatives have led to groundbreaking successes, from real-time failure prediction algorithms to production optimization.

AI-Driven Retail & Supply Chain Excellence by a GCC Award

Target Corporation was honored for their exceptional work in leveraging AI to revolutionize retail and supply chain management. Though the details are confidential, their initiatives are groundbreaking.

AI-Enhanced Data Analytics Excellence Award

Accenture took home the “AI-Enhanced Data Analytics Excellence Award” for their groundbreaking work in optimizing marketing channels and ROI for a global beauty client. Using Deep Neural Networks for predictive Customer Lifetime Value, the project delivered high incremental revenue with an average lift of 65-80% and a Return on Ad Spend of 1.5-2X.

Best AI Implementation by a Service Provider

Tiger Analytics won the “Best AI Implementation by a Service Provider” for their revolutionary AI-driven solution, TA InsightsPro. The platform autonomously generates custom insights and has been implemented across multiple industries, leading to a projected 30% growth in Tiger Analytics’ Generative AI-related revenue.

Best AI Implementation in a GCC/Captive Environment

DBS Technology Services India Private Limited was honored for their comprehensive ATM Analytics solution. This AI-driven platform has significantly reduced ATM cash outs and optimized cash allocation, aligning with the stringent policies set by the Reserve Bank of India.

Best AI-Enabled Business Strategy in an Indian Firm

Colgate-Palmolive won the “Best AI-Enabled Business Strategy in an Indian Firm” for their project “Amazon Ascend: Scaling Product Visibility with LLM’s Keyword Stuffing on Product Pages.” The project improved the organic rank of their Visible White Organic portfolio on Amazon from 25 to 16 within just three months.

Best Industry-Academia Collaboration in AI

Renault Nissan Technology and Business Center India Private Limited (RNTBCI) was honored for their active collaboration with multiple academic institutions like IIT Madras, Great Learning Academy, ICT Academy, SRM University, and VIT.

Breakthrough AI Technology

Tredence Inc was awarded for their groundbreaking ATOM.AI platform, a comprehensive AI accelerator ecosystem that has generated a staggering $400M in revenue impact for a global CPG leader.

Data Engineering Excellence in a GCC/Captive Environment

Rakuten was honored for their Data Observability as a Service (DOaaS), which enhances data quality and tackles challenges like data downtime and latency issues.

Excellence in AI Research by an Indian Firm

Grasim – Pulp & Fibre won for their Automated Visual Inspection System, which has revolutionized the inspection of critical assets in their Spinning production.

Excellence in AI Strategy Consulting

Merkle was awarded for their Unified Marketing Solution, which has cut third-party demographic data costs by 100% and achieved an 80% success rate in show recommendations.

Excellence in AI Talent Development within GCC/Captives

Futurense Technologies was honored for innovatively integrating ChatGPT into their data engineering curriculum, reducing training time by 11%.

GCC AI Visionary Award

JPMorgan was celebrated for being at the forefront of AI and ML solutions, tackling complex banking issues from supplier identification to cloud migration.

Leading AI Service Provider

Genpact was honored for their comprehensive suite of services, from AI/ML advisory and strategy consulting to full-stack implementation.

Leading Domestic Indian Firm in AI Innovation

Max Life Insurance was awarded for embedding intelligence across 80% of their core business processes, leading to a 50% improvement in lead conversion rates.

Leading GCC/Captive for AI Innovation

Chubb was honored for their India-based center of excellence, CBSI, and their standout product, Chubb Studio.

Most Innovative Use of AI in Service Delivery

EXL Service was awarded for their AI product that personalizes cashback rewards in real-time for over 50 million customers.

Outstanding AI Product by a Domestic Indian Firm

HDFC Bank Ltd was honored for their AI platform that’s a game-changer in tackling Non-Performing Assets.

Outstanding AI-Powered Business Transformation in GCC/Captives

HSBC was awarded for their “Mis-sell Detective,” an AI solution that uses machine learning to identify instances of mis-selling with incredible precision.

Rising Star GCC in AI

Jet2 Travel Technologies, based in Pune, was celebrated as a game-changer in the travel industry.

AI-Driven Business Impact Award

Course5 Intelligence Limited was honored for their AI-driven Augmented Analytics platform, Course5 Discovery.

What an incredible evening it’s been, celebrating the best and brightest in the world of AI! We’ve seen some truly groundbreaking work tonight, and it’s clear that the future of AI is in excellent hands. Remember, the Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI 2023 are not just any awards; they are the Oscars of the AI industry!

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