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Top 11 AI Newsletters You Should Subscribe To Keep Updated

Top 11 AI Newsletters You Should Subscribe To Keep Updated

Rohit Yadav


In this ever-changing technology landscape, staying abreast of the latest breakthroughs, especially in artificial intelligence, is challenging. That is why AI enthusiast should subscribe to newsletters for being informed about several advancements.

To assist AI enthusiast with this, Analytics India Magazine has compiled a list of resource-intensive newsletters that can provide insights into new use cases as well as news related to AI marketplace.

Artificial Intelligence Weekly

As the name suggests, this publication sends weekly newsletters that are focused on various sections such as In the news, applied use cases, Robotics, Ethics, and Research. A wide range of articles keeps one updated with information prevalent to AI landscape. Its resources regarding research, ethics, and use cases are among the best as it purveys a different perspective towards the morality of AI deployments. 

O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Newsletter

If you are a technophile, you must have come across books that O’Reilly publishes on several verticals like machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, and more. Possessing a domain knowledge enables them to curate newsletters that encompass relevant news, conferences, video, and other content on AI. It delivers weekly newsletters which consist of 10 topics, thereby, making it a good read for the weekends.

The Algorithm

It is an MIT Technology Review newsletter that consists of in-depth knowledge about deep-learning and others behind the code of AI. Its weekly newsletter will present a diverse range of modish articles on cutting-edge technologies.  

AI Trends

The newsletter from AI Trends updates you with the latest trends in the AI technology landscape. This allows subscribers to discover trends and take the lead on by developing solutions based on it. Besides, other AI-specific news in different sectors can be consumed directly from their websites. 

Inside AI

Inside AI has a rich source of information on different technologies, thereby, makes it a must-read. For its AI newsletter, it includes articles pertaining to AI, Robotics, and Neurotechnology. To a certain extent, this makes a complete package for any AI enthusiast; along with AI, it furnishes articles through which one can understand the various aspects of brain activities. This will empower AI developers to implement or replicate similar practices to their AI-driven products.

Data Elixir

Data Elixir curates articles from several sources to purvey newsletters, resulting in encapsulating a wide collection of news and updates on technologies that are highly data-driven. 

Import AI

Its newsletters envelop recent developments in AI and drone technology. It also involves a ‘why this matters’ subsection that describes implications of tends.  

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Their newsletter will binge you with AI and ML-specific news, academic research, and similar articles by selecting the best articulation such that you can consume the best information that are doing the rounds.  

Machine Learning

This is a weekly newsletter about AI and ML that deliver news from all around the corner of the world. It will help in keeping subscribers informed on how AI and ML are revamping the way business activities are performed.

Data Science Weekly 

Going by the name, you may wonder why a data science newsletter is featured here. No doubt it is inclined towards data science, but it also lists AI articles as well. Don’t take my word for it and check their archives and you will know for yourself. Besides, some technologies involved in data science and AI intersect, thus it makes a rational subscription.

Further, Its modus operandi differentiate it from a regular newsletter as it includes different subsections that others do not. The newsletter contains links to training and resources, books, jobs and more.

Analytics India Magazine

Analytics India Magazine’s newsletters deliver insightful articles on data, AI, and also covers startups and big stories that can assist you in following the latest developments associated with emerging technologies.

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