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Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Podcasts You Should Not Miss In 2020

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Podcasts You Should Not Miss In 2020

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Podcasts might not be as popular as videos but are surely gaining prominence and helping in educating people all around the world. As per reports, 36% of people listened to podcasts in 2019, a rise of 2% from 2018. New technologies like AI, big data, and more are one of the prime reasons that are driving the podcast industry. Often people learn about the latest technologies over the internet, and podcasts have become a go-to channel for staying abreast of the AI trends and gaining insights into its implementations.

Analytics India Magazine brings to you some of the best AI podcast that you should follow.


This list is in random order.

Artificial Intelligence With Lex Fridman, MIT AI

Hosted by Lex Fridman’s podcast covers a broader range of use cases of AI right from robotics to neuroscience and physics. It delivers weekly episodes which are at least an hour long. An informative series of conversations bring insights from the AI leaders in the market. Some of the popular features are Judea Pearl, Rohit Prasad, Elon Musk, and more. With over 226K subscribers on YouTube, it makes a must listen or watch series.

Talk Python To Me, From Michel Kennedy

Talk Python To Me is one of the pioneers in technology podcasts, that has over 240 episodes, which are usually 45 minutes long. Industry leaders shares about various topics where Python has a role to play. Hosted by Michel Kennedy, the series also makes webcasts for the one interested in visuals too. Unlike others that mostly include trends, the podcast is too technical as speakers talk about specific technologies and developments around it.

Simulated Reality, Analytics India Magazine

Simulated Reality is a video podcast by Analytics India Magazine, which covers deep conversations with technologists to understand how cutting-edge innovation impacting the various facets of life, be it economy, skills, jobs, entrepreneurship, society, culture, and much more. The guests share their perspectives and ideas which highlight the role of innovation in transforming human experiences and creating new business models which had never existed before.

Artificial Intelligence In Industry, From Daniel Fraggella

Started in 2017, the Artificial Intelligence In Industry podcast shed light on the implementations of AI in industry. One can get insights into how AI is being deployed for streamlining the workflows within organisations. Daniel Fraggella, the host converse with top executives of various companies about the use of AI in their firms. The podcast also features researchers to focus on new trends in AI.

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Practical AI, By Chris Benson & Daniel Whitenack

Hosted by Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack, the Practical AI podcast focuses on making AI practical, productive and accessible for everyone. The weekly episodes help one assimilate how AI is being used in different things, demystifies AI for all. Practical AI chooses topics related to the latest developments in the AI marketplace, such as building custom tools with Streamlit, making GANs practical, among others.

Making Data Simple, From IBM

In Making Data Simple podcast, Industry experts share insights into how AI is empowering firms to make effective decisions. The idea is to understand how AI is being democratised in various use cases and shaping our future. Hosted by vice president of data and AI development of IBM, the podcast brings new thinking in the AI and big data landscape.

Eye On AI, By Craig

Started by Craig S. Smith, the biweekly podcast features developers that shift the artificial intelligence landscape. This will allow you to keep abreast of the latest trends and new developments in AI, thereby, justifying its name. The podcast has featured some of the famous names such as Rich Sutton, Eric Schmidt, among others, which makes it a must-listen conversation.

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