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Top 10 GitHub Repositories That COVID Communities Relied On

Top 10 GitHub Repositories That COVID Communities Relied On

GitHub is the largest developer platform, with more than 56 million developers around the globe. The latest State of the Octoverse report by GitHub dived deep into some of the popular communities, including the relatively new COVID community and revealed the categories and actions by the users. The COVID community is said to have relied on over 1,700 repositories — the work of almost 383,000 contributors from over 200 countries.

Here is a list of the top ten GitHub repositories that the COVID communities relied heavily on, amid pandemic.

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Note: The list is in order of their ranking


DefinitelyTyped is a repository for high-quality TypeScript type definitions. It is one of the most popular repositories of Declaration Files for various JavaScript libraries, most of which do not provide their own declaration files. With the help of this repo, developers can easily implement and use the popular JavaScript libraries.

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Safe-buffer (feross/safe-buffer)

Safe-buffer is a safer Node.js Buffer API that can be used as a drop-in replacement for Buffer. The goal of this package is to provide a safe replacement for the node.js Buffer. One can use it by adding one line to the top of your node.js modules, such as:

var Buffer = require(‘safe-buffer’).Buffer

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Debug is a tiny JavaScript debugging utility library modelled after Node.js core’s debugging technique. The package works in both Node.js and web browsers. While using this repo, one needs to simply feed this function with the name of the module, and it will return a decorated version of console.error to pass debug statements to. This will allow the users to toggle the debug output for different parts of the module as well as the module as a whole.

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Lodash is a modern JavaScript utility library that delivers modularity, performance and other such. Lodash makes JavaScript easier by taking the hassle out of working with arrays,

numbers, objects, strings, etc. These methods can be used for — 

  • Iterating arrays, objects and strings
  • Manipulating and testing values
  • Creating composite functions

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ms is a package that can be used to easily convert various time formats to milliseconds. The features of this repo include — 

  • Works on both Node.js and the browser
  • A string with a unit is returned whenever a number is supplied to this repo.
  • If a string with a number is supplied, it returns it as a number, for instance, it returns 100 for ‘100.’
  • If a string is passed with a number and a valid unit, the number of equivalent milliseconds will be returned.

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Inherits is a repository that exports standard inherits from node.js util module in the node environment. It can be said as a simple tiny inheritance in JavaScript that provides alternative browser-friendly implementation through the browser field. To use this repo, one has to type:

var inherits = require(‘inherits’);

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Mime-db is a media type database that consists of all mime types. It consists of a single, public JSON file and does not include any logic, allowing it to remain as un-opinionated as possible with an API. To install this repo, one has to type:

npm install mime-db

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ChALkeR / safer-buffer

This safer buffer is a modern Buffer API polyfill without footguns. It is a modern Buffer API polyfill that is working on Node.js from 0.8 to current. safe-buffer could be used safely to get the new API while still keeping support for older Node.js versions (like this module.)

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Node-semver (npm/ node-semver)

Node-semver is a semantic version parser for nodes. Using this repo, one can minimise their footprint by just loading the module for the function. To install this package, one has to type:

npm install semver

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Mime-types (jshttp / mime-types)

Mime-types is a javascript content-type utility repository. It is similar to the [email protected] module, except this repo simply returns false, no new Mime() business, no .define() functionality, among others. 
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