Top 5 online resources to learn Econometrics

"The course is a good choice for learning econometrics as it uses real data sets, practical questions, and exercises to ensure that you understand all you've learned."


The field of econometrics studies the connection between statistical analysis and empirical data. It uses mathematical models to examine economic variables to make predictions and projections and explain frequently occurring events. Using existing econometric models and available data sets, models are wired to link one economic variable to another. Statistical approaches and economic models make a strong combination. Adopting a statistical model to explain repeating correlations helps data scientists comprehend where the economy is at the moment and where it might go in the future, depending on the circumstances. This area is on the rise, and it can be rewarding for career seekers. We have curated a list of online resources where you can learn all about econometrics. 

Econometrics: Methods and Applications – by Erasmus University Rotterdam – [Coursera]

The ​​Econometrics: Methods and Applications – by Erasmus University Rotterdam – on Coursera has already registered over 1.5 million pupils and has a rating of 4.6 stars. The course offers econometrics knowledge that will help you create better projections and make more reasonable decisions in various sectors, from marketing to finance. It covers everything from simple to multivariate regression and contains all the resources you will need for this course. In addition, it includes interactive video lessons and a variety of in-video quizzes to help you check your understanding of the material. This is an advanced-level course, and you need to be well-versed in statistics, probability, and matrices to take on the course. These topics will be covered in the Building Blocks module, but knowing the basics ahead of time will be extremely beneficial. One can brush up on their basics by enrolling in Erasmus University Rotterdam’s “Enjoyable Econometrics” course.


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Explaining the Core Theories of Econometrics – [Udemy]

This is an introductory econometrics course for college students, ideal for those who want a more intuitive approach to learning econometrics. The course includes four hours of on-demand video, thirteen downloadable resources, lifetime access, mobile and TV access, and a certificate of accomplishment. Simple and Multiple Linear Regression, Gauss Markov assumptions and theory, Finite Sample Properties of the Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) Method (including proof of unbiasedness), Hypothesis Testing (including Normal, t, F, and Chi-squared tests), Variable Misspecification (excluding a relevant variable while including an irrelevant variable), Homoskedasticity and Heteroskedasticity are all covered in this course.

Econometrics – MIT OpenCourseware

This course covers several key models and identification and estimation methods utilised in modern econometrics. It starts by looking at some of the most popular econometric models, then looks at structures to offer methods for identification, estimation, and inference. You will gain a lot of practice applying the concepts to real-world data sets. The course is a good choice for learning econometrics as it uses real data sets, practical questions, and exercises to ensure that you understand all you’ve learned.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Linear Structural Equations Models, Wright’s IV Principle, linear GMM
  • Bootstrap and simulation
  • Inference using BS
  • Nonlinear SEMs, Hansen’s Euler Equations, non-linear GMM

Econometrics Academy

Econometrics Academy offers the course for a period of 6 to 15 weeks. It is necessary to have background knowledge in the following areas: Stata, R, or SAS, as well as Linear Regression Models. The Econometrics Academy is a non-profit organisation and a free online educational platform. Its purpose is to provide free Econometrics education to anyone in the world. It offers courses in Masters in Econometrics, PhD in Econometrics, and introduction to econometrics software such as Stata, R, SAS, and SPSS.

Econometrics for Business in R and Python – [Udemy]

This course will teach you how to address finance and marketing business challenges using Causal Inference and Statistical Modeling. This course focuses on:

  1. Providing you with the intuition and tools to apply the techniques learned.
  2. Ensuring that everything you learn is applicable in your professional life.
  3. Providing you with a toolkit of peer-reviewed econometric causal inference techniques that will help you stand out and answer the tough questions.

The skills taught in this course will have the greatest influence on your career. All company departments, such as HR, Marketing, Finance, and Operations, can employ causal approaches. This course is catered to data scientists who want to learn about econometrics.

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