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Top 5 AI-Powered Video Editing Tools

Top 5 AI-Powered Video Editing Tools

  • Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • QuickStories
  • Magisto
  • Rawshorts
  • Lumen5

In the recent past, we have come across AI-enabled smart cameras that can click the right picture and even identify the people in the visuals. Off lately, however, its application in video editing is becoming more common. From scanning the text script to understand the plot of the video to matching the visuals as per the script, AI is now automating workflow for video editors and are making their work easier.

In this article, we take a look at the top five artificial intelligence-based video tools that are currently available in the market:

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Adobe Premier Pro CC: Last year the company announced that its most famous and much sort-after video editing software has will be incorporating AI to make editing easier and thus improve the workflow. By leveraging Sensei AI, this  AI and ML-based platform which automate repetitive tasks, it matches colours automatically as per each shot. With the facial recognition tool, the software can match skin tone. While, with Autoducking, the Air-powered tool can automatically control the music where dialogue or background music.  

QuickStories: Is one of the smartest solutions to be offered by the American technology company, GoPro. The product which was released in the year 2017, transfers video footage from GoPro Hero 5 camera to the user’s mobile and automatically start editing it without the users having to press a single button over WiFi or Bluetooth.

In order to achieve this, the camera uses advanced machine learning algorithms, computer vision and body sensors to identify the best pictures and automatically elevate them when editing them using QuickStories app. Further, the inbuilt AI solutions improve auto white balance and colour rendering, along with colour grading and intelligent tagging.

Magisto: Is an end-to-end video marketing tool that is powered by AI. The platform works is quite simple as the users just have to upload the content, let the uses pick a video editing style and soundtrack, lastly, the AI-powered solution will analyse the video and edit it.

However, it doesn’t just stop with that, the platform will optimise the video based on the audience and channel, thus increasing the reach of the videos. It also provides users with real-time analytics about the audience’s viewer behaviour that tells information like where and when the viewers stopped watching videos.

Rawshorts: This is an online video making and editing tool which uses AI to scan the script text to auto compiling the videos.  Their text to animated video technology uses AI to create video draft in a few seconds, thus saving countless hours of the video editors.

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All that the user has to do it is to upload the video script and the platform’s ML algorithms will scan the text to identify the main concept of the story. This is followed by the AI system matching the script with the media asset, placing them on the timeline and generating a voice narration. Further, through its drag and drop editor, the platform will enable its users to customise the video and publish it later on.

Lumen5: The platform helps to created video within minutes using AI thus automating workflow as the users just have to upload the video content along with its script. With the help of machine learning which uses NLP to highlight the important keywords within each sentence.  While Text positioning is calculated based on the composition of the media file.

In addition, if the users do not have the required video, audio and other media content, then the platform lets the users pick the content from its media library. In addition to this, the platform also provides with branding options like brand colour, watermark and font choices.

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