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Top 10 Free Online Resources For Learning Scala

Top 10 Free Online Resources For Learning Scala

Scala, the modern multi-paradigm programming language is the next generation processing engine for Big Data. It has been evolving at a very fast pace since the last few years. According to reports, Scala has jumped a whopping 11 positions on the chart since May 2017 to land at #20. This isn’t the first time Scala cracked a top slot, but it might be a sign for future relevance. It has become one of the must-have tools in a data scientist’s toolbox. In this article, we list five free online resources for Scala by which you can kickstart your learning today.

1| A Complete Beginner’s Tutorial To Learn Scala By All About Scala

Overview: This tutorial by provides a complete beginner’s tutorial which will help you to learn Scala in a very simple and easy way. There are a total of nine chapters in this tutorial where you can learn the basic foundation of Scala, immutable collection, collection functions, Scala test, introduction to Apache Spark 2, understanding IntelliJ, traits and dependency injection, mutable collection, and other relevant topics. Besides Scala, the tutorial also includes Scala cheat sheet which shows small code snippets and answers some relevant questions, various frameworks which you can use, introduction to Big Data and data science.


Click here to start learning the course.

2| Scala Tutorial By Intellipaat

Overview: In this tutorial, you will get a detailed understanding of Scala, integration of object-oriented and functional languages, how to install Scala, Scala operators, array, strings, collections, statements, loops, etc. The learning package will also help you make your Scala programs with proficiency and efficiency. This is a concise and descriptive tutorial where you can learn pattern matching and class classes along with regular expressions, exception handling, and other relevant topics.  

Click here to start learning the course.

3|  Scala Official Documentation

Overview: What can be more resourceful than the official documentation? The Scala official documentation is a free learning resource for beginners and intermediate. It contains various guides and tutorials starting from how to install Scala on your computer, understanding the basics of Scala, basic introduction to core language features. This documentation also includes an in-depth guide on how to write idiomatic Scala code, cheat-sheet covering the basics of Scala’s syntax and features, API documentation of every version of Scala, Scala’s formal language specification, and other such relevant topics.

Click here to start learning the documentation.

4| Scala Tutorial By Tutorials Point

Overview: This tutorial explains the basics of Scala in a simple and reader-friendly way. It has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the basics of Scala in simple and easy steps. Here, you will learn the basics of this language, how to set up, basic syntax, data types, variables, classes, objects, access modifiers, operators, functions, closures, traits, pattern matching, regular expressions, exception handling, extractors, and other such relevant topics.

After completing this tutorial, you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in using Scala from where you can take yourself to the next level.

Click here to start learning tutorial.

5| Scala 101 By Cognitive Class

Overview: This is a free course offered by Cognitive Class where you can learn the foundations of the language, understand how to tackle data analysis problems involving Big Data, Scala and Spark, understanding the fundamentals of the language, the tooling, and the development process, develop a good appreciation of more advanced features. The course syllabus contains 5 modules where you can gain insight into the basics of Scala, basic object-oriented programming, case objects and classes, collections including idiomatic Scala. There is no fixed duration for learning this tutorial and can be audited as many times as you wish.

Click here to start learning the course.

6| Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Using Scala Video

Overview: This video series on YouTube helps in understanding the basics of Scala that include how to program and solve problems using Scala, how to use command lines, directories and navigation and vi basics. One will also understand how to set up Scala, objects and methods, string methods, sequential execution, recursion, and other such relevant topics.

Click here to start learning.

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7| Scala Tutorials By TekSlate

Overview: This blog includes basic knowledge of Scala for beginners. The topics covered are an introduction to Scala and its features, operators, object system, collections, data types, how to do configurations from a file, configurations from command line parameters, other relevant topics.

Click here to start learning the article.

8| First Steps To Scala By Artima

Overview: In this article, you’ll follow twelve steps that are designed to help you understand and gain some basic skills in the Scala programming language. The topics include the basic guides to install Scala, how to use scala interpreter, variables, methods, Scala scripts, how to iterate, parameterize, and other relevant topics.

Click here to start learning the article.

9| Scala School

Overview: Scala school started as a series of lectures at Twitter to prepare experienced engineers to be productive Scala programmers. These lectures assumed the audience knew the concepts and showed how to use them in Scala. The focus will be on the interpreter and the object-functional style as well as the style of programming on Scala. Most of the lessons require no software other than a Scala REPL.

Click here to start learning the tutorial.

10| Scala Programming Tutorial Video

Overview: This is a 5-hour video course which is aimed at beginners who have no prior programming experience or those who have limited knowledge of Scala. This course can get you up and running and will give you the skills to master Scala.

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