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Top 5 Upcoming AI & ML Conferences To Look Forward To

Top 5 Upcoming AI & ML Conferences To Look Forward To

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have gained significant momentum in India. Today, there is a significant number of companies that are leveraging the power of these sought after technologies to better their offerings. And it not only empowering companies and creating jobs, but also spreading knowledge across the nation through events and conferences.

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In this article, we are going to take a look at five such upcoming conferences in India, which are solely focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Anthill Inside 2019

Anthill Inside is an AI and ML-centric platform that brings a huge amount of data science practitioners under one roof to discuss not only conceptual but practical developments in domains like AI and Deep Learning. Practitioners not only gather knowledge but also share their work and learnings with the community. This year’s edition of the conference will feature talks, workshops, tutorials and Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions.

Anthill is presented by HasGeek, a firm that organises conferences, hack nights, workshops and “geekups”, in order to help tech enthusiasts meet each other, collaborate on new opportunities and advance the state of the art.

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When: 23 November 2019

Where: Taj M G Road, Bangalore

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Machine learning and Deep Learning Day

1.21GWS media platform for technology enthusiasts that not only publish articles and posts but also conduct events that are tech-centric. This year, 1.21GWS has come up with conference “Machine learning and Deep Learning Day”. This one-day event will have more than 7 talks on different topics in ML and deep learning by some of the experts from the industry.

When: 12 December 2019

Where: Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road

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Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020 (MLDS2020)

Analytics India Magazine, one of India’s most prominent media house covering analytics, artificial intelligence, data science and big data is launching the second edition of Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020 (MLDS2020).

MLSD is a 2-day conference that is solely focused on bringing machine learning practitioners under one roof. The conference will not only give attendees the opportunity to have a clear picture of the industry and the domain but also allows them to interact with top ML innovators from leading tech companies across India.

Last year the conference witnessed a massive crowd and amazing response from all the attendees. And this time AIM is going to make it much bigger and better with over 60 speakers with over 50 sessions and workshops spread across 3 tracks.

The conference also recognises leading Data Scientists in India with its prestigious 40 Under 40 Awards

When: 22-23 January 2020

Where: NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru

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Machine Learning & Big Data Innovation Conference

Machine learning and big data innovation conference is going to be deep dive into some of emerging techs like ML and big data and allow attendees to understand the industry better. The one-day conference will not only feature talks but will also provide a platform to all the AI/ML enthusiast to experience the hottest and most innovative data, analytics and case studies, have in-depth talks with experts, share ideas and take their skills to the next level with the much-needed guidance.

The conference is organised by Techies Meetup, an event organizing and management company that provides a community platform to the tech-savvy crowd to share their ideas and knowledge.

When: 31 January 2020

Where: Bengaluru, India (exact venue to be decided)

To book your tickets and more information about the conference, click here.

Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications (AMLTA-2020)

Manipal University Jaipur, India in collaboration with Scientific Research Group in Egypt (SRGE) and Cairo University, Egypt, is bringing the 5th International Conference on Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications (AMLTA-2020).

With 5 tracks and several interesting topics from the Machine learning domain, AMLTA will provide a platform for researchers and industry practitioners to get involved, share their ideas and knowledge and also show real-time use cases of this sought-after tech.

When: 13-15 February 2020

Where: Manipal University Jaipur, Rajasthan

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