Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India – Ranking 2016

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As part of the annual ranking process, Analytics India Magazine brings all the aspiring Data Scientists this year’s ‘Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India’. AIM has been conducting this ranking for four years now and has successfully provided insights into the analytics education world.
The journey for this study started 2 months back where each institute was analyzed minutely on various parameters to come up with the finest 10 training institutes out of the 18 nominations received by AIM.

The institutes have been ranked on 5 parameters viz Course Content, Pedagogy, External Collaborations, Faculty and Other Attributes like, Placement Assistance, Virtual Labs Events, LMS, etc. For every participating institute, each parameter was rated on the scale of 1-5 where 1 is for Worst and 5 is for Best to arrive at an overall ranking. Also, all parameters were assigned equal weights to get to the final ranking. Apart from these parameters, student as well expert feedback has been taken into consideration to arrive at this year’s ‘Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India’.

Please note, just the training institutes offering analytics courses have been considered and universities / B-schools offering analytics programmes are not a part of this ranking.

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1.  Jigsaw Academy

Headquarter City: Bangalore

Cities of Operation: Global. Online training.

Year of inception: 2011

Flagship Analytics Program: Data Science with R which dove-tails into Big Data Analytics

Mode of Delivery: Online Training with Virtual Classroom and Virtual Lab

img_20160723_184908-copyFounded in 2011 by Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti – who have worked in some of the leading analytics companies around the world- Jigsaw Academy provides training in the field of analytics and Big Data. The academy has been growing rapidly year after year since its inception and has the record for  training the most number of analytics professionals in India. Alumni of Jigsaw Academy are present across the breadth of analytics companies.  The constant endeavour to improve their teaching methodology and have the most up to date content is what distinguishes Jigsaw Academy from other training providers.

Course Content (Rating 4.6): Jigsaw Academy has a unique method to deliver the best designed course content. Jigsaw Academy hires subject matter experts from the industry to build out a curriculum which is most relevant to a specific role in the industry. For example, the flagship course offered by Jigsaw Academy on Data Science with R was designed by an aero-scientist who was working at one of the world’s foremost aircraft manufacturer while he was creating the course. This model ensures the course content meets the career objectives of  not only aspiring students but also aspiring professionals at various stages of their careers. The course content is in-depth and comprehensive in nature enabling a trainee to be industry-ready for a particular role. Also, continuous feedback from ongoing batches to improve the course is a key differentiator for Jigsaw. They claim to have a CSAT of 4.81 on 5.

Pedagogy (Rating 4.8): The focus of Jigsaw’s pedagogy is providing practical hands-on training to its students. Hence, in line with this pedagogical philosophy, their courses are designed in a way, that it emphasizes hands on learning by using large and actual business datasets for students to practice on the Jigsaw Lab. Case-studies also focus on practical industry problems. Strong industry exposure is also provided via multiple data science contests using datasets provided by different companies.

Faculty (Rating 4.7): 100% of the instructors at Jigsaw Academy have analytics industry experience allowing them to teach from a practical view-point. 30% of them hold a PhD. The best part is the faculty to student ratio of 1:30 which provides for better interaction and support.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.8): Jigsaw Academy boasts of quite a few external collaborations which include SDA Bocconi (Europe) ranked 7th Worldwide in Business & Management, IIM Bangalore, Manipal Education, SOIL and IFIM .

Other Attributes (Rating 4.9): Jigsaw Academy has been the pioneer for virtual labs in the analytics space in India. The institute also conducts several hackathons and webinars as part of the continuous learning experience. Jigsaw has its own LMS, the Jigsaw Learning Centre (JLC), which is robust and provides all the learning material along with case studies and assignments to students. They also have an in-house film team which include National Award winners, who ensure that the course content is not only relevant but also interesting to view and easy to learn.

