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Top 10 IoT Training Institute in India – Ranking 2017

Top 10 IoT Training Institute in India – Ranking 2017

As the demand and interest around IoT has grown with time, there has also been an increase in demand for professionals with domain specific skill sets in this field. Keeping in line with our readers interest in knowing the best institutes in India that offers training in IoT, we bring to you the second edition of the ranking of IoT institutes. Right from understanding the fundamentals to getting deeper hands on expertise in hardware, these institutes have to offer it all.

These institutes have been ranked after a careful consideration of various factors such as course content, pedagogy, external collaboration, placements, faculties etc. The ranking methodology, which is a result of months of research, also includes expert and student feedback as an important factor. 

Read through our list to pick the best IoT institute for you.


  • Headquarter: Vadodara 
  • Cities of Operation: Global
  • Year of Inception: 2014
  • Flagship IoT Program: IoT Intermediate & Advanced Level Training Program
  • Mode of Delivery: Online, Classroom
  • Duration: 40 – 60 Hours

About the Institute: Cognixia – Technology Academy for Competency Training is an initiative started by Cognixia, a $550 MN U.S. based IT Staff Augmentation Company. It aims at providing training to qualifying professionals and students on emerging technologies like IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Mobility and more. It has been established to bridge the demand-supply gap of professionals and aims at upgrading individual’s skills and making them future-ready for jobs that will require them to be well versed with the emerging technologies.

Course Content: Their course consists of understanding the concepts, IoT reference architecture, IoT device design and protocols. It includes session on sensors, embedded development board such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, ESP8266, wired/wireless communication protocols, networking protocols such as OSI Reference Model, TCP/IP, Ethernet and application protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, Overview of CoAP, XMPP, AMQP, device management, device-to-device, M2M communication, cloud computing in IoT and more.

Pedagogy: The delivery approach is highly experiential with 80% content delivered in the form of hands-on exercises.

Faculty: They have faculties with 100% PhD/ /Equivalent Industrial experience. The faculty to student ratio is 1:10. It runs IoT CoE and has a dedicated IoT research wing.

External Collaborations: Collabera is an SSAE 16 Type 2 Certified Organization. They are Community Partners with Hortonworks and advantage Partners with MapR.

Other Attributes: They give placement assistance with virtual labs dedicated IoT clouds. Events and LMS with 24×7 lifetime support forms an important part of the course.

2. Jigsaw Academy

  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Cities of Operation: Worldwide, Online
  • Year of Inception: 2011
  • Flagship IoT Program: IOT Professional Certificate, IOT Analyst Certificate, Full Stack IoT Expert Certificate
  • Mode of Delivery: Online
  • Duration of the program: 14 hours, 19 hours, 34 hours

About the Institute: A brainchild of Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti, who have worked with the like of Genpact and GE Capital, Jigsaw Academy was founded in 2011. With an aim to give analytics industry a workforce that is highly skilled, Jigsaw academy work towards ensuring that professionals are nuanced in analytics and data science practices, and meets the needs of the sector.

Course Content: The IoT course content by Jigsaw is extremely well structured and comprehensive. Designed by the professional IoT practitioners, the courses aim at hands-on training and explores the real world applications of IoT. It is designed to be a thorough end-to-end programme, which comes with a hardware kit that includes an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Through the course, students can get insights on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT and the cloud, IoT analytics and advanced IoT analytics.

Pedagogy: The focus of Jigsaw’s pedagogy is providing practical hands-on training to its students. Hence, their IoT courses are designed in a way, that it emphasizes hands on learning by using the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi to build IoT projects.

Faculty: In typical Jigsaw style, the faculty does not include professors or academicians. The course is designed and delivered by industry experts. This is a course for the industry, by the industry.

External Collaborations: Their IoT course content has been designed by IoT practitioners who have extensive industry experience and understand the requirements for building a career in IoT. They have external collaborations with Harikrishna R, co-founder and director of Klar Systems, Srinivas Padmabhuni who is the President of ACM India and Urmil Parekh, co-founder of Klar Systems.

Other Attributes: They have most industry relevant curriculum. Also, Jigsaw courses come with a project specific kit wherever required. Jigsaw courses are the only one in the market that cover both IoT as well as IoT analytics.

