Top 10 Courses And Training Programs On Artificial Intelligence In India: Ranking 2018

Our latest ranking for 2019 is out. Check here.

As part of the annual ranking process, Analytics India Magazine brings you this year’s Top 10 AI Courses in India, which would help freshers, analytics professionals and data scientists choose the best programme to upskill themselves in the industry. This is the second year of successfully conducting and presenting the study to the AI community. Also, this is the first time we have used a ranking format for the same.

As a part of study, we requested institutes to fill out the form which was divided into parameters like course content, pedagogy, and other attributes like faculty, external collaborations, placement assistance, virtual labs, events, LMS, etc. Each of these parameters were rated on a scale of 1-5. Students’ feedback as well as advice from experts was also taken into consideration to arrive at the final ranking.

AI/ML education is on a nascent stage in India. We received a total of 15 nominations for this list and most of these program offerings were as new as 2 years old. But we expect many more education players to start offering AI/ML programs in near future. That is why we have clubbed all formats courses in one ranking (i.e. long/short format, online/classroom formats, etc.)

Please note that this ranking is completely different from our analytics training institutes and courses ranking that we come out with each year. This ranking is more focussed on AI-related courses and programmes.

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1. PG Program in Machine Learning and AI from IIIT-B By UpGrad

Headquarter: Bengaluru (IIITB), Mumbai (UpGrad)

Year of Inception: 2015

Cities of Operation: All across India

Mode of Delivery: Online

Duration of Program: 11 months

No.of hours: 400 hours

Cost: ₹2,85,000 (inclusive of taxes)

About The ProgramFounded by media stalwart Ronnie Screwvala, UpGrad provides rigorous and industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with renowned IIIT-Bangalore faculty under the leadership of Professor Sadagopan. Learners can earn a PG Certificate from IIIT-Bangalore while continuing their full-time work. The programme has been designed by the IIIT-B faculty as well as industry experts, with six cutting-edge industry-based projects.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.9): The course focuses on statistics essentials such as using statistics to describe data and infer insights, building machine learning models using supervised, unsupervised learning, natural language processing, neural networks, deep learning, graphical models, reinforcement learning etc. In addition to these, students get a chance to work on cutting-edge projects such as predicting customer churn in telecom industry, building a chatbot engine, disease prediction using medical imaging, among several others.

Other Attributes (4.9):

External collaboration- IIIT Bangalore

Faculty- The program is designed and delivered by a combination of leading industry professionals and top-notch academicians from the field of analytics. It includes the likes of Prof Tricha Anjali (PhD Georgia Institute of Technology), G Srinivasaraghavan (PhD, IIT Kanpur), Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, Prof R Chandrashekhar (PhD Mississippi State University). The program has partnership with companies like Uber, Genpact, Fractal Analytics and Gramener and 20+ ML industry experts from leading corporations.

Others- It conducts offline events called Basecamp held over four cities to provide provide career counselling, resume review, interview preparation and networking opportunities to students. In addition, Hackathons are organised where students get a chance to work on challenging industry problems and real data sets. Along with live lectures, it boasts a user friendly LMS.

The overall rating is 4.9

2. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning By IIIT, Hyderabad In Association With TalentSprint

Year of inception: IIIT-Hyderabad, 1998; TalentSprint 2009

Cities of Operation: Hyderabad, Bengaluru

Mode of Delivery: Hybrid program during weekends

Duration of Program: 14 weeks

No. of hours: 168 hours

Cost: ₹2,00,000 (+ GST); Special scholarships for women, young professionals

About The Program: The AI/ML executive program is designed by IIIT-H’s Kohli Centre on Intelligent Systems, India’s premier research cluster for AI. Its ground breaking research in language technology, computer vision, data sciences, robotics, cognitive sciences and machine learning is recognised by researchers the world over. TalentSprint is a partner for the program which is run by professionals from the industry. The program has trained more than 400 professionals from 127 companies who joined the first batch launched in Jan 2018.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.7): The program is delivered using five different components — classroom lectures, where they learn concepts; labs which are done on cloud; mentors; industry workshops and hackathons. As a part of industry workshop senior technical heads of the top tech companies share their experience on using and implementing AI, by the likes of Ranga Pothula (President, HYSEA; VP and Centre Head Infor), Dr Anbumani Subramanian (Lead Architect, Intel Corporation), Dr Shailesh Kumar (Vice President and Distinguished Scientist, Ola), Mithun Das Gupta (Principal Applied Researcher, Microsoft), Sundar Srinivasan (General Manager, Microsoft AI and Research), and others. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind working professionals.

