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This Indian Startup Is Fighting COVID-19 With Combat Drones

This Indian Startup Is Fighting COVID-19 With Combat Drones

Over the past few years, the robotics industry in India has pushed the traditional business areas, such as R&D manufacturing as well as production, to enter emerging domains, including education, rehabilitation, among others.

The robotics industry in India started in a modest way. But in recent years, it is now growing fast as the nation has basic components in place to shift into a robotics industry force, including a strong educational system, academic research facilities, along with an increasing entrepreneurial business drive.

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With a similar vision, New Delhi-based Indian Robotics Solution (IRS) started to solve technological problems through robotic solutions as well as to reduce human effort through continuous innovation. Founded in 2015 by Sagar Gupta Naugriya and Prashant Pillai, Indian Robotics Solution is a part of Indian Robo Store group. 

Flagship Products

In November 2017, IRS developed their first indigenous drone, ‘Alex’. Over the years, the startup has provided government and military clients with various solutions like All-Terrain Vehicle with a robotic arm, GSM and GPS tracker, solar circuits, thermal drone for night inspection, AC duct inspection robot, day surveillance drone, payload drone, stringing drone for the transmission line, GIS mapping through drone flight training, OpenCV & image processing solutions, and more. The company also offers services like circuit designing, 3D designing, CNC, robotics workshops and customised industrial robotic solutions

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Prashant said, “We developed a complete working robotic prototype to pull the OPGW wire through a robot. The company later got it patented and is one of the renowned power grid companies in India.” He added, “Additionally we have been providing thermal drones to Indian Army for night surveillance for the last 3 years and also providing services to some of the corporate sectors like solar power plants and power transmission lines for the survey.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company came up with 3 flagship products, which are- 

  • Corona Combat Drone (CCD) – It is an aerial solution to fight the viral pandemic, and used for aerial sanitization
  • Thermal Corona Combat Drone (TCCD) – It is a drone that can check the elevated body temperature (EBT) of individuals in Red Zones- Aerial Solution to fight COVID 19.
  • Thermal Corona Combat Headgear (TCCH) – It’s a wearable helmet which will give live imagery of the elevated body temperature (EBT) of the individuals in crowded places.

The Startup Differentiation 

To this, Sagar replied that the motto of the company is to design technologically advanced robotic solutions which actually solve the problem. According to him, as the company works with various government and defence agencies, there are three main things which cannot be compromised – quality, precision and efficiency. 

The Hiring Phase 

The company has been hiring talents in services like circuit designing, 3D designing, CNC, robotics workshops and customised industrial robotic solutions.  

Potential Competitors 

To this Sagar replied that there are several drone startups that are working with the government to help combat coronavirus. The startup Garuda Aerospace, which is working on sanitisation efforts, Mumbai-based ideaForge, a startup working on surveilling social distancing, and Telangana-based Marut, which is also helping in sanitisation can be considered as potential competitors.

Future Roadmap   

IRS has already opened offices in Delhi and Bhopal and are planning to start one in Hyderabad soon. Prashant said, “Moving forward, we would be working on making robotic solutions including stealth land rovers and also transformable drones which can go on water, air and all-terrain for the Indian Intelligence Agencies.”

He added, “We will be integrating an AI-based system in the CCD as well as launching a thermal-imaging CCD in the months to come. We are already working with the army from the past three years and I am sure we would be able to assist the defence authorities better in the time to come.”

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