3. Nobleprog

  • Headquarter: London, UK, Beijing, China; Noida, India
  • Cities of Operation: Across the globe
  • Year of Inception: 2005
  • Flagship IoT Program: IoT for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Investors
  • Mode of Delivery: Online, Classroom
  • Duration: 21 Hours

About the Institute: Founded in 2005, Nobleprog offers personalized training in Artificial Intelligence, Management, IT, Statistics and Programming. As a part of consultancy they give an insight on Implementation strategy, First meetings guidance and Ad-hoc problem solving.

Course Content: The course intends to introduce emerging technological options, platforms and case studies on IoT implementation in home & city automation, industrial internet, healthcare, Govt., Mobile Cellular and other areas. Course includes basic introduction of all the elements of IoT-mechanical, electronics/sensor platform, wireless and wireline protocols, mobile to electronics integration, data-analytics and more. It also has M2M Wireless protocols for IoT- WiFi, Zigbee/Zwave, Bluetooth, ANT+, security solutions for IoT, Open source/commercial electronics platform for IoT-Raspberry Pi, Arduino , ArmMbedLPC, Open source /commercial enterprise cloud platform for IoT-Ayla, iO Bridge, Libellium, Axeda.

Pedagogy: With a belief in providing a worldwide comprehensive training and solutions in an effective and efficient way, they match people who can provide training and those who need it. The course structure has been kept easy, quick and effective for both trainer and participant. It covers as much hands-on as possible to expedite the knowledge absorption.

Faculty: It has 78% faculties with PhD and 1:8 faculties to student ratio. The training tries to keep the participants in touch with real-time consultancy projects of industry standard and real-time problem statements so that they have an experience of real time case studies.

External Collaborations: They are the Bronze Sponsors of Object Management Group, the organization responsible for setting up the BPMN, UML and SysML standards. They are also official content developers for the OCEB and OCUP, official training partners with Linux Professional Institute (LPI Certification), Google Cloud Platform for providing GCP trainings and official consulting partner with Signavio.

Other Attributes: They provide placement assistance for which students need to appear for qualifying exam. Once they clear it, they are refereed to their reputed clientele. They have also launched employability program, that delivers graduate-oriented courses to help trainees be better employable.

Believing in more practical and less theory, Nobleprog provides LXC containers during our remote programs. These can be accessed by both the trainer and students in a live real-time environment providing them better grasp on hands on. They also organize quarterly Hackathons.

4. CloudThat

  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Cities of Operation: Bengaluru, Mumbai, USA, UK
  • Year of Inception: 2012
  • Mode of Delivery: Classroom
  • Duration:  16 hours per level or course, 64 hours – total

About the Institute: Co-founded by Bhavesh Goswami, an ex-Amazonian and Himanshu Mody, who brings in 15 years of experience in IT Training and Consulting business, CloudThat is focused on quickly empowering IT professionals and organizations with Cloud, Big Data and IoT. With presence in Bengaluru, Mumbai, USA & UK, CloudThat provides on-site and pre-scheduled public batches in different IT centric cities of India and Overseas.

Course Content: The course structure is such that it caters everyone who wants to begin with IoT- whether as a self-paced hobby or career. One of the key features of this course is to understand the concept of open source hardware and get introduced to a variety of development boards and credit card sized computers with the practical implementation of a solution. The course structure focuses on sensors, actuators, motors, etc.- which are the building blocks of any IoT project. Not only the devices and electronics, but also cloud platform for IoT and its architecture is covered along with hands on labs.

Pedagogy: They believe that every course is different and needs a different approach. Therefore they ensure that participants understand the technology, tool or a concept in a way it is used in real world. Their carefully designed training kits have all valuable hardware required for hands on labs and activities. Once the students are clear with topics, they begin the hand-on labs.

Faculty:  The maximum number of participants in a batch is 25 with one faculty and one assistant.

External Collaborations: CloudThat is an AWS Consulting Partner, Microsoft Cloud Platform Partner, MongoDB Ready Partner and Red Hat Certified Training Partner.

Other Attributes: It provides guidance for placement.

