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Tier-I Indian Institutes Who Are Offering Analytics Courses To Bridge AI Talent Gap

Tier-I Indian Institutes Who Are Offering Analytics Courses To Bridge AI Talent Gap

In the changing tech scenario in India, noted and well-established institutes have now also started to step forward and train students as well as the professionals in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The institutes are providing both the current needs of algorithms and mathematical insights as well as practical experiences.

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In this article, we list 5 tier-1 institutes that have added courses on artificial intelligence in India.

1| IIT, Madras

Department: Computer Science and Engineering

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Course Name: Interdisciplinary Dual Degree In Data Science

About The Programme: This institute launched a dual degree specialisation in data science as well as in robotics in the year 2018. Any B.Tech student can enroll in this programme based on the CGPA cut-off of 8.0 at the end of the 5th semester. This is a five-year programme that includes a degree in an engineering discipline and a degree in masters in data science. The course covers the fundamental theoretical concepts and the tools required. One can also choose to specialize in a specific application area or acquire deeper grounding the fundamentals of data science. They also have a dual degree programme on robotics.

Course Content: The courses covered in the dual degree programme of data science includes mathematical foundations for data science, introduction to data analytics, basics of map-reduce, distributed data storage, working on the cloud as the case study. There will also be practical lab classes that cover the basics of python and R including simple analytics tasks.

Duration: 5 years

Course Outcomes: The successful completion of this course will provide a basic background to students from different disciplines in data science and provide ample opportunity to specialize in a particular aspect of data science.

2| IIT Hyderabad

Department: Department of Liberal Arts

Course Name: Under Graduate Course on Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

About The Programme: This programme is launched this year and it is an additional opportunity that is to be taken along with the major course. The students will be undertaking team-based project work to explore the technical dimensions in AI.

Course Content: This is a 12-credit course that can be only taken by the students from the second year onwards. This includes the foundational courses in history, philosophy of technology, courses including social, political, economic and legal implications of AI will also be shed light at a global scale.

Duration: This course can be taken from the 5th semester after a student has taken several courses in the major discipline.

Course Outcomes: After completion, a student gains a sound understanding of the fundamentals of theory as well as the practice of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

3| IIT Kharagpur

Department: Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Course Name: Certification programme on Foundations on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

About The programme:  Last year, this institute launched an artificial intelligence centre and it will provide a programme will commence in March 2019. It is a 16 one-credit modules programme for the budding developers as well as the professionals. The course will be provided at present in three centres in Bengaluru, Kolkata and at IIT KGP campus. Furthermore, later this year the institute will also add one more course on “Advanced Machine Learning”.

Course Content: The course module includes mathematical and algorithmic foundations, artificial intelligence fundamentals, several modules on statistical and machine learning methods, natural language processing, computer vision, and application use cases.

Duration: 6 months

Course Outcomes: It will build strong foundation concepts and industrial applications of artificial intelligence.

4| IIT Ropar

Department: Computer Science and Engineering

Course Name: Artificial Intelligence, (Course code: CSL312)

About The programme: This is an elective course launched this year and it has a pre-requisite of Data Structures. includes an introductory course that describes the basic and widely used AI technologies such as AI for games, logic, planning, and reasoning. There will be practical implementations of AI algorithms throughout the course.

Course Content: The course includes problem-solving, search techniques, control strategies, game playing (mini-max), reasoning, knowledge representation through predicate logic, rule-based systems, semantic nets, frames, conceptual dependency formalism. Planning. Handling uncertainty: Bayesian Networks, Dempster-Shafer theory, certainty factors, Fuzzy logic, Learning through Neural nets — Backpropagation, radial basis functions, Neural computational models – Hopfield Nets, Boltzmann machines. PROLOG programming.

Duration: 1 year

Course Outcomes: After successful completion of the course, a student will be able to code and understand the AI algorithms as well as gain keen knowledge in the subject matter.

5| IIT, Roorkee

Department: Computer Science and Engineering

Course Name: The elective courses launched this very year offers in the undergraduate programme includes an introduction to artificial intelligence (CSN-371), Machine Learning (CSN-382), Computer Vision (CSN-471), Data Mining (CSN-515), Big data analytics (CSN-494), Advanced Data Mining (CSN-493).

About The programme: The institute offers undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Engineering and recently included elective courses on various topics of machine learning and data science as well as in the artificial intelligence field.

Course Content: In the big data analytics course, the credit is 4 and it’s content includes an introduction to big data and its four dimensions, introducing storage, real-time big data analytics, query stack, Hadoop distributed file system, big data storage models, scalable algorithms, applications, and issues. The machine learning course is of credit 4 and it includes an introduction to ML, classification techniques, clustering, Bayesian estimation, Hidden Markov Models, Reinforcement Model, etc. The computer vision course includes image formation and camera calibration, feature detection and matching, shape from shading, structure from motion, stereo vision.

Duration: 1 semester

Course Outcomes: Successful completion of the course will enable a student to understand the basics as well as the core of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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