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This Mumbai Startup Is Attempting To Introduce Level 2 Autonomy In India With Its Innovative Solution

This Mumbai Startup Is Attempting To Introduce Level 2 Autonomy In India With Its Innovative Solution

Richa Bhatia

AI-powered autonomous technology is poised to see enormous growth over the coming years, however tech development is mostly concentrated in North America and China. In a first, Pinaki Laskar, co-founder of Mumbai-based, Fisheyebox, has developed Drivex.AI — dubbed as an all-in-one-solution for an intelligent drive system. In an exclusive by Express Computer, Laskar talked about the Project DriveX that can interface with automotive standard drive-by-wire platform, and turns it into a driverless unit. The news further stated that the startup has also successfully tested its autonomous technology in Maruti Celerio.

Dubbed as the AI for self-driving cars, currently the startup’s range from analyzing high-level driving behavior modelling, robotic scene estimation to low level driving firmware actuation for universal compatibility, Laskar’s LinkedIn profile hints. Essentially, a self-driving autonomous car project typifies the driving experience and much of the technological development has been focused on the creation of vision technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS), Connected Car, Adaptive Cruise control (ACC), Vehicle Diagnostic System(VDS) system.

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Now, DriveX is focusing into ITS – Intelligent transportation system and will provides mobility intelligence to consumers, leveraging on its integrated suite of mobility applications and autonomous technology for vehicle through computer vision and AI. According to the Express Computer interview, the platform is bundled with a robust perception module which can sense the environment, for example — traffic lights, signs, lane markings all through camera data. Through the platform, this Mumbai startup is attempting to pave the way for Level 2 autonomy (Advanced Driver Assistance System) which will assist the driver by continuously monitoring external environment and reduce the risks of accidents.

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