The overall rating for Jigsaw Academy is 4.76

2.  AnalytixLabs

Headquarter City: Delhi-NCR

Cities of Operation: India, USA & South East Asia

Year of inception: 2011

Flagship Analytics Program: Business Analytics 360, Advance Big Data Science

Mode of Delivery: Online and Classroom

ranking_al_img1AnalytixLabs is a training solutions firm led by McKinsey, IIM, ISB and IIT alumni. They offer a wide array of courses spanning across Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization along with global certifications. In addition to individual professional training, they also deliver training programs to corporates.

Course Content (Rating 4.6): The crux of AnalytixLabs courses is training students for the various job roles in the analytics industry. Hence the courses are designed keeping in mind the job responsibilities of these roles and are validated by professionals from that field itself. The courses offered are at various levels starting from Beginners to intermediate to advanced level allowing students to choose based on their capabilities.

Pedagogy (Rating 4.7): Providing practical training to its students is at the heart of AnalytixLabs’ pedagogy. As part of this, the training includes lot of case examples close to real-life situations to get the students prepared for their jobs. Also the institute blends all three ways of learning modes – classroom, live online and video-based for an effective training program delivery.

Faculty (Rating 4.6): A lot of faculties at AnalytixLabs come with industry experience from firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, Genpact, Fidelity and Facebook. On an average, the faculties have 8-10 years of hands-on experience in the field of analytics.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.6): The institute has two strong external collaborations – One with Wiley for the Big Data certification and second with Databyte Academy in Malaysia to deliver their courses and this is recognized by HR Ministry of Malaysia.

Other Attributes (Rating 4.6): The institute provides complete placement assistance to its students. A team of professionals help the students right from creating their resumes to getting them ready for the interviews. AnalytixLabs provides various platforms to the candidates to install and use the software based on their course.

The overall rating for AnalytixLabs is 4.62

3. International School of Engineering (INSOFE)

Headquarter City: Hyderabad

Cities of Operation: Hyderabad, Bangalore

Year of inception: 2011

Flagship Analytics Program: Certificate Program in Big Data Analytics and Optimization

Mode of Delivery: Classroom

insofeINSOFE is an institute training students and working professionals in Applied Engineering with current focus area in Data science/Big data analytics. In its endeavour to provide quality education to its students, INSOFE works towards creating their courses in a way that meet the complex industry demands.

Course Content (Rating 4.5): An amalgamation of conventional methods and cutting edge technology is what defines the courses at INSOFE. As a key differentiator, INSOFE is adding value to its course by including cutting edge technologies like matrix factorization and deep learning methods. The course starts from the basic skills needed to be a data scientist and gradually moves to practical applications.

Pedagogy (Rating 4.5): INSOFE’s pedagogy puts weightage on 3 stakeholders -industry, universities and fellow practitioners to make their students competitive. The institute takes requirement/ inputs from its 3 stakeholders to design their curriculum.   

Faculty (Rating 4.9): All the faculty members at INSOFE hold a Phd. In fact 2 of INSOFE’s mentors, Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru and Dr. Sreerama K V Murthy, have been listed among the ’10 Most Prominent Analytics Academicians in India’ clearly showcasing the quality of INSOFE’s faculties.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.5): INSOFE has tied up with companies, Soothsayer Pvt. Ltd and iCube individually to build a data science center and Intuceo, (a business user interface) respectively.

Other Attributes (Rating 4.5): INSOFE has some leading name in the industry participating in its placement drive giving the students an excellent opportunity to start with. The institute has an in-house set up of Amazon cloud currently in use and is being expanded and upgraded to a much larger cluster.

The overall rating for Internation School of Engineering is 4.58

4. Edvancer

edvancerHeadquarter City: Mumbai

Cities of Operation: Online hence Global

Year of inception: 2013

Flagship Analytics Program: Certified Business Analytics Professional

Mode of Delivery: Online

Edvancer provides training in analytics, data science & big data globally and has trained over 3,000 people till now. It is an IIM-IIT alumni venture which aims at creating an online analytics knowledge hub to meet the learning needs of all kinds of professionals interested in analytics.

