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Top 10 Free Resources To Learn Power BI In 2021

Top 10 Free Resources To Learn Power BI In 2021

  • Close to 16.6 percent of companies that use Power BI belongs to professional service, followed by manufacturing, banking and financial services and healthcare
Top 10 Free Resources To Learn Power BI In 2021

Microsoft Power BI offers interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities with a simple interface for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.

According to Apps Run The World, close to 16.6 percent of companies that use Power BI belong to professional service, followed by manufacturing (12.2 percent), banking and financial services (9.9 percent) and healthcare (7 percent). Major companies currently using Power BI include Walmart, Apple, Exxon Mobile Corporation, McKesson Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway etc. 

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?

In this article, we list down free courses and resources to help you learn Microsoft Power BI: 

Courses & modules 

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft offers a range of popular learning paths and modules across business intelligence and data analytics tools and products. For starters, Microsoft has developed a module that will help individuals learn nuances about Power BI, including its building blocks and how it works.

In this module, you will learn how ‘Power BI‘ services and applications work together, explore how ‘Power BI’ can make your business more efficient, and learn how to create compelling visuals and reports. 

You can also explore other learning paths like Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore modern data warehousing analytics in Azure, Create and use analytics reports with Power BI and Get started with Microsoft data analytics. 

Also, check out Microsoft Power BI latest update here


Introduction To Power BI 

Curated by Curbal, this free online course helps you learn about Power BI from scratch. You will learn about the four pillars of Power BI, followed by Power BI desktop and service, workflow, cost and more. Founded by Ruth Pozuelo Mtnez, Curbal is a learning platform exclusively for Power BI, M language and Power Query. Check out her latest videos and tutorials here

Guy In A Cube 

Guy In A Cube offers tips and tricks, training and roundups for Power BI. Its weekly videos help you master business intelligence on the Microsoft stack. Started by Microsoft employees Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc, Guy In A Cube offers Power BI courses, videos, merchandise, events and more. The duo teaches you how to use the Microsoft Power BI platform effectively. 

You can also check out Guy In A Cube YouTube channel for all the latest announcements, updates and sessions around Power BI here

Get Sh*t Done In Power BI

If you want to skip the overview and need to learn this tool fast, this free course is for you. It will help you build a dashboard up and running without even knowing the basics of Power BI. Curated by AbsentData, the course offers step-by-step videos to make a dashboard. It also comes with a DC box office dataset to kickstart your journey with Power BI in less than ten minutes. 


Paul Turley’s SQL Server BI 

In this blog, Pragmatic Works Principal Consultant’s BI and data architect Paul Turley shares his experiences with the Microsoft data platform, Power BI, SQL Server BI, Data Modeling, SSAS Design, Power Pivot, SSRS Advanced Design, dashboards and visualisation and more. Check out all the projects, articles and experiments related to Power BI here

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