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Our top 10 Analytics India Magazine article reads in 2014

Our top 10 Analytics India Magazine article reads in 2014

Top articles 2014

Here are the articles you read most in 2014. Enjoy!


#1. 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders in India – 2014

photos (1)The success of analytics story in India has a huge bearing on the leaders that drive it today. The emergence of analytics and big data posed its own set of opportunities/ challenges and these leaders are to a large extent instrumental in shaping the analytics industry that we witness today.

Analytics India Magazine’s annual ranking of the 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders in India honors individuals in Analytics/ Big Data industry who are deemed by their peers and an expert panel to be the most influential individuals in India, in terms of Impact, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Analytics evangelism. Read the full list here.

#2. 10 Emerging Analytics Start-ups in India to Watch in 2014

1530358_788479767845191_852912979_nEach year we publish a list of analytics startups in India that are making all the right noises and showcases the most potential among newcomers. This year we had the following companies on the list-

  • Crayon Data
  • Flutura
  • Axtria
  • Flytxt
  • Sapience Analytics
  • SIBIA Analytics
  • Ideal Analytics
  • Formcept
  • IQR Consulting
  • StatLabs

Access the full article here.

#3. Top 10 Social Media Analytics Companies in India

Desktop9Social Media analytics is still in very nascent stages. Both the consumers as well as providers have till now been perplexed about how to best consume the gold mine of social chatter online.

Service providers have preferred the product route till now, mostly contained around social media monitoring and real time evaluation. For enterprises and end consumers, the transition from social media speaking to listening is just closing in.

Here we list down 10 social analytics companies in India that are making the most difference in whole ecosystem. The list is not in any particular order and we would keep this updated as the field evolves and new startup foray into this area. Access the full article here.

#4. 10 Most Prominent Analytics Academicians in India

Fotor0828194546.pngLets look at people who are driving the flourishing analytics education industry in India. Education being the cornerstone of a budding industry in a country, we looked at top academicians who are driving this wave. Access the full article here.

#5. Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India – Ranking 2014


Each year we plan to bring to our readers, a ranking on 10 best performing analytics training institutes in India. This year we went through an elaborate, rigorous exercise to evaluate all institutes that provide education on analytics (and related skillsets). There were various parameters that were used to evaluate the institutes like course content, pedagogy, external collaborations and faculty. Access the full article here.

#6. Top 10 International Online Analytics Courses

Desktop7With the rise of Business Analytics as a separate professional stream, there is a lot of action in analytics education worldwide. Especially in US, almost all well known B-Schools have started an analytics courses either in Full Time, Par Time or Online format.

From India perspective, it makes sense to provide information to analytics aspirant on leading online analytics courses around the world. Here is the list prepared by our experts. Access the full article here.

#7. Analytics India Jobs study 2013

Job Study 2013_1Each year we take up an independent study to access the India Job market for Business Analytics and related fields.

Please note that this study does not reflect the current analytics positions in India. The Study reflects the new job openings in the year 2013 and the areas these openings were primarily in. Read the complete study here.

#8. Top 10 Analytics Trends in India – 2014

top 10 trendsNow that 2014 is coming to an end, we thought it’s a good time to understand where we are in the whole analytics journey and what to expect in future. We surveyed analytics leaders in India to get their thoughts on some of the key trends in analytics and Data science. Access the full article here.

#9. A Study on Domestic Indian Analytics Market

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 3.16.03 pmWith analytics gaining steam across all industry segments, we did this quick study to investigate the amount of analytics adoption at domestic Indian firms. We picked up 15 large Indian firms that utilize relatively high analytics for internal purpose and score them on basis of analytics penetration and maturity. Access the full article here.

#10. Choosing a career option in Analytics domain

Untitled-1By Laxmi CP Suryawanshi

In this fast growing technology environment, analytics based decision making is imperative for organizations to lead the business against competitors, socio-economic changes and increasing customer demands. However, choosing a career in analytics is also important for individuals who seek to excel in this domain. This post will help individuals who seek to start their career in analytics or in the initial years of their career.  Depending upon one’s strength and interest, a suitable field in analytics can be chosen. Access the full article here.

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