Top 10 IoT Training Institutes in India – 2016

Recently we received many queries from our readers on information for training around “Internet of Things (IoT)”.  So, here’s the list of top 10 Internet of Things training institutes in India. What we have also realized is the fact that unlike analytics, training for IoT is in very early stages, with some of these courses in experimental stages. Yet, its still promising to explore.

Check our latest IoT Training Institutes Ranking, here.


Collabera TACT

Collabera TACT’s Internet of Things (IOT) certification consists of industry standard course which includes not only theoretical understanding of the different sensors, cloud platform and gateways, but also hands-on integration of IoT components with Cloud platform. With the help of this course, you can gain in-depth knowledge of IoT applications and can build your own end-to-end solutions all in as little as 3 months. This training will also be beneficial from a business point of view as you can derive insights on making your business model IoT ready.

IoT Course Curriculum Consists of:

  • An overview of what is Internet of Things (IOT) and how it actually works and its impact on customers & businesses
  • Detailed explanation of each layer of IoT and its role
  • Understanding of how each sensors (like Temperature, Light, Humidity, IR, Ultrasonic, etc), End nodes (includes MicroController like Arduino) and Gateways (include Raspberry PI and BeagleBone) work
  • Technical details of Internet of Things technologies used for communication, different protocols and their applications
  • Introduction to Cloud and Cloud Platforms. How IoT components select cloud platform according to the requirements of application
  • How secure are IoT devices? Security threats and mitigations of IoT
  • Demonstration of how IoT components works with Cloud Platform and post data using WIFI connectivity

Frugal Labs

The main objective of the course is to not only make new IoT products, but also aspire technical enthusiasts to pace up with the evolving technology. To enhance the zeal among the participants, this course has been designed and fine tuned after teaching 4000 plus students and more than 500 professionals in an offline environment. All the knowledge we obtained is transformed into the online mode to reach the online audience and enhance their learning experience.

This course will be taught by the core team of Frugal Labs having expertise in different domains of IoT(device, protocols, security, application design etc.).

Through video presentations and hands on assignments on the FLIP kit, you will gain an understanding of IoT’s potential and discover how to leverage it to benefit your career opportunity and your organization.


Nexiot provides world-class certification programs in IoT domain. The programs are designed in collaboration with Industry leaders in sensors, semiconductors, electronics, cloud service providers.

The programs are offered as Modules, starting from Basics to Advanced implementation depending on the purpose of the Participants.

All the programs focus on Learning by doing, and we provide IoT Lab access. The programs are delivered through Instructor led online sessions and real experimental learning in the Lab.

  • Certified IoT Systems Design Program
  • Basics & understanding Internet of Things (IoT) design & Applications
  • Embedded Systems design for IoT : Microcontrollers, End Nodes, Gateways
  • Wireless Technologies & Applications for IoT
  • Networking Technologies & Protocols for IoT
  • Big Data & Cloud Computing for IoT
  • Mobile App Development for IoT Applications
  • ARM Microcontrollers for IoT Applications

Optimus Labs

Optimus Research Labs is a dynamic and rowing organization passionate and dedicated to teaching kids digital technology.

  • First in depth IoT training programme in India
  • 100 % practical and tens of use cases included in the course
  • Training by Mr. Meharban Singh (Alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, Co Founder Optimus Research Labs Pvt Ltd)
  • Both long term (Diploma) & short term (Capsule) courses available.
  • Systematic step by step approach to ensure skill development
  • Free one month technical support (After Completion)

MCAL – Management Consulting & Advanced Learning

MCAL announces first of its kind “Internet of Thing” training and workshop in India. Our endeavor is to impart skills those are highly in demand and will become Industry’s new big thing in the coming years. So in this pursuit, we are offering this program that is the result of extensive research as well as high level consulting work done by our team in the past. This course gives initial practical and strategic understanding of vast world of “Internet of Things“ which has already captured the imagination of all fortune 500 companies. So future belongs to a technology like “Internet of Things” as all research houses have term “Internet of Things” as a game changer.

Hitron Components

  • 90 % Hands on Practice+ 10% Theory
  • Training by Industrial IoT Expert’s
  • Best for IoT Startup
  • Get 6 Months Jump Start in IOT
  • Batch : Starts on 2nd April (2 Days)
  • Time 11 AM – 5 PM [Total 12 Hrs]
  • Fees : 4,500/- (Basic IOT Kit will be2 Delivered worth 2250)

Adpost India

Real time training with live scenarios and applications. Have 12+ years of real time experience and have worked with different clients and different domains. Handled corporate trainings for various companies. Trained and placed more than 700+ candidates across the globe. 100% job guarantee and on job support after the completion of training.


  • Training By Industry Experts (Co-founders Axelta systems)
  • Live Instructor Led Online Classes from world’s largest IoT Trainers
  • Get atleast 3 months jump start in IoT
  • Build your own End to End IoT Solutions
  • Case studies for Logistics and Home Automation
  • Add-on session on Advanced IoT Topics
  • Earn Certificate In IoT
  • 24×7 Online/email based help provided
  • Guidance and placement assistance


This is a two day course Internet of Things – IoT training in Bangalore ( 12 Hours course ) covering the foundations of IoT, in-depth concepts and components of an IoT powered system and industry relevant use case demonstrations using a Raspberry Pi evaluation board.

Skifi Labs

This course introduces you to the amazing world of IoT and its fascinating applications. Using a Raspberry Pi computer and a DHT sensor, you will develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity data over the internet. You can program the system in such a way that say whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the device will automatically send an email notification!

Apart from gaining practical skills on the Internet of Things, by doing this project you will learn about the Raspberry Pi development platform which is popular among people who love innovative projects.

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