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This Program For Working Professionals Is Helping Them Rejuvenate Their Careers In AI/ML

This Program For Working Professionals Is Helping Them Rejuvenate Their Careers In AI/ML

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are steadily becoming mainstream in businesses around the world. This, in turn, has created a secondary demand for qualified tech professionals who have a deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of AI to transform enterprises.

Keeping in mind this rising demand, the Program on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by IIIT-Hyderabad, a premiere research institution known for its Machine Learning Lab and AI Research Center, and DeepTech expertise company TalentSprint, was designed for working professionals to transform their career swiftly and efficiently with the power of AI and ML.

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The Advanced Certification Program in AI and ML is an in-depth and comprehensive program which is suitable for tech professionals who are looking to take a bigger jump in their career by gaining expertise in these deep tech areas. 

“There is a great gap in terms of general awareness of what AI/ML is and what generally people think. For individuals and society in general to benefit, this gap needs to be addressed fast and comprehensively,”
Sudheer Hullemane, an alumnus

This AI/ML Executive Certification Program is designed to suit working professionals and delivered through interactive online sessions coupled with immersive bootcamps in Bengaluru enabling a wider audience to benefit from the expertise of IIIT Hyderabad’s Machine Learning Lab. This program is best suited for working professionals — be it CXOs, Product/Project Managers, Developers or Analysts.

Most working professionals are fully-immersed in their daily work. Only with the help of the right program and peer group can they upskill themselves and become a part of a data-based decision-making culture. By equipping themselves with a smattering of working AI/ML techniques such as analytics, visualisation and working with various cloud platforms, the professionals can upskill themselves to apply AI techniques to real-world scenarios such as data augmentation, sentiment analysis, product life cycles and even client servicing. 

“The course opens up new dimensions in the area of artificial intelligence. It is quite fast-paced too, for working professionals so more of home reading to be done,”
— Kunal Sinha, an alumnus

AI/ML Executive Certification Program by IIIT-H and TalentSprint is designed as an intense classroom-plus-online format. It is a hands-on balanced course with an optimal mix of lectures and labs, where students get assistance from mentors throughout the program.

Unique 5-Step Learning Process:

  1. Masterclass Lectures
  2. Hands-on Labs
  3. Mentorship
  4. Hackathons
  5. Workshops

The unique feature of the program is the great blend of diverse students who come from varied industries. Since its launch last year, the program has seen 2,000+ professionals from 600+ companies enrolling in the Hyderabad and Bengaluru cohorts. The program also offers an opportunity for peer-to-peer networking. It acts as a forum for networking, expert researchers and real-world use-cases with which one can share insights and experiences. 

“IIIT-H and TalentSprint really put a lot of efforts to prepare the technical content and other arrangements in a very serious manner as well as very effective. This is the first time I see not just trainers and professors even all faculty have given a very serious commitment towards the work. I felt how much it’s important for you all to teach us the right content and lead us in the right directions. So I would strongly recommend my friends to join this course if they are interested to learn about ML,”
— Karthikeyan R, an alumnus

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The program is offered in two cohorts, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Bengaluru Cohort

Starting Date: 18 January 2020
Duration: 18 weekends
Immersive Bootcamps: 3 bootcamps X 3 days in Bengaluru by IIIT Hyderabad
Interactive sessions: 30 LIVE online classes (2 sessions of 2 hours each every Saturday)

The program is also offered in Hyderabad in a classroom format in the IIIT Hyderabad Campus with the flexibility to learn online.

Hyderabad Cohort

Starting Date: 28 December 2019
Duration: 13 weekends
Contact Sessions: 13 weekends (6+ hours each on Saturday and Sunday) at IIIT Hyderabad

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