Course Content  (Rating 4.4): Industry experts are roped in by Edvancer to create/revise their course content as part of the process. The courses have been designed keeping in mind the skills sets needed to enter the analytics industry. It emphasizes on providing hands-on practical training to students with real-world case studies.

Pedagogy (Rating 4.8): Edvancer follows the pedagogy of ‘Self-paced + Faculty support’ allowing trainees to undergo training at their pace along with faculty support and guidance. Edvancer’s pedagogy encourages students to interact with their trainers so the virtual classes are almost near to normal classes.

Faculty (Rating 4.6): Edvancer faculties are industry professionals with 5-10 years of experience and are trained extensively in the online pedagogy before they take classes. With 20% faculties having PhD, the faculty to student ratio is 1:12.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.5): Edvancer is a training partner for various companies like PwC, E&Y, Deloitte, JP Morgan, GE, Colgate Palmolive, L&T, Eclerx, Microsoft, Max Life, SBI Life etc. Also, the institute has partnered with Wiley, the world’s largest education provider to provide a globally recognized certification in Big Data and Hadoop.

Other Attributes (Rating 4.4): Edvancer has a mix of big corporates and startups as part of their placement drive. Also, the institute conducts analytics hackathons and free webinars on analytics and big data to guide the trainees.

The overall rating for Edvancer is 4.54

5. SAS® Academy for Data Science

s285_sas100kHeadquarter City: Cary, NC, USA

Cities of Operation: Operation across 60 Countries

Year of inception: 1976

Flagship Analytics Program: SAS Certified Data Scientist

Mode of Delivery: Classroom and Live Web Classes

Incepted in 1976, SAS is one of the oldest training institutes for analytics. SAS Academy for Data Science offers 3 programs in the field of analytics– certifications in big data, advanced analytics and data science.

Course Content  (Rating 4.2): Experts from the analytics background are part of the team creating course offered by SAS. The programme not only focuses on providing theoretical knowledge but also hands-on practical training.

Pedagogy  (Rating 4.5): SAS pedagogy is based on the principles of experiential learning. Also as an endeavor to provide practical training, the institute includes industry relevant projects and case studies. For each module, there is internal and continuous assessment so the trainees receive continuous feedback about their performance.

Faculty  (Rating 4.7): 70% of the faculties at SAS hold a PhD. Also, the faculty members are experienced with an average of over 10 years of teaching and training experience. Faculty to student ratio is 1:15.

External Collaborations  (Rating 4.8): SAS Education has academic alliances with some of the leading global universities like North Carolina State University, The University of Alabama to name a few. Also in India, SAS has partnered with various premier academic institutions like ISB, IIMB, IIML, IIMC, NMIMS

Other Attributes  (Rating 4.4): SAS provides 24*7 access to SAS software and course materials to its trainees during the program. SAS has its own in-house virtual learning environment.

The overall rating for SAS is 4.52

6.  Imarticus Learning

Headquarter City: Mumbai

Cities of Operation: Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Coimbatore

Year of inception: 2012

Mode of Delivery: Online and Classroom

imarticusEstablished in 2012, Imarticus is one of the Analytics professional education company, which assists individuals and firms in meeting their human capital and skillset requirements.  Headquartered in Mumbai, Imarticus has classroom and online delivery capabilities across India.

Course Content  (Rating 3.9): The fundamental principle behind Imarticus’ course content is imparting in-depth knowledge of the analytics tools clubbed with key concepts of Data science and other related areas. Also to provide hands-on experience to the students, Imarticus provides a rigorous industry mentorship process to help the them prepare on upcoming trends and challenges in the analytics industry.

Pedagogy  (Rating 4.2): Imarticus’s pedagogy focuses on promoting constant discussion among the trainer and trainees. Also the pedagogy promotes group work among trainees and puts them under rigorous training process to build their ability to work under pressure.