5. Frugal Labs Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Cities of Operation: Pan India/ Across the Globe
  • Year of Inception: 2012
  • Flagship IoT Program: Beginners IoT Course
  • Mode of Delivery: Online, Classroom
  • Duration: Student Training (General) – 12 hours, Faculty Development Program – 18 to 20 hours, Corporate Training – 18 to 20 hours and Online Training- 3 Weeks

About the Institute: Frugal Labs is a Tech start-up working in the field IoT as technology provider with a focus on knowledge enhancement, product development and business solutions. In 2015, they started developing FLIP (Frugal Labs IoT Platform), which is best suited for learning and rapid prototyping on IoT products. They are working on the advanced version on FLIP with more features and versatility.

Course Content: It includes introduction to IoT to domain specific IoT (use case discussion) and covers FLIP Device Programming (Collecting Sensor data and sending it to cloud), FLIP Cloud, MQTT (complete overview), basic Python, IoT Application design using FLIP, FLIP Rule engine, Data management and Analysis, IoT device design (for Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Smart Healthcare or Smart Retail & Supply chain) etc.

Pedagogy: They have self paced courses with 100% hands-on learning on FLIP Hardware Kit and FLIP Cloud access.

Faculty: Online faculty to student ratio is one to one whereas offline is one to 10. All their programs are taught by the core engineering team of Frugal Labs having relevant domain knowledge and experience of at least 5 years. They do not have PhD faculties as of now.

External Collaborations: Few notable collaborations are on the process and the institute refused to disclose right now.

Other Attributes: They provide placement assistance based on company’s requirement and criteria. They conduct hackathons.

6. hIOtron

  • Headquarter: Pune
  • Cities of Operation: Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru
  • Year of Inception: 2013
  • Flagship IoT Program: hIOTron Certification programme on IOT
  • Mode of Delivery: Classroom, Online
  • Duration: 45 hours

About the Institute: hIOTron is an embedded Hardware and Software company with an IoT R&D lab. Modern embedded systems being their biggest asset, their main focus is to provide services to the emerging ecosystem of the internet of things along with diverse disciplines required to bridge the gap between the cloud and devices.

Course Content: Divided into four modules of four to five sessions each, the certification program helps to build complete end-to-end IoT infrastructure including wireless/ wired sensor nodes, messaging protocols such as MQTT/WEBSOCKET/REST based proprietor IOT cloud platform, hardware cloud integration etc. It also includes practical case studies on multiple Industrial level IoT cloud platforms such as AWS, IBM blue-mix Watson, Thing-worx, Xively etc. in domains such as energy & industrial, smart cities, smart home & building automation, automotive & transport.

Pedagogy: Aiming to lay out set of steps in IoT efforts, hIOtron provides hands-on IoT training that simplifies the complexities of the subject.

Faculty: All hIOTron trainers are industrial experts in their specific domain. Faculty to student ratio 1:10

External Collaborations: hIOTron has partnered with multiple IoT companies for training & hardware software services. It is associated with more than 25 IoT companies in terms of Embedded Hardware or Software solutions, Network or front End software solutions.

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Other Attributes: They provide placement assistance to its students in these 25 companies along with working opportunities with hIOtron. Along with having a hardware work station, hIOtron’s LMS online program can be accessed by participants at one mbps internet speed.

7. TecHelium Info System Pvt. Ltd.

  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Cities of Operation: Bengaluru
  • Year of Inception: 2014
  • Flagship Program: IoT Training Program
  • Mode of Delivery: Classroom
  • Duration: Program One- Workshop – 2 Day; Program Two – Weekend program – 4 Weeks

About the Institute: TecHelium is a young and fast growing company that has twin focuses, offering high quality training and building truly world-class Intellectual property (IP). With a mission to make complex technologies simple, TechHelium is helping professionals acquire job ready skills in some of the cutting edge technology domains. IoT training program is amongst their top three rated courses.

Course Content: The course is centered around the Raspberry Pi prototyping board and its ecosystem. It covers the Raspberry Pi in-depth including all hardware interfaces available in Raspberry Pi, interfaces for connecting Raspberry Pi to the cloud and end to end data flows for building a showcase application around a IoT use case. Additionally, the course covers industry relevant applications, overview of cloud, middleware & security and application specific protocols.

