Top 10 Computer Vision Conferences To Watch Out For

Computer vision

The Covid-19 pandemic may have upended several large conferences in recent months, but it has not dampened the spirits of organisers who have managed to circumvent the challenges prompted by stringent social distancing protocols. Turning to virtual conferences has not only enabled them to reach out to wider audiences, but also helped them save precious resources. 

These virtual conferences are quickly gaining momentum across the world. With newer technological possibilities discovered and developed – especially in the field of computer vision – it is no wonder then that conferences that seek to delve deeper into this topic are being planned throughout the year.

Here is a list of ten conferences – both virtual and in-person – that you must attend to get a better understanding of computer vision:

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Computer Vision DEVCON

When: August 13 & 14, 2020
Where: Virtual

Organised by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), Computer Vision DEVCON is a two-day conference targeted at computer vision practitioners and innovators across the globe. With a host of 40 top speakers leading the sessions, it is poised to bring out the latest advancements in this field. Participants will not only get a chance to network with other attendees and speakers, but also involve themselves in workshops, hackathons, exhibitions, and more.

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International Conference On Computational Vision

When: June 22-23, 2020
Where: Venice, Italy

Considered to be one of the top level conferences in computer vision, the International Conference on Computational Vision (ICCV) brings together accomplished professionals, academic scientists, and research scholars to unpack the latest developments in the field. The extent of its reach also makes it the perfect platform for rich interdisciplinary discussions among participants, leading to potential innovations and solutions in computer vision.

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Conference On Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition

When: June 14-19, 2020
Where: Virtual

Touted as one of the largest conferences for computer vision enthusiasts, CVPR 2020 will have an impressive list of industry participants, including Alibaba Group, Google, Apple, and more. Furthermore, it will also include a fireside chat featuring Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and Charlie Bell, Senior VP at AWS, as well as a series of workshops, tutorials and short courses for attendees.

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European Conference On Computer Vision

When: August 23-28, 2020
Where: Virtual

The 16th edition of one of the top European conferences anchored around image analysis will also be taken online this year. As per the organisers, although the schedule will remain the same, the workshops and tutorials will be enabled through pre-recorded videos and live sessions. Additionally, all research papers will also be presented in video formats – recorded in advance – and will carry shorter highlight videos as well as scheduled individual interaction time for attendees.

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Asian Conference On Computer Vision

When: Nov 30-Dec 4, 2020
Where: Virtual

Originally scheduled to be hosted in Kyoto, Japan, ACCV will be held online this year, with organisers promising no changes in the agenda as originally planned. Reaching its 15th edition, the conference has emerged as a premier forum for practitioners and researchers to discuss and debate about latest developments, trends and challenges in computer vision technology. Mainly sponsored by Asian Federation of Computer Vision, additional sponsors this year include Microsoft, Toshiba, SenseTime, Panasonic, Tencent AI Lab, and Hitachi, among others.

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International Conference On Computer Graphics, Visualisation, Computer Vision & Image Processing

When: July 23-25, 2020
Where: Virtual

Now in its 14th edition, this conference promotes interdisciplinary research and applications in the fields of Computer Graphics, Visualisation, Computer Vision and Image Processing. The main objective is to address the research issues tied to these areas. Planned to be hosted in Croatia, it will be held virtually using the Zoom platform this year. Authors will be allowed to make their presentations online, or even pre-record it if they are not available.

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Indian Conference On Computer Vision, Graphics & Image Processing 

When: December 18-22, 2020
Where: IIT Jodhpur

One of the top conferences for computer vision practitioners and enthusiasts in India, ICVGIP will be held in IIT Jodhpur at the end of the year. Started in 1998 and entering its 12th edition this year, it provides the perfect forum for the presentation of technological advances and research findings in this emerging technology. Led by professors from the University of Maryland, IIT-B, and ISI, among others, it will offer a good opportunity for participants to get deeper insights on this tech.

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British Machine Vision Conference

When: September 7-11, 2020
Where: Manchester

Even as BMVC 2020 is being planned in Manchester, the organisers are preparing to take it virtually after further assessing the Covid-19 situation in the UK. Entering its 31st edition, this annual conference on image processing, machine vision, and pattern recognition is one of the major events held on these subjects and traditionally organised in top universities in the UK. Last year’s conference was concluded a massive success, with as many 1008 quality paper submissions.

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International Conference On Image Processing & Machine Vision 

When: August 5-7, 2020
Where: Bangkok, Thailand

Although fairly new, this conference offers a great platform for researchers, scholars, and academicians to gain access to the latest studies conducted in computer vision technology and related fields. The academic nature of this conference puts special emphasis on the participation of accomplished stalwarts from various universities, including PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows from across the globe.

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International Conference On Computer Vision & Information Technology

When: August 14-16, 2020
Where: Beijing, China

To be held in the campus of North China University of Technology (NCUT) in Beijing, CVIT 2020 will provide a forum to academics as well as the computer vision engineering community to better understand the potential and possible pitfalls in the field of emerging technologies. The conference will also be the perfect platform to foster fresh ideas to solve complex design challenges and collectively explore latest trends.Click here to know more

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