Top 5 AI-Powered Job Interview Tools Used By Recruiters

In order to keep up with the ever-changing world, organisations are leveraging artificial intelligence. There is no denying that AI is redefining industries by providing greater personalisation not only to companies but also to users and is disrupting how people used to work. But what if we tell you that your next interview is going to be with an AI-based bot? Now, AI has also stepped into the recruiting space and is taking interviews to hire talent.


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Here Are Some Of The AI-Powered Interview Platforms

Gecko is another AI-based interview platform that works on AI, Sentiment analysis and facial recognition. The beauty of this video-based evaluation bot is that it can conduct both live and offline interviews.

The questions for interview are being set by recruiters that can later be played back for detailed analysis and review. That is not all, the platform’s AI-powered sentiment analysis engine scans each interview to provide deep insights on candidate attitude, positivity, and overall sentiment.

The bot is designed in such a way that it even follows up with prospective candidates for interviews via email. And it continues to do that until candidate responds.


Mya is a conversational AI assistant helps hiring teams of firms to form trust and confidence with candidates through open-ended, natural, and dynamic conversations. This AI-powered interview platform uses deep learning to deliver a human-like conversation to the candidate.

Using semantic parsing, named entity recognition, and multiple intent classifications, Mya captures meaningful information from the candidate. The bot is designed in such a way that it understands context, complex, multi-part statement, changed answers, or interjections and it can also change conversation direction. That is not all, Mya is in continuous learning the process as its machine learning algorithms improve with every conversation.


A product of the AspiringMinds, AutoView is Artificial Intelligence powered interview bot. The platform uses Video analytics, Neural language processing, Machine learning, and Speech recognition to carry out an interview process.

Talking about interviewing, AutoView screens candidates based on 4 parameters: based on candidate’s facial expressions and gestures; sentiment analysis of voice and text; ability and knowledge required for the job role; and workplace competencies, cultural fitment and personality.

That is not all, the platform is available 24×7 and a student can take the interview as per his/her convenient time.


Paññã is a data-driven AI video interview platform that provides artificially intelligent hiring, an ever-growing repository of dynamic questions, expert evaluation, recorded interviewing, video conferencing and voice and face recognition.

One of the best thing about this platform is that it blocks out proxy interviews and under-qualified applicants from large pools of candidates. That is not all, from live interview to dynamic custom interview, Paññã provides a highly professional interview environment.

Also, the platform prepares and conducts intelligent interviews that are unique and progressive in nature.


HireVue is an AI-powered interview platform that not only helps recruiters but also candidates. The platform’s hiring intelligence has gained significant traction recently and today, it is transforming the way companies discover, hire, and develop talent.

HireVue uses a combination of proprietary voice recognition software and licensed facial recognition software. With the help of an algorithm, the platform determines which candidates resemble the ideal candidate. And it does it all by analysing traits such as body language, tone, and keywords used during the interview. Once the algorithm is done with its job, it lets the recruiter know which candidates are at the top of the heap.

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