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The US Joins G7 AI To Tackle China

The US Joins G7 AI To Tackle China

The US joins G7 AI

Michael Kratsios, chief technology officer at White House, said that the US along with the other countries of G7 would be setting up ethical guidelines to ensure artificial intelligence is used to serve the democratic interests and not authoritarian ones like China.

The idea of using artificial intelligence responsibility was put forward by the leaders of France and Canada a few years ago, but the US denied its need as it would impede innovations related to artificial intelligence. 

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However, now the US has joined the pact in order to counter China’s approach of leveraging artificial intelligence, which, according to Kratsios, is to target the government’s critics by ‘twisting artificial intelligence’. “The Chinese Communist Party has been using artificial intelligence to uncover and punish those who criticise the regime’s pandemic response,” said Kratsios to Fox News. “The Chinese government is tracking their citizens on social media networks, and then taking action against the ones who are critical of the Chinese government’s response.”

After years of negotiations, the US is now comfortable in moving ahead with the initiative. China has been at the forefront of implementing artificial intelligence technologies like facial recognition on its premise. And now, African countries have started embracing the computer vision technologies of China.

The increasing influence of China in terms of the use of cutting-edge technologies has pushed the US to join the forces and keep China under check while ensuring organisations can have the flexibility to blaze a trail.

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The race to become an artificial leader is heating up as China has set the target to make its AI industry worth $150 billion by 2030. And one the other hand, the US has expedited the federal research and development on AI. But, with the G7, the US might be able to make China play a fair game.

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