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Top 5 Coding Websites Companies Hire From

Companies are steadily looking for exceptional programmers to join their engineering teams. Aspirants can code but they need a platform to compare and compete in coding. Coding platforms facilitate aspirants with these characteristics which help them to get hired into IT companies. The major IT firms usually hire from these coding platforms as the preparation, workforce, time and money which goes into hiring is cut to half by the competing coding platforms. In this article, we list down 5 such Coding platforms that help companies and aspirants in the recruiting process.


The coding platform gives users an opportunity to showcase their abilities by competing with the best and earn the advantage to land exclusive job offers, and much more.


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They provide a community platform to Build a learning network and elevate career possibilities by developing communities and sharing in their enterprises.

Skillenza Highlights the track to knowledge using the Experience Graph and has the communities that support aspirants journey and inspires them by their experience.

The interface is very fast, and users can easily connect with a respective social signing. Skillenza organized hackathons like Rajasthan 3.0 which act as a platform for companies to hire programmers.

Major Firms that hire from Skillenza’s are ThoughtWorks, Amazon, BOSCH, Swiggy, Careem,  Capillary and many more.

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The platform boasts of about 5 million developers unlocking code challenges comprising four sections of Practice, Compete, Job and Leader board.

In Practice, aspirants can work numerous problems as per the difficulty level selected, programming language skill and specialized experience. In addition, there are tutorials related to coding interviews. In the Compete section, aspirants can sign up for contests or can create their own. In Job section, registered people can look for multiple job openings in favoured section.

In Leaderboard, users can look up to some hardcore programmers on HackerRank website on the basis of multiple contests.

Over a thousand companies hire from HackerRank, the notable companies are CapitalOne, Cisco, Twitter, Adobe Systems, Dropbox, Red Hat and many more.

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CodeChef is a DirectI initiated Non-profit coding platform which was started in 2009. In 2010, with DirectI association they initiated the ‘Go For Gold’ contest to strengthen the Indian Teams who participate in world finals of ACM-ICPC(Association for Computing Machinery – International Collegiate Programming Contest) which is considered as coding Olympics. The platform has practice, Compete and Discuss sessions.

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TopCoder is one of the fundamental platforms for competitive programming online. The website provides a list of algorithmic challenges from the past that users can complete on their own directly online practising their code editor. Their famous Single Round Matches are offered a few occasions per month at a specific time where aspirants compete against others to solve challenges the fastest with the best score. The top-ranked users on TopCoder are very vigorous competitive programmers and regularly compete in programming competitions.

Companies which hire from Topcoder include Google, Yahoo, Nvidia, Microsoft, Paypal, Verizon, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Cryptic Studios and many more.

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Coderbyte presents 200+ coding challenges which aspirants can solve directly online in one of 10 programming languages -JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Swift, Go, C, C++, C#. The challenges vary from easy (finding the largest word in a string) to hard (print the maximum cardinality matching of a graph). The website also gives a collection of algorithm tutorials, introductory videos, and interview preparation courses. Unlike other similar websites, aspirants are able to inspect the solutions other users present for any challenge aside from the standard solutions posted by Coderbyte.

Companies which hire from CoderByte include HACK REACTOR, FULL STACK academy, Thankful, APP Academy, Deloitte, PWC, HBO, Allstate, LogMeIn and many more.

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