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TikTok Parent Company ByteDance To Set Up New Data Centre In India

TikTok Parent Company ByteDance To Set Up New Data Centre In India

ByteDance, the parent company of popular video app TikTok has announced the setting up of a new data centre in India. The Chinese company will be one of the first social media companies to localise their data for India.

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According to a statement shared by ByteDance, the company has taken this step to abide by India’s efforts regarding the data protection legislation. “We are pleased to announce that we are taking a significant step towards establishing a data centre in India. We are now in the process of examining options for safe, secure and reliable services for our Indian users within India’s borders,” said the company.

Sharing that India was one of their strongest markets for their products Helo as well as TikTok they, were committed to creating truly “local” products.

“Since the launch of our platforms in India, we have stored the data of our Indian users at industry-leading third-party data centres in the US and Singapore. This is in line with our constant endeavour to ensure that we have the best interests of our local users at heart. We now believe that the time has come to take the next big leap,” the company added.

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In fact, ByteDance also added that they were “we are happy to be part of the mainframe of Digital India in 15 Indian languages.”

According to a report by a noted business daily, the ByteDance has set an internal target of 6-18 months to set up the data centre. This is reportedly a part of their $1 billion investment committed by ByteDance to the Indian market over the next three years.

However, the company has seen its fair share of controversies in India, especially with their app TikTok. Only last week the Indian ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY) sent a notice to TikTok and Helo raising concerns about anti-Indian and unlawful activities being shared on the app.

In April 2019, TikTok was banned for over a week for controversial content, but was restored on the back of cash incentives.

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