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Top 5 Process Mining Software Companies For 2020

Top 5 Process Mining Software Companies For 2020

Rohit Chatterjee
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Businesses these days rely on digital information to stay afloat in a competitive market, making process mining software more useful than ever. Process mining is an analytical method that helps analyze business processes, such as current trends, patterns, and details in the log data of the information system. The insights derived from these logs can be used to improve the efficiency and efficacy of a business organization. The software often uses special algorithms to understand the different wings of business processes and create key performance indicators. 

In this ever-growing domain, there is no lack of software companies, but it is imperative for enterprises and large scale companies to zero-in on a few. What follows in this article is a list of top process mining software companies that can help an organization streamline its business operations.

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Previously known as TimelinePI, ABBYY offers a digital IQ solution to help a business get the digital transformation it requires to create more value from business content. The company has an intelligent process platform that enables any business organization to transform any information present with them into visual models, due to which the entire analyzing process becomes easier. It further helps business organizations identify real-time pain points and predict future outcomes.

ABBYY Timeline is an amalgamation of deep-rooted analysis, predictive classification and search capabilities with granular monitoring and alerting. These elements lead to complete transparency of process and data, which can support technology investment in any organization.


Celonis provides several process mining solutions that help business organizations have transparency and efficiency with a bundle of data that reduces their time and money. The company’s Intelligent Business Cloud uses powerful mining technology that allows businesses to visualize their operations in an entirely new manner. 

Intelligent Business Cloud comes in different editions, such as Snap (free edition), Enterprise, Academic and Celonis for Consulting. It also offers several features that are listed below:

  • Event collection 
  • User interaction data collection 
  • Process mining AI
  • Process discovery
  • Process analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Action engine
  • Process automation
  • Transformation center


The third in our list is the process mining software company Fluxicon that offers a software known as Disco. Disco is easy to use, and anyone in an organization can quickly draw a visual and actionable insight from the available raw data. The software allows businesses to optimize performance, control deviations easily, or explore variations. 

The software comprises fast process mining algorithms along with management and filtering framework. It also comes with several other features, such as automated process discovery, process map animation, detailed statistics, case view, log filters, import and export data, and project management.

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Kofax offers an intelligent software platform that enables organizations to transform information-intensive business processes, and reduce manual work and errors. It allows organizations to achieve end-to-end visibility of all business operations, their performance and any risks that may be associated with their operations. The intelligent software platform from Kofax allows a business organization to create dashboards for any application rapidly. Kofax Process Intelligence comes with a fully-featured Kofax Insight and pre-built solutions for Kofax Capture, Kofax Total Agility, Kofax Mark View, Kofax mobile solutions and Kofax RPA. 

Live Objects

Live Objects offer AI-driven solutions for businesses to optimize certain business outcomes, such as customer satisfaction, pricing efficiency, orders, revenue, earnings, cost, risk control, etc. It reduces ad-hoc activities, process exceptions and sub-optimal RPA automation that impacts business operations. 

Some of the features of Live Object’s platform include cash process optimization, procure to pay process optimization, financial process optimization and rules discovery, RPA optimization, and intelligent cross-functional application migration to the cloud across data management, rules and application workflow layers. It also provides a solution for risk mitigation, risk identification, and contract compliance.

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