Other Attributes (4.8):

External collaboration- They have an external collaboration with TalentSprint

Faculty- Some of their key faculties are Prof CV Jawahar, Prof Anoop Namboodri, Asokan Pichai and Jayanth Ramisetty.

Others- They focus extensively on events, industry interaction and hackathons. They have a cloud based virtual machines for labs with access to data sets. They also provide placement assistance and LMS which provides videos on every class, CFUs, and others.

The overall rating is 4.75

3. Post Graduate Program In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning By Great Learning

Headquarter: Gurugram

Year of Inception: 2013

Cities of Operation: Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai

Mode of Delivery: Formats include weekend classroom option and fully online option

Duration of Program: 1 year

No. of Hours: 400+ learning hours

Cost: ₹3,25,000 (+ taxes)

About The Program: Great Learning is an edtech company offering career competencies in areas like analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, AI and more. The post graduate program in AI and ML is designed to develop these skills for future-oriented working professionals. It includes rigorous exploration of the conceptual elements in class amidst peers and faculty. The program includes a capstone project that are often the talking points in job interviews and are conducted over a period of few months.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.8): This 12-month blended program builds solid foundation by covering areas like computer vision, NLP and intelligent virtual agents, among other. This comprehensive program covers a range of topics from traditional supervised and unsupervised learning methods, to ensembles. It has more focus on labs, projects and Capstone project building a robust e-portfolio of work. It has 9 hands-on projects, GPU based lab environment to build deep learning models, guidance from industry experts through workshop session, among others.

Other attributes (4.6):

External collaboration- Great Lakes Institute of Management

Faculty- Faculties include leading academicians in the field of AI and ML and several experienced industry practitioners from leading organisations. Some of their faculties include Dr Narayana (Professor, Big data and ML, Great Lakes), Dr Mukesh Rao (Adjunct Faculty, Data science and ML, Great Learning), Mayur Datar (Chief Data Scientist at Flipkart), Satya Nitta (Ex Global Head of AI Solutions at IBM), among others.

Others- They conduct regular offline events and webinars with industry experts on topics like Careers in ML, Introduction to AI. They also have virtual labs, hackathons and provide networking opportunity with peers and industry experts. Their technology platform – Olympus – is accessible for candidates for upto three years post completion.

The overall rating is 4.7

4. Full Stack Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Program By Jigsaw Academy

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year of Inception: 2011

Cities of Operation: Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad; worldwide (online)

Mode of Delivery: Online and Hybrid

Duration of Program: 24 weeks

Cost: ₹48,400 + taxes

About The Program: This award-winning analytics training institute is built on the idea of producing industry-ready practitioners by training them in the areas of analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and IoT. The full stack ML and AI program focuses on building solid foundation and exposes to advanced DL and AI application building with additional access to IBM’s ML platforms and Watson via the data science experience and content. The main tool used is Python with additional exposure to Keras and TensorFlow. Jigsaw Academy is the preferred corporate training partner for organisations such as Microsoft, Genpact, Adobe, Cognizant, Nokia, HCL, Societe Generale, Maersk, WNS, GSK, Citibank, Flipkart, Applied Materials, Mahindra, Swiss Re, Reliance Industries Limited.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.7): The course content includes modules on machine learning algorithms, Python for ML, R for ML, feature engineering, logistic and linear regression, random forest, gradient boosting machines, recommendation engines, clustering, deep learning concepts and tools such neural networks, CNN, Keras, Tensorflow; Natural language processing, Blockchain. It is delivered using Jigsaw’s patent C.A.T.A.L.Y.S.T approach that is a unique training methodology that enhances career growth for all its students. The pedagogy includes learning through case study workshops, extremely hands-on contests and Capstone projects, working with live industry data.

Other Attributes (4.5):

External collaboration- The course content and use cases have been designed with extensive input from industry subject matter experts from several domains, and additional input via Jigsaw’s corporate and academic collaborations

Faculty- Faculty supporting the course include Neha Shitut, who has over 10 years of analytics and ML experience, and Gunvant Singh. They have delivered extensive ML and AI trainings to corporate clients globally.

Others- They have a state of the art lab and webinars along with placement assistance and LMS, where students can access course content, interact with faculty, support, and fellow learners; track their course status, view and apply for job listings, take part in student contests, get webinar notifications, and get access to all internal announcements.

