Top 5 Drone Pilot Training Institutes In India

There are numerous budget-friendly drones in the Indian market that an enthusiast can buy and learn how to operate it in a proper way prioritising the safety measures. In this article, we list down five such drone training institutes in India.

(The list is in no particular order)

1| Indian Institute Of Drones (IID), Andhra Pradesh

About: The Indian Institute of Drones is a Government registered training institute that specialises in training professional pilots and aerospace engineers to learn the art of flying drones to carry out the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) piloting, operations with great emphasis on safety and security issues. The training will be provided by highly qualified professionals who have unmanned flying experience as well as manned flying experience. Some of the UAV operators are from the military background like Indian Air Force, The Indian Navy, etc.

Courses Offered: The diploma courses offered here are of three categories. There are two courses for Diploma in  Multirotor Drone Pilot Course, one is the training below 2kg drones which comprises a duration of 3 days and the training and the other is the mini category drones between 2kg to 25kg which comprises a duration of 5 days. The third category is the Diploma in Fixedwing Drone Pilot Course which requires mini category drones between 2kg to 25kg and is comprised a duration of 7 days.

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Duration: 3 to 5 days

Fee Structure: The fee structures are different for the different courses. The Multirotor Drone Pilot Course below 2 kg drones costs ₹19,500+18% GST, the diploma in Multirotor Drone Pilot Course with drones between 2kg to 25kg costs ₹49,000+18% GST and lastly, the Fixedwing Drone Pilot Course cost a course fee of ₹69,000+18% GST.

2| Indian Academy Of Drones in Hyderabad, Mumbai

About: This institute provides one of the highest quality training on Unmanned Aerial Systems by ensuring the safe integration of drones into national airspace. The courses mainly aim to integrate a standard operating among the piots where safety remains the utmost priority. The students are given hands-on training on a simulator and also lear to build their own customed drones.

Courses Offered: The courses offered here are a combination of classroom training as well as multiple hands-on flight sessions. The   Professional Course is equipped with knowledge and skills to become an expert drone pilot. The theory classes include topics such as ATC Procedures and Radio Telephony, weather and Meteorology, Multirotor operations/ Aerodynamics, etc. The practical training concludes training in Flight Simulator, practical flying sessions, etc.

Duration: 5 days

Fee Structure: ₹18,500 +18% GST

3| MaxTorq UAV Flight School, Chennai

About: MaxTorq UAV Flight School is started by a group of Drone Pilots from various industries to provide experience and knowledge of how to operate drones in a challenging environment. This UAV pilot training school is built to bring better knowledge and education in the field of Drones/UAV Systems, awareness on Commercial Drone Operations, etc.

Courses Offered: There are various types of courses as well as hands-on experiences offered in this training school and they are Remote Pilot Licence Training, Aerial Mapping and Survey, UAV Engineering, Aerial Photography and Cinematography, Industrial Inspection, and UAV Pilot Training.  Remote Pilot Licence Training in a duration of 5 days covers topics like UAV Regulations in India, Basic Principles of Flight, Drone equipment and maintenance, Emergency Identification and handling, Image/Video interpretation, etc. Course on UAV Engineering includes UAV Operations and Safety, Firmware Installation, and Sensor Calibration, Aerodynamics and Stability, GCS operation, etc. There are also some short-term courses provided by this platform for drone enthusiasts.

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Duration: 5-15 days

Fee Structure: Up to ₹30,000.

4| Maavan Drone Academy, Chennai

About: This is a Chennai based educational training institute established in 2014 where UAV training and research is provided. The team proposes practical training in avionics integration, flight simulation classes, designing UAV, etc to the students for maximum exposure in the development in UAV. There are currently three branches for training and they are in Mumbai, Bangalore including Chennai.

Courses Offered: There are four different courses offered in the institute. They are mentioned as follows.

  • Drone Pilot Training with DGCA License:
  • Master Diploma Course with DGCA License
  • Advanced Diploma Course with DGCA License

For more details on the course structure, please click here.

Duration: 5-24 days

Fee Structure: Not disclosed

5| Aerizone, Nagpur

About: Aerizone is a global platform for Aerial services, UAV training, information and live discussions related to Drones. Intending to connect all the drone enthusiasts globally. It provides drones with UAV pilots for service on demand all over India. They initiated to provide training on drones by various courses.

Courses Offered: The platform offers professional UAV training courses through conducting classes or through colleges and universities. There are three different courses of UAV training. They are Basic UAV Workshop, Aerial Cinematography, and 2D and 3D Mapping. The Basic UAV workshop includes topic like Introduction to UAV, Assembling of UAV, future career and different sectors of drones, etc. The Aerial Cinematography workshop includes topics like Cinematic shots, DGCA Guidelines, Hands-on Simulator, etc. and the Mapping course includes Data Capturing Techniques, Data Processing, etc.

Duration: 3-10 days

Fee Structure: ₹15,000-25,000

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