Top 10 Cybersecurity Newsletters You Should Subscribe To Stay Updated

Cybersecurity Newsletter

Due to numerous lapses in data protection by various blue-chip companies like Facebook, Google, among others, there is a rise in concerns about privacy. Therefore, governments across the world have devised data privacy rules. However, one should not completely rely on the regulations and implement best practices to avoid any privacy breach. Consequently, both users and companies should stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in the cybersecurity landscape.

To help you keep informed about cybersecurity, Analytics India Magazine has curated the top cybersecurity newsletter that one can subscribe.

The Hacker News

For close to a decade, the hacker news is providing insights into internet security, conducts conferences. With over two million followers on Facebook, it is one of the most prevalent cybersecurity solution providers. The firm focuses on data breaches, cyberattacks, vulnerabilities, malware, and more. Consequently, its newsletter is crucial for cybersecurity enthusiasts.

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WeLiveSecurity is a sister company of ESET, which offers in-depth internet security news, views and insights. It also delivers tutorials, podcasts, magazine, videos, research and more, thereby eclosing all the essential aspects of cybersecurity in various forms for users and companies. With almost three decades of experience in cybersecurity space, it’s newsletter is a must-read.

Cybersecurity Ventures

Cybersecurity Ventures is another prominent company that not only keeps a tab of the latest happenings in the security landscape but also carries out researchers to provide facts and figure into the cybersecurity world. Besides, it publishes magazines with their survey reports that cater to the need of CXOs who make informed decisions. Consequently, subscribe to their newsletter and binge read cybersecurity-related topics along with statistics to understand where the industry is heading.

Naked Security

With a domain authority close to 90, Naked Security is a leader in delivering insights into the cybersecurity world. Unlike others, its daily cybersecurity newsletter keeps one updated with every day’s development while suggesting best practices to follow for avoiding data breaches. It also provides free tools to check security risks and remove viruses.


SANS provides information security training in the world, educates people and firms about cybersecurity. Over the years, it conducts events in many countries, which helps the attendees to acquire essential knowledge for safeguarding information. Such experience allows then to send a comprehensive cybersecurity newsletter, which consists of news, vulnerabilities, and mitigations.

Security Week

Subscribe to Security Week’s newsletter to get insightful columns from industry experts, and other cybersecurity tips. Security week covers a wide range of topics related to IoT, SCADA, risk and compliance, disaster recovery, among others. Thus, makes its a one-stop-shop of every cybersecurity information.


Essentials offers AI and cybersecurity newsletters, which is further sub-divided into numerous categories to deliver bespoke articles that are only related to the sub-category you chose. The highly customised newsletter is the best for people who only like to read specific topics in cybersecurity.

Network Computing

Network computing is primarily focused on security related to cloud computing, networks, and data centres. Therefore, it is essential for firms and professionals whose intensively interact with storage. Reading its cybersecurity newsletter, one can understand the functionality behind these superior cloud computing architectures, and in turn, make better security-related decisions.


24BY7Security, founded in 2013, is a cybersecurity consulting firm that helps several industries such as healthcare, financial, retail, manufacturing, and education, to fortify breaches. This has enabled the firm to provide helpful free resources such as whitepapers and other security-related documents. As a part of their offerings, it gives monthly cybersecurity newsletters to help one understand the latest developments in the domain.


The weekly CSO newsletter provides critical security news, tech updates, among others. The curated articles are inclined towards threats, compliance, and breaches. This makes it an informative newsletter for both firms and users.

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