Faculty  (Rating 4.3): Imarticus team of faculties is led by senior professionals from universities such as Columbia, MIT, and Harvard with a combined experience of technology and analytics.

External Collaborations  (Rating 4.5): Imarticus has quite a few external collaborations under their name. The institute is a National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) training partner. Also it has come together with NSE to increase the awareness of the securities markets. Other collaboration include Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment and International Institute of Business Analysis.

Other Attributes  (Rating 4.5): The institute has won numerous awards in the space of education. Imarticus has an excellent placement record of around 77% placements in the last few years.

The overall rating for Imarticus is 4.28

7.   Ivy Professional School

Headquarter City: Kolkata

Cities of Operation: Kolkata, Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune & Online

Year of inception: 2007

Flagship Analytics Program: Diploma in Data Science

Mode of Delivery: Online and Classroom

ivy_aim_2016_collage_finalIvy Professional School (Ivy) provides Big Data Science & Analytics education in the country. They offer a wide range of courses from certification courses on Analytics to Big Data Science, R, Python, R, Excel.

Course Content  (Rating 4.0): IVY’s course content are designed to adhere to the industry requirements. These courses are already being used by Analytic companies for their internal training purpose proving its acceptance by industry.  Other highlights being live projects and internship opportunity.

Pedagogy (Rating 4.1): IVY’s pedagogy is based on four pillars- See, Act, Interpret and Assess. See what the trainer demonstrates, Act on a real data set, Interpret the results to generate insights, and participants are Assessed on their work. Other highlight being availability of physical classroom in multiple cities.

.Faculty (Rating 4.0): Ivy’s core faculty team has experience with some of the leading organizations in the analytics industry and around 20% of them hold a PhD. Faculty to student ratio is 1:12.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.5): External collaborations of the institute include Indian as well as global universities. Also Ivy in association with Maharishi University of Information Technology Noida has founded the School of Data Science which offers various courses in this stream. The institute is an official learning partner of companies like Genpact, Capgemini, HSBC, ITC, ICRA, Moody’s.

Other Attributes (Rating 4.5): Around 85+ analytics companies participate in the placement drive of the institute. Also Ivy’s cloud based virtual, Practice Sandbox, provides participants with after course remote access to the same software tools used in the course with large data sets.  Ivy has its own LMS – new Adaptive Learning Management System (iALMS) to create a competitive learning environment using its unique Leaderboard feature. 

The overall rating for Ivy Professional School is 4.22

8. IMS Proschool

IMS proschoolHeadquarter City: Mumbai

Cities of Operation: Institute operates in 9 cities across India

Year of inception: 2014

Flagship Analytics Program: Business Analytics Course

Mode of Delivery: Online and Classroom

IMS Proschool is an initiative of IMS Learning Resources. IMS Proschool has associated with NSE India to offer Business Analytics Certification Program. Also the institute is a partner of NSDC – National Skill Development Corporation, an initiative of Union Ministry of Finance to provide skill development training to the youth.

Course Content  (Rating 4.1): Joint Certification from NSE – India, IMS Proschool and NSDC makes the course offered by the institute a distinguishing one. This is coupled with hand-on training and cases studies from various domains to make the students industry-ready.

Pedagogy (Rating 3.8): The pedagogy adopted by IMS Proschool is of taking inputs from both the academicians and industry people for preparing the course. Also to train students an opportunity with Capstone Project  is provided to apply their learning.  

Faculty (Rating 3.8): The faculties at IMS Proschool come from institutions like IIMs, IITs, ISB and have over 5 years of experience in the field of analytics.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.2): The institute has two very strong national level collaborations with NSE India and National Skill Development Corporation for their analytics program. Apart from this, Proschool offers Business Analytics program to quite a few educational institutions  in India.

