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This Next-Gen Analytics Company Leads A Mission To Support Vulnerable Communities Amid Crisis

This Next-Gen Analytics Company Leads A Mission To Support Vulnerable Communities Amid Crisis

This Next-Gen Analytics Company Leads A Mission To Support Vulnerable Communities Amid Crisis

Ugam, a next-gen analytics company that helps retailers, brands, distributors and market research firms transform big data into valuable insights, has aimed to raise ₹50 lakhs via GiveIndia.

According to the company’s release — guided by a philosophy to drive genuine impact for all stakeholders, Ugam, a Merkle company, has been supporting vulnerable communities through education and health initiatives. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the company has developed a community welfare mission to feed those facing hunger lockdown. 

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For its recent initiative — the company has also aimed to raise ₹50 lakhs via GiveIndia, which is a non-profit online fundraising platform. Additionally, Ugam has also contributed to the PM CARES Fund and has decided to continue its support to Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital with medical equipment. 

The release further stated that — the national lockdown had left millions of labourers struggling to access food and rations. Ugam’s mission will provide weekly ration kits to 10,000 hungry families, which will comprise of necessary food essentials — pulses, rice, salt, oil, flour, spices, tea, and sugar. 

The company, after careful consideration, has partnered with three credible non-profit organisations via GiveIndia — Dignity Foundation, which is supporting senior citizens; Goonj, which is working for disaster relief across India; and Oxfam, which is working towards alleviating poverty across India. These collaborations will help in enabling the delivery of these ration kits across these vulnerable communities.

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Sunil Mirani, the co-founder and CEO of Ugam, stated on the company release, “I believe we cannot choose our circumstances, but we can certainly choose our response. I am proud of the response demonstrated by Ugam and Ugamites as they have been stepping up when it matters most.”

He further stated, “Our teams have invested time and effort to ascertain that we are driving genuine impact during this crisis. In such times, I consider it our privilege and duty to help those whose lives and livelihoods are impacted. After all, we believe profits are transient, but human lives are not.” 

Envisaged as an open-community initiative, the company is also encouraging its employees, clients, associates, and well-wishers to join hands to make an impact together. The company is also inviting volunteers to support this mission through donations as well as by helping spread the word.

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