Top 11 Books On Cybersecurity That You Can Read On Your Kindle

Ever since security breaches have started becoming more and more potent, job openings in this sector have been growing exponentially. Cybercriminals, no matter how securely bound the systems are, are hacking into personal as well as organisational systems to steal sensitive information. There has been no system so far that encompasses complete 360-degree cybersecurity. Here are 10 books that you can find on Kindle that have different viewpoints on cybersecurity issues to keep you updated and job-ready.


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1. The Art of Deception (Wiley, 2007 | ₹697)

This book contains the insider’s view of the low-tech threats to high-tech security. The book consists of a number of true stories of cyberattacks on businesses and governments. The writer explains how susceptible even the most locked-down information systems are to a slick con artist impersonating an IRS agent. And has the point of view of both, the attacker and the victims.

About the author: Kevin Mitnick is a computer security consultant, author, and convicted hacker. He is also the co-founder of Apple along with Steve Jobs. 

You can find the book here.

2. Cyber Self Defence (The Lyons Press, 2014 | ₹835)

Cyber Self-Defense is a book that has the advice to avoid online predators, identity theft and Cyberbullying. It is a guide to protect from the people around who might use the internet to cause trouble to you. The writer has introduced 10 most common profiles of cyberstalkers, some of which include Attention-Getting, Jealous, Manipulative, Controlling, and Narcissistic. She also discusses the threatening behaviours of these cyberstalkers. In this book, every chapter includes a quiz to help to identify the signs of that personality type in order to determine if the reader is in a potentially vulnerable relationship. There are also tips to prevent or recover from every kind of cybercrime covered. The techniques range from recovering data, monitoring online profiles and social media information, and regaining self-esteem to changing identities and even going underground.   

About the author: Alexis Moore is an expert of cyberstalking, cyberbullying and identity theft on radio and television programs such as CNN, Fox, Headline News, and Good Morning America. She is the founder and president of Survivors In Action, designer of the Moore Secure line of security software, and collaborator with state and federal legislators worldwide. 

You can find the book here.

3. Practical Malware Analysis – The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software (No Starch Press, 2012 | ₹2,325)

When malware breaches your defences, you need to act quickly to cure current infections and prevent future ones from occurring. This book teaches the tools and techniques used by professional analysts to safely analyse, debug and disassemble malicious software. It includes hands-on labs throughout the book which challenges to practice and synthesise the skills. It teaches how to crack open malware to see how it really works, determine what damage it has done and ensure that the malware never comes back. It is good for anyone that wants a good hands-on experience.

About the authors: Michael Sikorski is a Principal Consultant at Mandiant. He provides specialised research and develops security solutions to the company’s federal client base, reverses engineers malicious software discovered by incident responders.

Andrew Honig is an Information Assurance Expert for the Department of Defense. Andy is publicly credited with several zero-day exploits in VMware’s virtualisation products.

You can buy the book here.

4. Cyber Security: A Practitioner’s Guide (Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited, 2017 | ₹2,611)

This book covers the various types of cyberthreats. It explains what can be done to mitigate these risks and keep the organisation or even personal data secure. It has real-world examples and consequences of them and the possible actions to be taken to avoid them. It has two major sections of the following:

  • Cybersecurity Problems – encompassing Cybersecurity Issues, Targets, Vulnerabilities, Threats and Impacts
  • Improving Cybersecurity – encompassing Risk Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and risk mitigations.

About the author: Author David Sutton has about 50 years of experience in IT and includes voice and data networking, information security and critical information infrastructure protection. 

You can buy the book here.

5.TOR: a Dark Net Journey on How to Be Anonymous Online (Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited, 2017 | ₹259)

Many governments in the world have had an invasion of the privacy of its citizens. It addresses the dangers that come from things like traffic analysis, relationships, business deals and even state security. This book tells you about ways to become anonyms online. It teaches the basics of TOR system, how to install, how to works and the hidden services of TOR. It also has a section devoted to the explanation of technical terms and is meant for a complete beginner.

About the author: John Smith serves as Raytheon’s Vice President, Legal – Cybersecurity and Privacy, and General Counsel, Global Business Services. He is Raytheon Company’s first cyberlawyer and first chief privacy lawyer.

You can buy the book here.

6. Cybersecurity and Cyberwar (Oxford University Press India, 2014 | ₹137)

The book presents the readers with the essentials of cybersecurity. It states the present and the likely future state of cybersecurity. It is written with a view of letting everyone aware of the cybersecurity problem around us. It consists of FAQ format with explanations of different areas of cybersecurity. It targets audiences of both, practitioners and scholars background. 

About the author: Author Peter W Singer is a Senior Fellow and the Director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution. The other author Allan Friedman is a Fellow in Governance Studies and Research Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution.

You can buy the book here.

7. Cyber Security Essentials (Auerbach Publications, 2010 | ₹2,169)

The book provides a clear understanding of the concepts behind prevalent threats, tactics and procedures behind cyberattacks. The book is good for the readers who are new in the domain of cybersecurity as provides a fundamental understanding of the theory behind the key issues of cybersecurity. It covers attacker methods and motivations, exploitation trends, malicious code techniques, and many other concerns. The book addresses the reasons behind these cybersecurity problems continue to prevail. 

About the author: Edited by James Graham, Ryan Olson and Rick Howard, it is a direct result of the efforts of security analysts, editors, business leaders and security professionals working for iDefense Security Intelligence Services.

You can by the book here.

8. The Cyber Conundrum: How Do We Fix Cybersecurity? (Createspace Independent Pub, 2018 | ₹449)  

In this book inspirations and lessons are used to help develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. It is meant for people who are not very much into the technicalities of the field. It brings into notice several flaws in global cybersecurity strategy and further puts forward solutions that the tech industry, governments and companies need to consider in order to address the fundamental cybersecurity challenges.

About the author: Peter K Chronis has more than 15 years of experience managing cybersecurity risk in various industries. He has served as the chief information security officer for several public and Fortune 500 companies.

You can buy the book here.

9. Hacking with Kali Linux (Independently Published, 2018 | ₹284)

As the name suggests, this book is about how hackers hack systems. It also tells about things that we must do to protect our systems from different hacking techniques. It covers the type of hackers, the hacking procedure, malware, cyberattacks, basics of Cybersecurity, cryptography, digital signatures, VPN for security among many others. It also covers a guide to use Kali Linux and Google Hacking.

About the author:  Ramon Nastase is an IT professional with more than 7 years of experience and with a deep passion for IT&C and Training. 

You can buy the book here.

10. Future Crimes (Doubleday, 2015, | ₹296)

This book takes its readers into the darkest recesses of the Internet. It is based on fiction but all the facts mentioned are true. The books talk about the ways in which technologies like robotics, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are hijacked. It consists of steps that everyone must take to survive the progress of these technologies. 

About the author: Marc Goodman is the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and the Chair for Policy, Law, and Ethics at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University.

You can buy the book here.

11. Avoiding the Ransom: Cybersecurity for Business Owners and Managers (, 2016 | ₹889)

Having cybersecurity is very essential in businesses today. Small corporations especially do not tend to have their cybersecurity uptight and are targetted by cybercriminals largely. But many businesses do not appreciate the risk and believe is too expensive for them to be able to afford.

This book is a guide that explains the threats and liabilities that one faces in the cybercriminal world. It also lists steps that should be taken to secure your business.

About the author: Adam Levy is the founder of Magnet Solutions Group, an IT and web development company, and LoTops, a CRM.

You can buy the book here.

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