Top 5 Open-Source Serverless Security Tools

serverless cybersecurity

In the last few years, serverless architecture has gained popularity to accelerate the development of applications. A serverless infrastructure has several advantages, such as supporting quick scalability, improving developers’ productivity, decreasing operational cost, and enhancing user experiences across various geolocation. This allows one to focus more on development and other core businesses, than managing infrastructure maintenance. 

However, there are numerous security risks like broken authentication, insecure serverless deployment, etc. that can hinder user experience. Consequently, one needs to continuously monitor the security through the development lifecycle to eliminate the vulnerabilities before delivering it in the market.

Here are some open-source serverless security tools that you should utilize to identify loopholes and patch them before a hacker penetrates to collect sensitive information:-


Snyk continuously monitors the applications and identifies shortcomings to help fix the vulnerabilities. Currently, it is enabling more than 4,00,000 developers to find loopholes in open-source libraries and containers continually. Today, developers depend on a wide range of third-party libraries to make superior applications, but flaws in frameworks can allow sensitive information to be pulled by hackers.

Therefore, Snyk checks direct and indirect dependencies among libraries to ensure the application is secure on the serverless article. Besides, it can also create new patches after determining security issues to fortify hacks on the systems. Furthermore, Snyk also provides a daily report by automatically testing the applications through preferred channels like Slack and email.


PureSec offers end-to-end security solutions for both cloud and serverless applications. To guard against cyberattacks, it uses automated machine learning with behavioral tagging. PureSec prevents vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the entire development process without impacting the performance. Since it runs on every layer of the development cycle, it is capable of inspecting an unusual event trigger with every resource.

A wide range of functions of PureSec also prevents data leakage by monitoring outbound network traffic. Besides, it enables the administrator to configure alerts and block the execution in case of policy violation.


On serverless architecture, Docker-Lambda can replicate the live AWS Lambda environment, including installation of software and libraries, file structure, and permissions. This tool is essential for developers who want fast local reproducibility without the Amazon Linux EC2 instance to save cost while ensuring security.

Since it resonates the Docker container, one can run tests on the CI system, thereby maintaining the cloud-like workflows. It provides the same functionality as Docker and Lambda to understand the code for patching the bugs before deploying in production.


With around 35% customers from Fortune 100 companies, Protego is among the most widely used serverless security tools. It helps in minimizing the serverless attack surface by continuously scanning the infrastructure and ensuring the least privileged rights for serverless resources.

Besides, it detects attacks and provides adequate protection with deep learning algorithms that are trained with standard behaviors data, which helps it quickly notify as soon as it witnesses abnormal usage. Furthermore, Protego utilizes ‘shift-left’ by defining the level of risk and building a seamless security posture into the CI/CD pipeline.


Twistlock serverless security offers protection for applications using AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions, to ensure that your functions are free from risk and safe from threats at every stage of the app lifecycle. It identifies all the vulnerabilities of impacting serverless applications. Twistlock evaluates every function in your applications and explains the relative risk, such as attack vector, complexity, and more.

Apart from supporting a wide range of package managers used by different languages like Java, Python, .Net, and more, the tool helps in real-time defence in serverless architecture no matter how short duration an opening is.

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