Top 5 AI-Based Text-To-Video Products


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been increasingly helpful in creating and rating visual contents and stories. In this article, we list down five AI-based text-to-video products that will help any storyteller put forward their best content.


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1| Lumen5

About: This is a video creation platform by artificial intelligence that enables anyone without training or experience to easily create engaging video content within minutes. There are mainly three categories for this product. The Comunity category is cost-free and will provide you with 480p resolution including standard library and popular themes. The Pro category will cost you $49 per month which will provide you with a resolution of 720p along with the other features. The Business category is designed for businesses looking to tell their brand story and it cost $149 per month which comes with a resolution of 1080p and various other features.

How It Works: The transformation of text to video follows the steps mentioned below:

  • Enter the article link to turn it into a video where the natural language processing (NLP) algorithm will automatically create a storyboard for you.
  • Using computer Vision technology, the system will find relevant visuals and audio to your content.
  • Set up your branding profile once to add every video including a call-to-action to drive conversion.
  • The dashboard can be easily accessed by your team’s administrator to watch and approve the video.

2| GliaCloud

About: The Taiwanese startup, GliaCloud is launched to provide solutions and applications in data analytics and machine learning in 2015 and is the brainchild of David Chen. GliaCloud’s product, GliaStudio uses the technologies of artificial intelligence to automatically create video summaries of text articles.

How It Works: The process of converting text to video follows the steps mentioned below:

  • Just paste the content URL or upload file, the natural language algorithm of GliaCloud will go over the content to find major topics and keywords, and then generate video scripts with sections and highlights.
  • Then, based on the generated video script, the AI engine will search and edit the corresponding image and clips.
  • It is further easy to create different versions for testing and obtain better engagement on social media.

3| Wochit

About: This platform with a super intuitive approach for any storyteller with any level of video creation experience or skill to produce and share their stories across all social and digital platforms. At the core of the platform is Wochit’s Predictive Video Creation platform, developed to pre-empt and serve the needs of every video creator and team, bringing all they need to create high impact videos.

How It Works: The process follows four main steps as mentioned below:

  • Plan to kickstart your creative process with new and trending story ideas primed to help you ace every goal.
  • Select the most relevant licensed assets, graphics, and music tracks come together with the voiceover artists and also choose your own branded content to tell your stories
  • Create the ultimate combination of advanced editing capabilities and automated tools to scale your creation process and craft powerful videos in a faster manner.
  • Collaborate with streamline internal workflow and approval processes with the agile cloud-based platform and smart Slack integration. Tag-team to create, edit, repurpose, approve and distribute from anywhere.
  • Publishing your story is easy by CMS, OVP, and social media integration and also ensure smooth delivery to every audience in the optimal format for each platform you choose.

4| Wibbitz

About: This platform is found in 2011 by Zohar Dayan and Yotam Cohen as the first automated video creation platform in Tel Aviv and New York which automatically convert text into short-form video. Snippets of text overlay B-roll footage, with users empowered to do some tweaks with easy-to-use editing tools. There are two plans basically in this platform, the Standard Plan, and the Custom Plan. The Standard Plan costs $500 per month while the Custom Plan includes everything in the Standard Plan along with various other features.

How It Works: Smart text analysis finds the highlights in your story and automatically outlines your video and AI pairs the subject matter in your story with relevant footage from our media library.

  • To start working in the platform, start by requesting a demo, and the providers reach out to schedule a time to walk you through the platform.
  • Depending on which plan you pick, you’ll learn the ropes with a hands-on training session or a self-guided tour.
  • Templates for turning any story or article into a short-form video optimized for audience engagement.
  • Cut, crop, zoom, and trim each section without needing any professional editing skills and also you can add your own voice by requesting a professional voiceover or easily uploading your own.
  • You can save your default colors, fonts, logos, and bumpers to create a consistent finished product.

5| Vedia

About: This artificial intelligence video maker enables users to instantly create professional looking videos from the text. Also, this platform can not only transform text into video but also URLs and Data with the help of automated video creation. Vedia does the work of transforming your ideas into a video by generating narration, sourcing media and assembling your scenes, freeing you from hours of frustration.

How It Works: These follow three main steps as mentioned below:

  • Analyse: The artificial intelligence firstly scans and analyses your data, text, links, blogs or feeds to identify the main ideas.
  • Visualise: After analysing, it finds related media assets and places them on the video timeline and generates the voice narration.
  • Customise: Finally, all you need to do is review and publish the video. You can also customise it to stay on brand with the provided drag & drop video maker.

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