The overall rating is 4.6

5. Post Graduate Certificate Program In Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning By Manipal ProLearn

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year of Inception: 2015

Cities of Operation: Globally

Mode of Delivery: Hybrid (live interactive online lectures with self-paced content and online lab practice)

Duration of Program: 6 months

No. of hours: 340+

Cost: ₹1,50,000 (+ taxes)

About The Program: The PG certificate program in AI and deep learning by the institute is an online live instructor-led program for individuals who are graduates with basic knowledge of programming and are focused on building their career in AI. The program aims to train learners and make them expert in developing AI-based tools and solutions with the help of widely used methods and libraries of AI, ML, DL and neural networks. It has GPU labs for hands-on practice, VR app for experiential learning, pre-prep sessions, online bridge program on Python programming, meetups, online webinars, real-life capstone projects, practice on industry case studies, mini projects on TensorFlow, keras, Scikit, among others.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.6): It allows aspiring professionals become AI practitioner by gaining ability to perform tasks on various industry applications and real use cases. The program focuses on helping learners apply TensorFlow, Scikit Learn library, Keras and other machine learning and deep learning tools. The AI and DL program also help learners develop expertise to work on algorithms in real-world problems using image and speech recognition. The program helps learners to start their career as AI Developer AI Engineer or a Data Scientist.

Other Attributes (4.4):

External collaboration- The program involves extensive involvement of corporates— established MNCs, startups and specialised AI companies that partner for industry use cases and delivery of modules.

Faculty- Some of the noted faculties are Mohan Silaparasetty, Arish Ali, Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni who have PhD and years of industry experience in the domain.

Others- The learners can be a part of events such as High Meetup — Bangalore Artificial Intelligence Group, Pune, Hyderabad. It also has cloud-based CPU and GPU labs along with a LMS platform Edunxt which is a robust and user-friendly LMS portal catering to the learning needs of more than 1 Lac students.

The overall rating is 4.5

6. Applied Machine Learning Course By Applied AI Course

Headquarter: Hyderabad

Year of Inception: 2017

Cities of Operation: Hyderabad

Mode of Delivery: Online

Duration of Program: One year course validity

No. of hours: 140+ hours

Cost: 29,500

About The Program: Applied AI course through its unparalleled curriculum aims to bridge the gap between industry requirements and skill set of aspiring candidates by churning out highly skilled machine learning professionals who are well prepared to tackle real-world business problems. Some of the USPs of their program include job guarantee or money back guarantee, query resolution within 24 hours, personalised learning path for each student, mentorship for portfolio development, resume and interview preparation among others.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.5): The course content is simple and accessible to a wide range of audiences from students to experienced working professionals. It is structured in a way that helps in building knowledge from ground up. With a perfect blend of theory and practical applications, the course has 140 plus hours of high-quality video content which is completely online and self-paced. It covers topics from basics to complex topics in machine learning and deep learning. It includes 30 assignments giving hands-on experience to students. It also includes 15 end-to-end case studies based on real-world problems across various industries giving students a taste of real-time experience.

Other Attributes (4.1):

Faculty- The faculties serving here have years of relevant experience in the industry. Some of the prominent names are Srikanth Verma Chekuri, among others.

Others- They provide placement assistance under their job guarantee or money-back guarantee program. They have an effective learning and management system where students can track their progress and get personalised actionable feedback for their assessments from their team of experienced mentors.

The overall rating is 4.3

7. Post Graduate Diploma in Machine Learning and AI By Careers Of Tomorrow— Amity Online

Year of Inception: 2018

Cities of Operation: Noida, Bombay and Bangalore

Mode of Delivery: Online

Duration of Program: 11 months

No. of hours: 400

Cost: ₹1,35,000

About The Program: In 2018 Amity Online has launched Careers of Tomorrow – focussing exclusively on online courses on emerging technologies like AI-ML, Business Analytics and Blockchain. These courses have been designed with deep integration with industry to build skills among professionals which would be needed by the industry in the coming years. The program is an output of months of brainstorming, planning and execution by top minds in both industry and academia. The highly engaging and comprehensive course builds on best practices, fundamental theory to equip students to be hands-on and relevant in AI intensive job roles of the future.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.3): The course material includes lectures and other study materials from faculty with real-world expertise. The online coursework includes case studies, mini projects, assignments, capstone ML and AI project to work on practical use cases. It has instructor-led practise sessions to learn popular platforms and language and work on four projects during the program. The optional contact session at Amity campuses ensures that students stay in touch with industry mentors and experts to solve queries and doubts.

Other Attributes (4.2):

Faculty- Ashish Gilotra (Program Director), Naveen Bhansali,Swathi K, Dr Suresh Varadarajan, Dr Sakshi Babbar, Dipanjan Sarkar.

Others- It has offline campus connect at Amity campuses in nine different cities. The virtual lab includes four Harvard case studies. They use world’s leading LMS Canvas for delivery.

