Top 6 Generative AI Corporate Training Platforms in India

In response to the growing demand for AI proficiency, training in generative AI is crucial for corporations. They are partnering with online learning platforms to quickly upskill their employees.
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Companies are wasting no time to train their employees on generative AI. Capegemini’s report claims that more than 68% of individuals in leadership roles said there needs to be a significant investment in upskilling employees. About 69% of them admitted that new roles in AI, like AI ethicists or AI auditors, will be inevitable. 

Overall, Indian IT majors – TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCLTech, and LTIMindtree – have trained close to seven lakh employees in generative AI, in partnership with companies like Google, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle and NVIDIA

At the same time, there are multiple free courses available online, offered by both big tech companies and Andrew Ng’s famous which are open to everyone. These recorded courses are an invaluable source of information but they don’t provide an hands-on-guide on projects. 

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This is where corporate training providers come in. With a range of courses that cover all topics from building GPT models to training DALL.E 2, these institutions or organisations are partnering with companies to provide a holistic learning experience for employees. 

Here is a list of 6 platforms that provide generative AI courses in partnership with companies. 


ADaSci, a non-profit organisation, provides tailored courses in generative AI for varying skill levels. Their corporate training program covers fundamental concepts like GANs, GPTs, and diffusion models, offering practical hands-on experience using Python. Led by industry experts, the courses cater to diverse backgrounds and experiences.

‘Generative AI Crash Course’ explores fundamental concepts encompassing generative adversarial networks (GANs), generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs), and diffusion models. The practical nature of these courses involves hands-on implementation using Python, ensuring accessibility even for those with limited programming experience.

ADaSci’s ‘Generative AI in Action’ course demonstrates how generative AI benefits businesses by improving customer experience, aiding product development, and automating tasks. Another ‘Industry Applications of Large Language Models’ course explores recent uses of LLMs in healthcare, finance, and retail, teaching students to apply LLMs for process enhancement and innovation. 

Great Learning

Great Learning, a global ed-tech company, specialises in online courses covering a wide array of fields, such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business analytics. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, American Express, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, McKinsey enroll their employees in courses provided by Great Learning. 

Renowned for its commitment to high-quality education and equipping students with essential workforce skills, Great Learning offers a series of courses focusing on generative AI. These courses encompass a comprehensive range of topics in generative AI, introducing learners to the fundamentals of GANs, GPTs, natural language processing, deep learning for generative AI, and the practical applications of generative AI. 

Taught by seasoned instructors and industry experts, these courses are designed to accommodate individuals with diverse backgrounds, including those with limited programming experience. The courses are project-based, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in utilizing generative AI technologies. 


Udemy is a popular online learning platform, and among its diverse range of offerings, Udemy is popular for exploring generative AI.

Generative AI courses on Udemy are utilised by major companies like FenderⓇ, Glassdoor, On24, The World Bank, and Volkswagen. These courses cover essential topics such as basics of generative AI, GANs, GPTs, natural language processing, deep learning for generative AI, and its applications.

Some specific examples of these courses cater to unique industries, such as music production, marketing automation, development economics, automotive design, and more. Udemy’s advantage lies in its extensive variety of generative AI courses, taught by experienced instructors and experts in the field.

Offering affordability and flexibility, Udemy’s self-paced structure caters to diverse schedules, making it an ideal choice for both students and professionals seeking tailored and cost-effective generative AI training.


Pluralsight provides various courses on generative AI, covering essentials like TensorFlow, PyTorch, GANs, GPTs, and natural language processing. Moreover, Pluralsight offers tailored training programs for companies seeking specific generative AI applications, such as image, music, or code generation.

Pluralsight collaborates with companies by granting access to its generative AI course library, developing custom training, delivering instructor-led sessions, offering skills assessments, and providing learning analytics.

Examples of its partnerships include Google, Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, and Adobe, wherein Pluralsight trains employees on respective generative AI technologies. As a reliable partner, Pluralsight aids companies in training their employees on the latest generative AI tech, boosting engagement, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity.


Companies use courses from DataCamp’s platform to train employees on using generative AI for product development, customer experience enhancement, task automation, and informed decision-making.

DataCamp’s AI courses cover a broad range of AI topics, including LLMs, generative AI, AI ethics, and practical implementations like ChatGPT. The comprehensive AI fundamentals skill track features courses on Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to ChatGPT, LLMs Concepts, Generative AI Concepts, and AI Ethics. T

These courses enable learners to grasp fundamental AI concepts, understand ChatGPT’s applications, explore LLMs’ impact, delve into generative AI creation, and examine ethical considerations. Additionally, DataCamp introduces new courses focusing on implementing AI solutions in business and working with the OpenAI API, providing practical guidance on leveraging AI for business growth.


Indian tech giants like TCS, Reliance, Sun Pharma, and Airtel joined hands with Coursera and encouraged their employees to take up courses on generative AI and others relevant for their work. According to a report by Emeritus Global, 75% Indians fear tech will replace their jobs unless they upskill.

This partnership boosts the ease of learning for techies in India to keep up to date on the emerging technologies. 

K L Krithika
K L Krithika is a tech journalist at AIM. Apart from writing tech news, she enjoys reading sci-fi and pondering the impossible technologies while trying not to confuse it with the strides technology achieves in real life.

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