Top 7 AI-Powered Apps To Help You Get Fit

As the world grows more fitness-conscious, the demand for tech-based solutions to satiate the appetite of this burgeoning population is sprouting as well. This has given rise to a slew of startups which are leveraging predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and other deep learning technologies to develop apps that will help its users get back in shape. Whether it measures calorie intake, making food recommendations, showing workouts, or an alarm to inform if you are off your fitness course — these features have been automated through AI by copying human intelligence.

Here is a list of apps that will help you meet your fitness goals and stick to your new year’s resolutions:


This audio-based app offers unlimited access to thousands of workouts, all led by top-level trainers. It adds as many as 30 new classes each week across 12 popular categories, including strength training, outdoor running and yoga. The app also took a significant-tech turn last year with its new service called ‘Aaptiv Coach’.

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This AI-based assistant builds personalised programs tailored to users’ fitness goals. It takes into account their current fitness levels and eating habits to develop a profile of the person based on which recommendations are shared. This includes multi-week plans for weight loss, flexibility, race training, and more.

The abundance of data has allowed this company to leverage technology not just to ensure timely execution of its services but also achieving customer satisfaction. has an entire health ecosystem built into it which caters to overall fitness, nutrition as well as mental well-being. And AI has become the key for the company to work on these solutions.

This includes scheduling classes, programming food menu and predicting order, allocating trainers and managing deliveries with all these processes driven by machine learning. Furthermore, the company extensively relies on customer feedback to filter out unpopular routines.


Without limiting the platform to dole out fitness recommendations merely, this app has covered some ground in highlighting lifestyle conditions as well, including diabetes and hypertension. Its ecosystem of wearables can currently track blood pressure and heart rate. The app mines this data and uses AI to make predictions about a possible fatal health situation that should serve as a warning for people. 

The app, which has evolved into an all-inclusive healthcare platform, has several other features that could be a draw for many. This includes live and interactive sessions with fitness coaches, at-home lab test facilities, a health store, unlimited cloud storage to organise health records, and the opportunity to donate to a cause by merely walking.


This app uses artificial intelligence to create personalised weight lifting plans for its users. How does it work? The app has tools built into its system that optimises sets, reps and weight for each exercise, each time. 

The algorithm tells users how long they should rest for and makes recommendations around how to adjust the difficulty level for subsequent times. The app also gives clear insights by tracking your progress over time.


Considered the most popular social network for athletes, Strava is your go-to app if you are an avid runner or cycle enthusiast. It provides comprehensive performance tracking and stores with a wealth of information around your activity. The app also got into AI athlete personalisation recently with its membership service Strava Summit.

Offered as three packs — Training, Analysis and Safety, it is a step by the company to redirect its focus on building tools that will leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance personalisation and build rich athlete experiences. Some of the features include race analysis, power meter data, goal-setting and training plans.


A leading health and fitness app in India, HealthifyMe’s artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant ‘Ria’ attends to its users’ queries around fitness and nutrition, in as many as ten languages. The bot also makes dietary recommendations after factoring in the users’ data and other health parameters. Being compatible with popular fitness wearables, the app uses data mined from these devices to build an algorithm that can easily be accessible by its users.

The company made a deliberate push towards AI-powered services last year. Until then, it was popularly used to log and track calorie intake, get access to healthy recipes and tips for overall well being.

Asana Rebel

This Berlin-based yoga startup has attempted to recreate yoga by combining the discipline’s traditional practices – like Vinyasa and Ashtanga – with other forms of higher intensity exercises and fitness routines like burpees, planks, and mountain climbers.

Compatible with Apple Watch, it makes it easy for users to personalise their fitness journey and log their progress. The app also has a slew of other features, including meditation sessions as well as quizzes to keep the mind sharp and healthy.

Anu Thomas
Anu is a writer who stews in existential angst and actively seeks what’s broken. Lover of avant-garde films and BoJack Horseman fan theories, she has previously worked for Economic Times. Contact:

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