The overall rating is 4.25

8. Columbia University’s Artificial Intelligence Program By Pearson Professional Programs

Headquarter: Gurgaon

Year of Inception: 2016

Cities of Operation: All over India

Mode of Delivery: Blended

Duration of Program: 6 months

No. of hours: 240 hours

Cost: ₹72,000 + taxes

About The Program: Pearson Professional Programs partners with leading educational institutions, faculty and content providers from around the world to help working professionals update their skills and progress in their careers. The AI program in collaboration with Columbia University is a blend of theoretical knowledge from the world-renowned university and practical knowledge from over 10 industry experts. They employ cutting-edge technology, classroom infrastructure and pedagogical methods for an efficient delivery of program.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.1): The innovative online program covers fascinating and compelling topics in the field of AI with modules covering topics spanning Python, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, animation and CGI motion. The program represents 25% of the coursework toward a Masters degree in Computer Science at Columbia and gives a rigorous, advanced, professional and graduate-level foundation in AI.

Other Attributes (4.1):

External collaboration- Columbia University

Faculty- They have faculties such as Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi from department of computer science, Columbia University, John W. Paisley from department of electrical engineering, Columbia University, Matei Ciocarlie from department of mechanical engineering, Columbia University and Eitan Grinspun from department of computer science, Columbia University

Others- They conduct industry expert sessions with prominent AI researchers and startup founders to get an insight of the industry. They also provide placement assistance with compelling resume writing, interview preparation and others. They also have an exclusive PearsonX platform for the pre and paid learners.

The overall rating is 4.1

9. Masters In AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Hands-on Program) By ZekeLabs

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year of Inception: Operating since 2016

Cities of Operation: Bengaluru for classroom sessions; online sessions for participants across the world via LMS and web sessions

Mode of Delivery: Online, classroom, hybrid (classroom + online)

Duration of Program: 6 months

Cost: The cost varies from ₹25,000 to ₹2,50,000; based on the program

About The Program: ZekeLabs is a technology platform that focuses on skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling in cutting-edge technologies including AI, machine learning, deep learning, cloud, big data, IoT, blockchain etc. The coding and analysis is done live in the sessions so as to give a practical experience of the industry. The code written in the sessions and are available in the Github repository. Till now they have developed and delivered learning programs for leading tech companies such as IBM, Cisco, General Electric, Schneider Electric, JP Morgan Chase and others.

Course Content And Pedagogy (3.9): The training program has been designed in a way to include critical hands-on experience suiting the requirements of complete beginners to pro learners. It starts from the foundation of programming and moves through concepts of data science including data cleaning and wrangling, data visualisations and plotting. It also includes core ML concepts such as hyperparameters, feature engineering, linear regression, logistic regression, k-Means Clustering, decision trees and random forests, CNN, recurrent neural networks, computer vision, and others. It also gets an hands-on advances ML and DL libraries such as Google’s TensorFlow, H2O, Keras and others to implement the concepts.

Other Attributes (4.2):

External Collaboration- The learning program is prepared by the feedback from experts in corporate training programs which helps in constant up gradation of methodology and requirements to keep up with the latest developments.

Faculty- They have industry practitioners with 12+ years of experience on an average.

Others- They offer extensive training programs, meetups, webinars and conferences. They also provide placement assistance along with having virtual labs and LMS.

The overall rating is 4.05

10. Artificial Intelligence Course By MindMajix Technologies INC

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year of Inception: 2012

Cities of Operation: All Over US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and many other countries

Mode of Delivery: Online, self-paced, corporate training

Duration of Program: 30 hours to 5 days

No. of hours: 30 Hours

Cost: ₹30,000

About The Program: MindMajix is a live and interactive e-learning platform that offers online education to help companies improve their profitability drastically. Their e-learning management system consists of several courses related to latest advancements in IT, AI, ML, business intelligence, analytics, cloud computing and others. Their digital programs provide professionals the opportunity to attend open sourced academic courses on the go and build up their skills and knowledge.

Course Content And Pedagogy (4.0): This course by MindMajix provides the basics of modern AI along with representative applications of AI. It is offered by world’s foremost AI experts who help develop a deep understanding of algorithms that are applied to real-world problems in natural language processing, computer vision, bioinformatics, and more. They offer a structured approach for applying these techniques to new challenges so that professionals are prepped up to fully advance in the field.

Other Attributes (3.9):

External collaboration- MindMajix collaborates with some of the world’s largest firms, platform providers, and top academic institutions to strengthen learning opportunities for course seekers.

Faculty- They have include visionaries, leaders and decision-makers from large, influential companies as their trainers

Others- The virtual training labs in MindMajix offer every student a realistic and hands-on training environment. For placement assistance, they ensure that program participants have the necessary hard skills and resources to excel in their new career. Also, their LMS is endorsed by reputable companies for its deployment.

The overall rating is 3.95

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