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Top 5 Video Analytics Companies In India

Top 5 Video Analytics Companies In India

  • Silversparro
  • AllGoVision
  • Videonetics
  • Livedarshan
  • Cron-J

Artificial intelligence technology has helped build software that can analyze videos for better capturing of events, understanding patterns and surveillance. In this article, we will see the top 5 Indian companies that are capturing the space of video analytics. (The list is in no particular order).


This Gurgaon-based tech startup was founded IIT Delhi alumni. Silversparro aims to solve business problems by using deep learning technology along with in-house tools and expertise to help grow client’s business. They provide solutions like industrial automation, video analysis and consulting. As organizations are flooded with videos from content video to CCTV footage, Silversparro allows to automatically analyze such videos for a range of insights. They are venturing into CCTV video analytics for retail establishments, which is giving them a good traction. They also use DL for customer demography analytics, analyzing customer behavior and auditing staff performance.

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Headquartered in Bengaluru, AllGoVision provides AI-powered video analytics. Equipped with more than 50 basic and advanced features, they provide services in more than 30 countries. Traffic surveillance, building surveillance, city surveillance, and business services in different sectors, are in AllGoVision’s repertoire. The company uses a mixture of in-house image processing expertise and talented engineers. The company is also trying to bring out efficient outputs, like intelligent traffic surveillance, crowd management, perimeter management, capricious events detection, retail intelligence, and facial recognition.


Founded in 2008 by Dr Tinku Acharya Videonetics is a noted visual computing development company. Headquartered in Kolkata, they provide innovative security solutions such as intelligent video management software which is AI and deep learning video analytics prototypes for traffic management, systematic facial detection, and recognition based on cloud technology. The company was successfully granted patents from countries like the US, UK, Singapore, Canada, and Israel, among others.


Founded in 2002, the company has around 500 clients across India which have developed its own software solutions for construction monitoring. The company has partnered with an Israel-based firm called VideoCalls to provide SaaS (surveillance as a service solution) to telecommunication organizations in India. They provide services in the fields of traffic, city, building surveillance, border security, and business intelligence.

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This Bengaluru- based company provides advanced video analytics solutions which are integrated with smart security systems for video surveillance. The company software is capable of finding anomalies involving people, objects and vehicles and generate alerts based on predefined constraints. They are providing services in the fields of manufacturing, government schemes, healthcare, transportation and traffic security, retail, banking and finance, city surveillance, mining industries, and license plate recognition.

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