Top 6 Cyber Security Podcasts You Must Follow In 2020


Podcasts dedicated to cybersecurity have been a popular medium to keep oneself abreast with the developments in the space. Conferences, which are typically the launchpads for announcements, cannot be attended by all. Even online news may not be the preferred medium for people who do not enjoy reading. For them, a podcast can be a more easy experience to get valuable insights and unique perspectives from analysts, CIOs, and experts.

Since the popularity of these cybersecurity podcasts have gone up over the years, there are a host of options available today. In this article, we bring to you a list of top podcasts in this space:

Cyber Security Sauna

Cyber Security Sauna brings in experts from different fields to provide the latest information and insights that are taking place in the cybersecurity domain. The podcast also covers the latest trends and oncoming topics in the field to give a head start to its audience. Hosted by F-Secure’s Janne Kauhanen, the show is aired once a week and has been growing since its inception in 2017.

To follow the podcast, click on the link.

Smashing Security

Hosts Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault invite guests who mostly focus on internet threats, online privacy, and hacking. The podcast has won awards like ‘Best Security Podcast’ in the years 2018 and 2019 as well. With one episode a week, the podcast has gained huge popularity and currently stands at 1.8 million on Alexa ranks. 

To follow the podcast, click on the link.

The 443

This podcast gives the audience a chance to get inside the minds of white hackers and security researchers. The podcast’s sole aim is to educate its audience by simplifying the latest trends in the cybersecurity space and turning them into actionable insights. With one episode per week, the podcast has been able to stand at 775.3k at Alexa ranking with more than 16.5k followers on Twitter.

To follow the podcast, click on the link.

Cyber Risk Management

The Cyber Risk Management podcast helps executives change cybersecurity problems present in an organisation to business opportunities. The podcast is mainly aimed at business organisations that can learn how to manage cybersecurity effectively, along with handling other parts of the businesses, such as sales, order fulfillment, and receivable accounts. Through the podcast, executives can learn different ways and techniques on how to become a better cyber risk manager.

To follow the podcast, click on the link.

Cyber Law Podcast

Cyber Law Podcast is a weekly podcast organised by cyber law practice from Steptoe and Johnson. It is hosted by Stewart Baker and Michael Vatis, and deals with opinions and provocative thoughts on different laws related to cybersecurity, privacy, information technology, and security. The podcast is aired once a week. 

To follow the podcast, click on the link.

 Defensive Security Podcast – Malware, Hacking, Cyber Security & Infosec

The podcast from Defense Security provides insights and techniques to deal with breaches and strategies for defense. Hosted by Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat, the podcast aims to educate audiences on how organisations can keep themselves secure with recent threats and developments in the space.

To follow the podcast, click on the link.

Although not exclusively dedicated to cybersecurity, readers can also check out AIM’s podcast sessions that are held regularly and cover a wide range of topics in the world of data science and the future of analytics, especially in India.

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