Top 10 Computer Vision Companies In India To Keep An Eye On

We take a look at various emerging startups with roots in India that are using computer vision tech to solve a variety of problems

Computer vision is one of the fastest emerging branches in the AI space. Many companies in India are using the power of video analytics driven by computer vision to solve problems in a diverse range of sectors, varying from manufacturing and security to fashion and transportation. A key factor that is driving this massive growth is the rapid adoption of AI, machine learning and technical advancements in hardware and software.

Here we look at 10 leading India-based startups using computer vision technologies:


Started in: 2015

Located at: San Diego and Bengaluru

Founders: David Julian and Avneesh Agrawal

NetraDyne claims that it is moulding the transportation space through computer vision and data analysis. In this way, it is creating safer roads. It uses the power of AI with video to detect, reason and predict the eventuality of an event to happen. In July this year, it raised $150 million in Series C funding, with the total funding reaching over $197 million. It is backed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Point72 Ventures and M12.


Started in: 2016

Located at: Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Singapore

Founders:  Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah and Devendra Chandani.

IntelloLabs looks to solve the issue of food loss by using the potential of AI, ML and computer vision. How does the company do this? It digitises the quality assessment of fresh fruits and vegetables. A study has found out that human error in the absence of standardised procedures and insufficient training is a major reason behind loss in food manufacturing. It uses image matching and machine learning to measure the quality of crops. Its advanced image recognition technology can recognise objects, faces, flora and fauna, and tag them in any image. IntelloLabs’ last round of funding was last year when it raised $5.9 million in Series A funding led by Saama Capital.


Started in: 2013

Located at: California, Bengaluru, Germany

Founders: Sachin Garg, Vibhor Gupta

It uses computer vision to help businesses with real-time measurement, analysis and automation. It has a customer engagement platform called Magnet that is equipped with tracking and analytics to digital screens installed in spaces in the real and physical world.

SensoVision Systems

Started in: 2015

Located at: Bengaluru

Founders: Vikram Jain and Aakash Dhamasia

The company has developed vision-based solutions for a variety of sectors like Automotive, Fasteners, Food and Beverages. It also provides machine-vision software solutions. The solutions they provide utilise technological advancements in optics and embedded engineering, ML and AI in different manufacturing industries. They let you conduct high-speed inspections for defects related to measurement, counting and surface.


Started in: 2015

Located at: Bengaluru, San Francisco

Founders: Siddharth Mall, Ajinkya Malasane, and Akshay Lal

It is a data labelling platform generating training data for computer vision models at scale. It provides high precision annotation services to companies in the autonomous vehicle, drones, mapping domain. It is also a crowdsourcing platform where consumers can participate in tasks, including the labelling of images. Telus International acquired Playment for an undisclosed amount in July this year.


Started in: 2015

Located at: Bengaluru

Founders: Ankit Sachan, Ashish Kumar, Koustubh Sinhal

The company uses ML, visual technology, and AI to identify objects in photos, allowing users to get the information of the objects surrounding them. The company aims to bridge the gap that exists between the real and online world, giving users the power to search for any object. The combination of computer vision, AI and deep learning helps them identify the targeted object in varying light conditions, distances and different backgrounds. 


Started in: 2013

Location: Bengaluru, New York

Founders: Sridhar Manthani, Haricharan Lakshman, and Rajesh Kumar

It is a Fashion AI innovator that aims to create intelligent shopping experiences. The company claims that its search can help get personalised results based on anatomy, past behaviour, and purchases. By using CV, they can present the product on different human models and multiple background scenes. The company has raised $1 million from undisclosed angel investors.

 Uncanny Vision

Started in: 2013

Located at: Bengaluru

Founders: Ranjith Parakkal and Navaneethan Sundaramoorthy,

The company that provides real-time surveillance using computer vision just got acquired by Eagle Eye Networks. Uncanny Vision comes with various products like Uncanny ANPR, Uncanny Vehicam, and Uncanny Shield, whose deep learning algorithms help in recognition, estimation and predictions that improve business performance, customer satisfaction and more safety.


Started in: 2015

Located at: Bengaluru

Founders: Rohit Kumar Pandey, Tathagato Rai Dastidar, and Apurv Anand

It provides AI-powered analysis of visual data in the healthcare sector. The company claims that its smart screening solutions make healthcare more accurate and cost-effective. The company has raised around  $40.8 million in funding over five rounds. Binny Bansal and Accel are the most recent investors.

Some of its products include Shonit (automated peripheral blood smear slide analyser intended for in-vitro diagnostic use in pathology laboratories), Shrava (automated urine slide analyser intended for in-vitro diagnostic use in pathology laboratories), Aadi (automated semen sample analyser intended for in-vitro diagnostic use in pathology laboratories).


Started in: 2011

Located at: Bengaluru

Founders: Pavan Sondur and Prashant KumarIt combines the power of ML and computer vision for shoppers on eCommerce websites to discover the products they are looking for. Its powerful merchandising tool, intelligent product recommendations built on AI algorithms help customers shopping online make the relevant decisions. The company has pumped in a total of $14.5 million in funding over seven rounds.

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