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ThermoKing launches ThermoTrack – a Reefer Telematics Solution for real time monitoring of Truck and Refrigeration unit data

ThermoKing launches ThermoTrack – a Reefer Telematics Solution for real time monitoring of Truck and Refrigeration unit data

Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced the launch of ThermoTrackTM Reefer Telematics Solution at the India Cold Chain Show on 17th-19th October, 2016 in Mumbai. Thermo King’s ThermoTrackTM Solution designed for the truck refrigeration unit market will cater to customer needs by driving energy and operational efficiency provided through the vehicle temperature management and remote control feature. Ingersoll Rand will also display its other product ranges including T Series, V Series, Ce Series and Cold Cube at the exhibition.

To ensure freshness of foods that are shipped around the world, it requires constant monitoring of the cold chain to protect cargo integrity. Thermo King has pioneered this for its customers through its reliable products and solutions.


“Thermo King as a world leader in transport temperature control, brought in its global learning into this telematics solution designed to address the need of Indian cold chain logistics requirement. With this launch of ThermoTrackTM Reefer Telematics Solution, we will provide our customers, monitoring and management technology that can protect their cargo, fleets and reduce operating costs. Our customers will be able to increase their operational efficiency and reduce risk of cargo loss due to inconsistent temperature profile by using this unique reefer telematics solution of Thermo King reefer unit. Unique features of this solution allows our customer to dynamically interact with installed Thermo King reefer unit and remotely monitor its temperature performance,” said Sudarshan Ananth, Region Vice President and Territory Leader – HVAC & Transport, Emerging Markets and India, Ingersoll Rand.


Key features of ThermoTrackTM Telematics System

 Vehicle Managementthermotrack-4x8

  • Locate & Manage fleet on map
  • Find nearest Thermo King dealers
  • Use Geo-Fence entries and exits to manage on-time departures and arrivals.
  • Manage Truck security with location.

Reefer Management:

  • Improve response times with real-time notifications of reefer alarms.
  • Increase unit uptime by managing service alerts.
  • Proactively manage cargo temperatures and modes with two-way.
  • Report generation on Reefer performance
  • Preventive maintenance alerts

Temperature Management

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  • Monitor reefer set point and return air temperatures.
  • Protect cargo and optimize reefer performance by remotely controlling the set point.
  • Track unit performance and prevent breakdowns.

Thermo King currently operates 9 manufacturing facilities, 3 R&D centres of excellence and over 870+ dealers worldwide. Thermo King is committed to providing products that are ecologically responsible and high performers.

Ingersoll Rand advances the quality of life by creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments. . Ingersoll Rand products range from complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems. The diverse and innovative products, services and solutions enhance customers’ energy efficiency, productivity and operations. Ingersoll Rand is committed to India and is implementing strategies for product innovation and design for Industrial Technologies; Food Safety; Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.


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