Other Attributes (Rating 4.4): The institute organizes regular webinar by Industry professional on various analytic topics to give their students a feel of the industry. Also Proschool has developed its own proprietary LMS which is available on both desktop and mobile

The overall rating for IMS Proschool is 4.07

9.  NIVT

Headquarter City: Kolkata

Cities of Operation: Kolkata

Year of inception: 2003

Flagship Analytics Program: NIVT Certified Analytics Pro (NCAP).

Mode of Delivery: Online and Classroom

NIVT bannerIncepted in the year 2003, NIVT imparts technology training to young professionals in niche areas starting from beginner’s courses to Data Analytics, Business Intelligence tool and other emerging technologies. The Institute aims to fill up the huge skill gap in the analytics industry across pan India.

Course Content  (Rating 4.0): NIVT’s courses aim at making its students prepared for  industry roles. And to meet this objective, about 80% of the training during the course is hands-on. Also students are exposed to real time industry case studies in line with their main objective of making students industry ready.

Pedagogy (Rating 3.7): NIVT provides practical training to its trainees through live project work and case studies which are more relevant in the industrial requirements. Also NIVT works on upgrading courses and delivery processes frequently to meet the ever changing standards of the industry.

Faculty (Rating 4.0): The faculties at NIVT are a mix of industry professionals and people with good amount of teaching experience in the analytics field.  About 20% of faculties hold a PhD and an excellent faculty to student ratio 1:5 to provide personal attention to students.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.1): NIVT is affiliated to NCVT, DGE&T, Govt. Of India, Ministry of Labour & Employment for the ICT sector in West Bengal. Recently, the institute has collaborated with the renowned business school, United World, as their Analytics training partner.

Other Attributes (Rating 4.1): NIVT makes its student’s interview ready and provides analytics job related information in a timely fashion. The institute uses Blackboard, an online tool, to create Virtual Labs for collaborative learning. Also the institute organizes events, seminars and workshops on Business Analytics in various colleges.

The overall rating  for NIVT is 3.98

10. OrangeTree Global

orange-treeHeadquarter City: Kolkata

Cities of Operation: Kolkata, Durgapur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, Gurgaon & (Chennai 2017)

Year of inception: 2009

Flagship Analytics Program: Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Program (BIBA)

Mode of Delivery: Online and Classroom

OrangeTree Global is a Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Training organization with Centers across India. The organization focuses on Business Intelligence tools like R, Python, Hadoop, Machine Learning, SPSS, VBA.

Course Content (Rating 3.7): OrangeTree Global courses are job oriented and make a student industry ready. Also mentorship by industry professionals add value to the course content bringing in the practical aspect to make student job ready. Live projects add on to the practical approach taken by the institute.

Pedagogy (Rating 3.6): The institute believes in adopting a pedagogy of bottom-up approach to instil a clear understanding of expectations of analytics professionals from the industry. The institute also revises the programme annually to keep their course abreast of the changes in the industry to make it more industry relevant.

.Faculty (Rating 3.9): A huge number i.e .close to 60% faculties at OrangeTree Global are with PhDs. Faculties are trained by industry specialists so that they are abreast of all the industry knowledge which they can impart to the students.

External Collaborations (Rating 4.1): OrangeTree Global is the official Analytics training partner for Computer Society of India. Also the institute has a tie-up with State Government of Jharkhand to offer their courses across national and state universities throughout Jharkhand.

Other Attributes (Rating 4.0): OrangeTree has some of the leading companies from the industry like TCS Analytics, Genpact, HSBC Deloitte, Fractal Analytics participating in their placement drive. Also the institute organizes hackathon and analytics related events. Virtual Labs are available to students to gain hands-on experience on analytic tools.

 The overall rating for OrangeTree Global is 3.86

Bhasker Gupta
Bhasker is a techie turned media entrepreneur. Bhasker started AIM in 2012, out of a desire to speak about emerging technologies and their commercial, social and cultural impact. Earlier, Bhasker worked as Vice President at Goldman Sachs. He is a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

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