Top 10 Data Science Newsletters To Stay Updated Amid Lockdown

Top 10 Data Science Newsletters To Stay Updated Amid Lockdown

With data science and artificial intelligence evolving on a daily basis, the magnitude of information it generates can sometimes be challenging to keep pace with. And that’s why all these data science news websites and blogs come with their newsletter that continually churns out relevant and significant information for readers.

An excellent form of curated content, newsletters can be extremely informative and insightful for data science professionals, students as well as business leaders. These weekly newsletters provide updated trends of the industry, latest news, different methodologies as well as information on new technologies that can be an exciting learning resource for many.

Further, with such a vast amount of information, it is critical for all to stay away from clickbait as well as fake news, and these newsletters can be the perfect rescue for the same. Here are a few newsletters, in no particular order, that data science professionals, as well as enthusiasts, can subscribe to stay updated with industry trends amid this lockdown.

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The Belamy

By Analytics India Magazine

The Belamy is a curated weekly newsletter by Analytics India Magazine where it picks up ten of the most exciting stories on technology including AI, ML, computer vision, deep learning, data science, and other emerging fields. The name has been inspired from a half a million-dollar auctioned painting “Edmond de Belamy,” which was created by artificial intelligence and the weekly newsletter is a tribute to this innovation. Hitting your inbox, every Sunday, this newsletter is a comprehensive weekly source of every possible news and opinions related to the industry. It also maintains a data science job board listing the latest jobs of the week, which can also be fruitful for the ones willing to build a career in the data science field.

Subscribe here.

The Algorithm

By MIT Technology Review

The Algorithm is a weekly newsletter provided by MIT Technology Review, where the subscribers will have exclusive access to their thoughtfully curated latest news and research. As their tagline suggests “artificial intelligence demystified,” this newsletter aims to cut through the nonsensical stories of the AI industry and tries to fulfil the curious minds of the field. The newsletter is sent on Friday with their hand-picked stories from that week.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Topbots Applied AI

By Topbots

Applied AI is a daily newsletter provided by Topbots that includes news, articles, and latest trends on applied artificial intelligence and machine learning from experienced writers and industry experts. The newsletter shifts through the best technology and business news source to provide editor-picked articles for the readers. Starting from AI application to marketing and operation, this newsletter offers original content based on academic research, domain expert opinions, internal projects, case studies etc.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Data Science Community Newsletter

By NYU’s Centre for Data Science

Data Science Community Newsletter is an informative weekly newsletter offered by the New York University’s Centre for Data Science, wholly supported by the academic data science alliance. Written by VP of Privacy and Trust at Obsidian Security Laura Norén and curated by the ringmaster of the technical machinery Brad Stenger, this newsletter covers news and articles related to academic data science research and institution building. It also includes open science efforts, funding related stories, key industry stories, applications use cases and other related information of the industry.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

The Week in Data

By Open Data Institute

The Week in Data is another weekly newsletter offered by the Open Data Institute for data scientists to stay updated with the world of data. From breaking news to weekly events and novel technology updates, this newsletters comprises everything. Offered by an independent, non-profit, non-partisan company, ODI, this newsletter could be an unbiased source to get accurate opinion and thoughts on controversial subjects.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

The Data Science Roundup

By Tristan Handy

Curated by Tristan Handy, CEO and founder of Fishtown Analytics, this newsletter provides some of the most useful data science articles of the industry. Along with providing the latest news, trends and updates, this newsletter will also include Handy’s own thoughts and opinions along with an engaging commentary for each of the articles.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Import AI

By Jack Clark

Import AI is a newsletter curated by OpenAI director Jack Clark which provides a synopsis of latest updates of the AI industry along with last week’s biggest news and articles. With his expertise, Clark analyses and summaries each article with his own viewpoints and opinions. The newsletter also provides an insightful perspective to the audience by answering a few critical questions of why the news made it to that week’s newsletter.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Data Elixir

By Data Elixir

Data Elixir is yet another weekly newsletter, curated by founder Lon Riesberg, that provides insightful coverage of the data science field. Apart from data science, it also covers subjects like machine learning, data visualisation, analytics, and strategy. This newsletter can be a perfect resource for data scientists to keep track of things happening around at academics, research and enterprise level.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

O’Reilly Newsletters

By O’Reilly

O’Reilly media newsletters, each week, aim to provide a collection of exciting data articles that will give readers a sneak peek at the world of data science and artificial intelligence. Comprising four segments — programming, data and AI, economy, and infrastructure, this newsletter talks about the dynamic world of technology and business. And it comes up with relevant information for the subscribers.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Hacker News Digest

By Hacker News

Curated by Hacker News, this is a daily newsletter that provides top Hacker News stories related to startups, technology, programming, and more. The newsletter mirrors the first page of the Hacker News with slightly minimalist information however relevant enough for readers to get an update of the latest happenings around. Comprehensive newsletter like this will keep data scientists up to date with the latest events around.

Subscribe to the newsletter here.

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