Top 6 Web3 Alternatives to Your Favourite Web2 Platforms

Web3 wants to address the challenges of Web2. For instance, a platform named DIMO claims to offer an alternative to Uber, and Hivemapper wants to make Google Maps more accessible

Online content marketplaces have solved some bigger problems by helping sellers (products or content) and consumers reach a meeting point. However, the solution offered by the Web2 platforms was not foolproof. The issue of monopoly instantly emerged when the marketplace platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and others became too big. 

Decades later, we now have some solution in the form of Web3 which claims to address the challenges of Web2. For instance, a platform named DIMO claims to offer an alternative to Uber, and Hivemapper wants to make Google Maps more accessible and community driven. Let’s see what these alternatives are and how they’re different from the traditional apps.


Audius is a decentralised music platform which aims to give artists more control over their music and profits. Unlike Spotify, Audius empowers artists to earn 90% of their sales revenues, decide how they wish to monetize their music, and have full ownership of their content. 

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Audius employs a peer-to-peer network and support from decentralised node operators. Additionally, Audius also features a governance token, $AUDIO, which serves as the foundation of the platform and has a current market cap of $1.2 billion. 

This decentralisation gives Audius the unique ability to offer artists a bigger piece of the pie and connect directly with their fans. However, Audius does have its limitations, such as a limited catalogue and brand recognition, and the inability to provide copyright support due to its decentralised nature.

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DIMO is a decentralised, community-driven platform that offers a new approach to the future of mobility. Unlike traditional ride-hailing apps like Uber, DIMO aims to empower drivers by allowing them to share data on their own terms and be rewarded in the long term. 

By connecting drivers, developers, and manufacturers, DIMO is building the largest, most useful IoT network of user-owned devices starting with cars. The platform is based on the principles of web3, where user ownership and control are at the forefront. 

The $DIMO token gives holders a say in the platform and a role in its future, with the ability to vote on proposals that control how the network works. The community-governed structure of DIMO allows for design and deployment of rewards programs for drivers, allocation of resources and authority to teams and individuals, whitelisting of third-party hardware suppliers, and investment of the treasury. 


Presearch is a decentralised search engine that aims to reward its users for conducting searches. Unlike Google, Presearch claims to allow users to switch between multiple platforms and search engines, offering a more diverse search experience. 

The platform operates on blockchain technology and rewards users with PRE tokens for conducting searches. However, these tokens can only be withdrawn once the user reaches a balance of 1000 PRE. Additionally, the platform only offers a maximum of 30 searches per day, which is a bummer; but it allows users to earn up to 3 PRE daily. 

This decentralised approach to search engines is a key feature of the web3 movement, but capping the maximum searches makes the chances of domination slim when compared to Google. 


Hivemapper is a decentralised mapping network that offers an alternative solution to the existing centralised mapping systems, such as Google Maps. Unlike the traditional mapping systems, Hivemapper is built on blockchain technology and leverages cryptocurrency to incentivize map contributors and promote map coverage, freshness, and quality.

With Hivemapper, anyone with a 4K dashcam can contribute to the global map and earn a cryptocurrency, HONEY, for their efforts. The result is a constantly-renewing and high-quality map collectively owned by its contributors.


Status is a revolutionary app that combines a secure crypto wallet, private messenger, and a Web3 DApp browser all in one platform. Like WhatsApp, Status also claims to prioritise privacy and security by offering end-to-end encryption in its private messenger.

However, it also provides peer-to-peer, borderless payments and supports a wide range of digital assets, including ETH, SNT, stable coins, and NFTs. With its integrated Web3 DApp browser, users can access the growing ecosystem of decentralised applications and decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms. 

Status also offers a unique, state-of-the-art decentralised social network that allows users to share updates and connect with their communities without the fear of censorship. Furthermore, Status enables private account creation, allowing users to create a free account without having to provide personal information such as a phone number, email, or bank account.


Braintrust is a new talent network that operates on the principles of Web3. Unlike LinkedIn, Braintrust is decentralised, meaning that it’s owned and controlled by the community of knowledge workers who use it. 

This gives Braintrust a unique ability to serve the needs of its users, making it more effective and efficient than other platforms. With over 700,000 members and hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies relying on Braintrust, it’s quickly becoming one of the most trusted talent networks in the world. 

Braintrust is designed to help talented knowledge workers connect with the world’s leading companies, with BTRST token available on Coinbase. 

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