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Top 5 Scholarships For Data Science And Machine Learning Programmes

Top 5 Scholarships For Data Science And Machine Learning Programmes

The popularity of emerging technologies like data science and machine learning has made this sector a popular career choice for millennials as well as Gen Z. This interdisciplinary STEM field is offering not only various courses and degrees but also some money-saving scholarships. In this article, we list down five scholarships for data science and machine learning courses offered in India.

1| UpGrad Scholarship

About The Scholarship: UpGrad is an online education platform which has partnered with IIIT-B to provide an opportunity for a scholarship to the data science enthusiasts for pursuing a postgraduate programme in data science. The mode of learning will be 100 hrs of offline learning through bi-monthly (twice a month) weekend classes and 400 hrs of online learning through recorded lectures and live sessions.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees with a minimum of 50% marks in graduation. There will also be a selection test to assess quantitative and analytical reasoning.

Deadline: The deadline will be by the first week of March 2019.

Expenses Covered: 50,000

Click here to download the brochure.

2| Manipal ProLearn Data Science Scholarship

About The Scholarship: Manipal ProLearn is a leading professional learning platform and a division of MaGE (Manipal Global Education Services) that announced the data science  Excelerate scholarship for the enthusiasts.

Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for 5 lakh follows by two terms: ranking top in the SOP (Statement of Purpose) test and Interview will get the first term fee waived off, achieve 70% or more in academic performance to qualify for term 2 and 3 fee waivers. The eligibility criteria for  1 lakh follows by ranking among the top 10 in the entrance test, SOP (Statement of Purpose) and interview and clear subsequent terms with 60% or more to qualify for term fee waivers.

Deadline: Not disclosed

Expenses Covered: A scholarship with a full fee waiver of 5 lakhs will be awarded to 1 eligible candidate while a waiver of 1 lakh will be offered to 10 eligible candidates

3| INSOFE Big Data Scholarship

About The Scholarship: This learning platform in India is offering scholarships for the deserving candidates in their postgraduate programmes in data science and analytics roles. The level of study is the post-graduate diploma in Big Data Analytics. It also has collaboration with companies like are Microsoft, Philips, Deloitte in which most of the graduates do their internships.

Eligibility: One must qualify the entrance test conducted by INSOFE. The final admission will be based on the performance in their entrance test, prior academic background as well as work experience.

Deadline: New batches start from March 30th, 2019 in Hyderabad & Bengaluru and from March 2nd, 2019 in Mumbai.

Expenses Covered: The scholarship starts from 25,000.

4| Advanced Certification Programme in AI and Machine Learning

About The Scholarship: NASSCOM has tied up with TalentSprint and IIIT-H for the advanced certification programme in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning in India. NASSCOM aims to promote deep tech expertise within India Startup community with a special scholarship fee. There are several special scholarships available for women, youth, alumni, startups, etc. that are facilitated to the participants.

Eligibility: You need to be keen to be part of the AI and Machine Learning revolution seeking to move into this disruptive space and want to position yourself for the high-end projects in your organisation or keen to build a disruptive startup.

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Deadline: February 2019 (Bengaluru) and March 2019 (Hyderabad)

Expenses Covered: There are special scholarships available for different categories such a Women, Youth(anyone with 5 years of experience), startups (anyone who joins the program from a startup community, is entitled to Startup Scholarship),

To know more about the scholarship details, click here.

5| Sponsorship Opportunities At Computational and Data Sciences

About The Scholarship: The Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) welcomes sponsorship opportunities to support the academic and research activities of the department in various ways, including catalysing activities for sustained collaboration, and training the future workforce in the critical areas of computational science and data science.

M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) Scholarship supports the stipend and overheads for a single M.Tech.  (Computational and Data Science) student for a period of 2 years. Another scholarship is the Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship, this is similar to the M.Tech. student scholarship above but supports the recruitment of female students into computational and data sciences

Eligibility: The student must be pursuing a post-graduate, doctoral or post-doctoral degree from IISc, Bangalore.

Deadline: There is no such deadline mentioned.

Expenses Covered: M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) The scholarship covers sponsorship of 6,22,440  for one student for 2 years and the Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship covers sponsorship 12,50,000 for one student over 2 years.

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