Pedagogy: The pedagogy is based upon hands-on tinkering, DIY approach to learn and build demo applications, end to end conceptualization of IoT based solution, DIY experiments to make use of imaginative thinking

Faculty: They have practitioners with years of experiences who lead the training program and have one trainer for 12 students.

Other Attributes: They offer placement assistance to all the students who have completed the training and have virtual labs planned which should be available in next 6 months’ time.

8. Techno Scripts

  • Headquarter: Pune
  • Cities of Operation: Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Indore, Raipur, Nagpur
  • Year of Inception: 2005
  • Flagship Program: Advanced courses in embedded system
  • Mode of Delivery: Online, Classroom
  • Duration: 30-45 days

About the Institute: One of the best training institutes for Advanced courses in embedded system, they come with an expertise of over 12 years. Based out of Pune, they are currently also working on live projects as per requirements of clients. With their different courses and trainings, they aim at giving good practical knowledge to students in the field of IoT.

Course Content: Their course has everything from introduction to IoT, architecture of IoT to applications and industry verticals. With a focus on Raspberry Pi, they have theoretical and practical syllabus filed accordingly. Hardware description, functional schematics, cloud computing, information security are some of the things it covers. The practical has sessions on wired/wireless networking, GPIO Interfacing, GrovePi, a hardware interfacing platform for Raspberry Pi, sensor interfacing, Raspberry Pi camera module interfacing, gaming on the Raspberry Pi 3, IBM bluemix etc.

Pedagogy: The institute believes in complete practical oriented training with 20% weightage on theory and 80% on practical.

Faculty: The faculties to student ratio counts to 1:10 with two PhD faculties in their team.

Other Attributes: They provide 100% placement assistance till the time candidate is placed. They also have fully equipped two practical labs dedicated for the students. It is also worth noting that at least 2-3 projects that are covered in training are actually implemented on the server.

9. Nexiot

  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Cities of Operation: India, USA, EMEA
  • Year of Inception: 2013
  • Flagship Program: Nexiot SKills Accelerator (NSA) IoT programs
  • Mode of delivery: Classroom, Online

About the Institute: A global hub  for enabling industry standard IoT skills and solution development, Nexiot is an IoT and electronics innovation company. Its led by a group of experienced technocrats with expertise in electronics design-wireless sensor networks, gateway, data science-analytics and other relevant fields.

Course Content: NSA provides world class certification programs in IoT starting from the basics to cutting edge. Designed in collaboration with industry leaders in  sensors, wireless- connectivity, IoT platforms- programs are offered as modules. Certified IoT systems design professional, data science & IoT foundation, a hands on approach on IoT platforms such as IBM Bluemix, AWS, Azure, Salesforce, SAP HANA, wireless technologies, Nexuino™ – ‘Beyond the Arduino’ program for custom End Node design, web application development of IoT are some of the course contents at Nexiot.

Pedagogy: The program focuses on learning by hands-on exposure and solution development. These programs focus on building competency to design and implement end-to-end IoT solutions.

External Collaboration: They have external collaborations with industry experts who aim at building world class industry standard programs for enabling IoT skills.

10. MCAL (Management Consulting & Advanced Learning)

  • Headquarter: Pune
  • Cities of Operation: Pune, Mumbai
  • Year of Inception: 2009
  • Mode of Delivery: Interactive classroom sessions
  • Duration: 3 Days, 8 hours each

About the Institute: Its “Internet of Thing” training and workshop comes as first of its kind in India with an endeavour to impart skills that are likely to become industry’s new big thing in the coming years.  The program offered by MCAL is a result extensive research and gives practical and strategic understanding of vast world of Internet of things.

Course Content: They have IoT training for both the beginners and professionals who wants to get a deeper understanding on IoT. The course introduces various types of devices, common aspects of their construction, communication methods and protocols used by these devices. IOT Building Blocks, HW Form factors, SW elements, cloud, analytics, wireless & connectivity standards, comparison and fit for use, decision support systems, IOT Solutions specific to day to day usage (few case studies), understanding business opportunities in smart City, security & surveillance, hardware components such as sensors, interfaces, connectivity protocol etc. are some of the course contents.

Pedagogy: Includes both theoretical and practical training.

Other Attributes: Provides placement assistance.

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