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Top 5 Tools For Virtual Conferencing

Top Virtual Conferencing Tools

Tech companies have been forced to postpone their conferences due to the proliferation of Covid-19 cases in the world. However, except for a few places like China and Iran, coronavirus is showing no signs of slowing down.

Consequently, tech companies will eventually have to shift to virtual if they do not want to delay any further. Undoubtedly, virtual events cannot offer the same experience, but they have their advantages. Firstly, they open it up to a broader audience with ease. Furthermore, they also reduce carbon footprint and come at a much lower cost. But going completely digital is not an easy task and requires a robust tool at the helm to run a virtual event effectively.


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Here are the top tools you can leverage to host virtual conferencing effectively:


vFairs is a virtual events platform that enables organizations to connect global audiences and maximize engagement. It simulates a real event with eye-catching visuals as it allows one to navigate the venue virtually. The mobile-friendly, fully customizable and highly interactive platform enables attendees to virtually visit booths and interact with participants through video and chat. It also delivers 3D layouts to render real-world physical conferences and makes the conference an unforgettable experience.

The platform has gained a lot of traction in recent times with various companies – including IBM, Starbucks, and VMUG – leveraging it for their events. vFairs is the go-to platform for managing entire conferences virtually as it assists the host in handling registration, helping them connect with the audience in real-time, and allowing them to showcase branding from different companies.


An all-in-one live online event platform Hopin can be leveraged for events of all sizes. It allows the host to manage registrations, event booths, event sessions, event stage, and more. Hopin has catered to the needs of over 200 events and can engage more than 30,000 attendees at a time.

A vital facet of the platform is its ability to enable networking as it connects people through video through online meeting rooms. This expands the reach and visibility in virtual events. Founded in 2019, the company was able to demonstrate its capabilities by raising €6 million in February 2020 to expand its offerings. 


6Connex empowers organizations to host infinitely scalable virtual summits at ease. While the platform allows one to create interactive events a few weeks before the actual event, unlike others, it does not limit the host to making changes in the environment during the event. 

Utilizing 6Connex, companies can not only replicate the physical conference but can also go a step further. The tool provides features like real-time multi language-translation tools to remove communication barriers during events. Besides, attendees can also locate others within the event, share virtual business cards, and send invitations to connect on social network platforms.


INXPO allows companies to host virtual events of any size and tap into 157 countries without hassle. It also provides analytics to realize ROI, drive engagement and increase revenue. INXPO was among the first to offer HTML5 streaming services to reach their audiences authentically. It is easy to navigate and caters to different needs by providing ‘essentials’ and ‘expert’ variants, thereby making it a go-to platform for a wide range of organizations.

While the essentials are for organizations who do not focus on sponsors, the expert allows the host to take care of the branding of sponsors. Various blue-chip companies such as AON, AWS, Dell, SAP, Microsoft, among others, have been dependent on the platforms not only for virtual events, but also for webcasts, and other live streaming services.


Started in 2008, WorkCast has been used in more than 8,000 events and used by more than 1 million attendees across 20 countries. The platforms do not require plugins to expand the functionality as it offers all the necessary features. Depending on the needs, an organization can either host multi- or single-session and pay accordingly. Its product can support up to 50,000 attendees at a time. They can either attend the live virtual environment where the season is in real-time or watch the recorded content.

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