Top 10 Emerging Programming Languages In 2020

Programming languages

Programming languages such as C, C++, Java and PHP have been used by programmers for many years now, and software companies are often on the lookout for programmers who are well versed with these programming languages. However, with time as the demand has increased for high-level programming languages, a number of new languages have emerged to make it big in the programming languages space. 

In this article, we have listed down the top ten emerging programming languages of 2020 that can come handy for programmers. 


Via Crystal

With a syntax resembling that of Ruby, Crystal is extremely easy to read and write. The statistically type-checked configuration helps in detecting typing errors as early as possible rather than receiving a failure on runtime. Last but not the least, to run arbitrary external programs ranging from basic templating to AST inspection- Crystal boasts of a robust macro system.

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Dart by Google

Via Dart

Made by Google, Dart looks impressive in the race among emerging programming languages. With an optimized UI, the programming language consists of a mature and complete async-await for user interfaces containing event-driven code. Making changes is a simple process due to the availability of hot reload through which, changes can be noticed immediately in the app. Last but not least, Dart can be compiled to ARM & x64 machine code for mobile and desktop, making it fast on different platforms.


Via Elixir

Elixir runs on the Erlang virtual machine and is created to maintain applications. With minimalistic coding style, Elixir allows a user to note down codes in a short and concise way. To increase productivity, Elixir lets the language be extended in different domains. Furthermore, Elixir is also used for web development.


Via Elm

With its own virtual DOM implementation, Elm is quick to generate fast JavaScript codes. Elm comes with a typed interference, which helps in detecting API changes automatically. Other notable features of Elm include a helpful compiler and no runtime exceptions and is considered a delightful language for data visualization.


Via Wikipedia

Kotlin earns a brownie point by being a programming language for Android, cross-platform and web development. The language is efficient in reducing boilerplate code and plays safe by restricting null pointers exceptions. A user can leverage any library on JVM due to a 100 per cent compatibility along with SAM support.


Via Rust

Sponsored by Mozilla Research, the design of Rust is similar to that of C++. However, the programming language has been made to handle memory safety, along with keeping a top-notch performance. Among other notable features of Rust is no runtime and running at a fast pace on embedded devices. Productivity with Rust is a facile process due to the availability of an integrated package manager and smart multi-editor support.


Via Haskell

Named after logician Haskell Curry, the programming language is statistically typed and does not require the writing up of every type in the program. Most types are bidirectionally unified or are written by the compiler for certain documents. The flagship compiler GHC comes with a parallel garbage collector and contains several concurrency and primitives. The program has been designed to compose together, with the ability to write control constructs by noting down ordinary functions.


Via Wikipedia

Member of Lisp programming languages, Clojure shares a feature or two of Lisp such as an approach to code-as-data and macro system. The programming language uses runtime polymorphism that is easy to extend in nature. Clojure emphasizes recursive iteration instead of side-effect based looping and is a hosted language that shares a JVM type system and GC. In addition to these features, Clojure has simplified multi-threaded programming to a certain extent.


Via Wikipedia

With a nature of compiling efficient native codes, Julia is considered to be one of the fastest in the programming language universe. Julia provides good support for interactive use due to its dynamically-typed configuration and has a rich language of descriptive data types. With a high-level syntax, Julia can be used by anyone from any background or experience level. Furthermore, it comes with several other features such as asynchronous IO, debugging and a package manager. 


Via Wikipedia

The programming language runs on JVM due to which stacks can be mixed for integration. Scala’s type inference automatically detects the type variables and does not require specific commands from its users. A unique feature of Scala includes the mixing up of multiple traits into class to combine their interface and behaviour. Along with these, Scala houses a concise syntax with anonymous functions.

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