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Top 10 L&D Programmes That Indian Firms Are Running To Upskill Their Employees

Top 10 L&D Programmes That Indian Firms Are Running To Upskill Their Employees

Srishti Deoras

Many companies have started their own learning and development (L&D) programmes to ensure that their employees are always on the top of their game. This becomes especially important in the emerging tech industry such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics where tools and techniques are constantly being updated.

Companies are now encouraging employees to reskill and upskill in order to reduce the attrition rate while equipping them with the latest trends. In fact, these companies are spending a huge amount of money to train their workforce with the best possible resources. While many have classroom training there are several others providing online learning management platforms to make the most of the opportunity. Here we list few such L&D programmes by companies. 

Axis Bank: The leading private sector bank recently teamed up with Coursera to offer world-class learning programmes to its employees. The course offers training in subjects such as data analytics, leadership, innovative thinking and more. These courses are being offered by some of the top universities across the globe and all the Axis Bank employees are encouraged to take up the course. 

Capgemini: As a highly employee-centric organisation, they believe in nurturing the employees throughout their career with the company, since the time they are hired. They equip the employees to compete in a highly competitive marketplace that is driven by ever-changing technological innovation. They have initiatives such as Group Learning & Development (Group L&D) to prepare employees to be perceptive to our clients’ business needs. Other programs include training fresh hires in emerging tech such as data analytics, where they have collaborated with universities. 

Infosys: Infosys has power programmes to upskill their employees. It was one of the first companies to offer a hike if the employees re-skilled in emerging tech. Its bridge programmes skill young talents who have spent a minimum of three years in the organisation to get trained in areas such as consulting, full-stack development, power programming, tech architecture and more. The aim is to provide employees with alternate career growth instead of them leaving organisations for further studies. It had offered a salary rise by 80-120% to those who upskilled. 

Oracle: The company offers a wide range of technical and professional courses in the form of online learning. They offer reimbursement for selected job-related training and education. Oracle also encourages job-related advanced degree and continuing education while being an employee. It works closely with Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) to upskills its employees. 

TCS: TCS runs multiple initiatives to help employees grow in their careers. Some of these programmes are CareerHub, that provides TCS employees with mentoring services. They also run Inspire, a specialized program that provides fast-track career progression to high-potential employees. 

Tredence: The company focuses strongly on enabling its employees to get a stronger foothold in analytics. With its Gateway programme, it helps employees with aptitude in analytics and provides a platform to clarify doubts, seek direction, interact with professionals with hands-on experience in the analytics space. It also has an initiative known as ‘U Learn V Pay’, which encourages employees to learn from online coaching platforms, wherein entire money is reimbursed on successful completion of the course.  

Wipro: Wipro School of Decision Sciences is aimed at data science transformation providing tech-stack enabled programmes for employees to train on a variety of skills. In this 6-months long course, it helps employees to get equipped in skills such as data, algorithms, modelling, visualisation and more. Wipro has also announced the launch of ‘WiSTA – Data Scientist’ program in India, an integrated post-graduate program in Analytics. It aims at creating an industry-ready cadre of Data Scientists within Wipro in the information management and analytics space.

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Open-Sourced L&D Programs By Companies

There are many companies that have open-sourced their skilling programmes that were earlier meant for the internal employees. These can be now accessed by developers and data science community outside of the organisation with little or no charges.

Accenture: It has an academy for speciality skills which is cost-effective in providing speciality skills to employees. It has extensive curriculum covering disciplines such as project management, process excellence, and sustainability and enterprise-resource planning.

Amazon: This course by Amazon has the machine learning curriculum including 30+ digital ML courses totalling 45+ hours, plus hands-on labs and documentation, originally developed for Amazon’s internal use. It can be availed free of cost. 

Google: Learn with Google AI initiative is suitable for seasoned machine learning practitioners or beginners alike. It has numerous exercises and information to help skill and advance in your projects. It has courses on clustering, recommendation system, ML framework and more. 

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