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Top 5 Times Indian Government Demonstrated The Potential Of Cloud Tech

Top 5 Times Indian Government Demonstrated The Potential Of Cloud Tech

With the fast pace of the technologies in the current scenario, the Government of India is shifting their tasks at hand to the cloud platform. One of the top executives from Amazon Web Services (AWS) said according to this leading newspaper, “when it comes to cloud adoption, state governments in India are quickly shifting their workloads to the platform–even faster than the US state governments.” According to a report, the Indian public cloud services market is set to more than double to $7 billion by 2022.

In this article, we list 5 such instances where the Indian government has taken initiatives to provide the cloud platform in the public sectors.

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1| Healthcare Industry

The internet-based computing technology is playing a significant role in the healthcare industry. It is easy to manage the workflow of a system where patients, hospitals, laboratories, doctors, consultants, etc. are all being the part of it. According to the sources, there are many developmental programmes happening in India in collaboration with top IT companies.

The Online Registration System (ORS) by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has taken such steps. It is a framework to link various hospitals across the country for Aadhar based online registration and appointment system, where counter based OPD registration and appointment system through Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) has been digitalised. One such instance is the mCURA Smart OPD, India’s first technology platform for converting desk services into integrated mobility services that cover end-to-end patient experience.

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2| DigiLocker

The DigiLocker platform is mainly targeted at the idea of paperless governance for issuance and verification of documents and certificates in a digital way. The government took the initiatives for Indian citizens so that they can access digital documents anytime, anywhere, and share it online for convenience and time-saving. The self-uploaded documents can be digitally signed using the e-sign facility. The Indian citizens who sign up for a DigiLocker account get a dedicated cloud storage space that is linked to their Adhaar (UIDAI) number.

3| CoE Projects

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has taken initiatives in the Centre of Excellence (CoE) projects across various prominent institutes in India for the welfare and advancing in the technology ground. At IIT Kanpur, the National Centre for Flexible Electronics (NCFlexE) has been set up to spur development of the ecosystem for flexible electronics in the country.

One more instance is the National Centre of Excellence in Technology for Internal Security (NCETIS) at IIT Bombay. This centre has been set up for addressing internal security needs of the nation on a continuous basis and to deliver technologies/prototypes required for internal security and to promote domestic industry in internal security area within the country.

4| e-Governance

The e-Governance implemented by the Govt. of India allows govt. transparency by allowing the public to be informed about what the govt. Is working on as well as the policies they are trying to implement. The government is using the cloud platform to make it available to the public.

For instance, Maharashtra is leveraging AWS cloud services to improve citizen services. The site MahaOnline is using AWS capabilities to its best to provide the service. The site is facilitating the digitisation and strengthening the penetration of Information Technology in various departments of Maharashtra state government. Other instances of e-Governance such as e-Seva in Andhra Pradesh, Dharani Project in Goa, Mahiti Shakti in Gujarat, Nai Disha in Haryana, etc.

5| MeghRaj Cloud Initiative

The Government of India has initiated “GI Cloud” which has been named as “MeghRaj” in order to utilise and harness the benefits of Cloud Computing. The focus of this initiative is to accelerate the delivery of e-services in the country while optimising ICT spending of the Government. This will also ensure optimum utilisation of the infrastructure and speed up the development and deployment of eGov applications.

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