Top 7 Facebook Groups On Artificial Intelligence You Can Join

AI Facebook Groups

In the ever-changing artificial intelligence landscape, developers need to embrace every possible way of keeping oneself updated with the latest developments. And one of the easiest ways to stay abreast is to be associated with AI communities on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, among others. While such groups help in keeping you informed, one should not limit to just reading about the latest developments. Instead, developers should engage in sharing ideas and contributing to the community.

AIM brings you a curated list of a popular and most active Facebook group related to Artificial Intelligence that will bring value in your professional journey. 

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

The Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning group has more than 360,000 members who mostly post about news and the research related to AI. Although the visibility of the group is public, you need to request for joining the group. Created in 2016, the group is still gaining a lot of traction; more than 10,000 members joined in the last 30 days. The community is one of the most active groups too, as members posted around 700 posts in a month. Curated news and opinion stories from members keep the group busy throughout the day. Consequently, this is a must for artificial enthusiasts.

Data Mining/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

With 125,900 members strong, Data Mining/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence group is more inclined towards research-related articles, learning resources, and a few memes. If you are one of the aspirants who always look for resources, this is the right group for you to be associated with. As per the group description, the group doesn’t stick to someone with a science background and accepts almost everyone interested in sharing ideas and abiding by the rule.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence group is yet another popular group with more than 110,000 members. This is one of the oldest groups that was created in 2011. You can expect all kinds of information right from news to courses, and introduction to various Python libraries. The posts from members are too often, but the informative resources on it make up for the annoyance of frequent posts.

Beginning Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, R, Python

The group is especially dedicated to the beginners, but anyone can join and contribute to the community. Created in 2014, the group now has more than 61,000 members. Newbees post their programming related questions that get a lot of engagements from others. Consequently, one can use it to mitigate their algorithm related problems quickly. Besides, this group is also a perfect fit for experts as they can revise their knowledge by answering beginners-level questions.

Python Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Filled with experts, Python Machine Learning & Deep Learning is probably the most active group which generated 1,290 posts in the last 30 by its 85,500 plus members. The articles shared here are mostly for expert-level developers so beginners should rather stay away as it can get overwhelming. Most of the posts in the group get a lot of engagement, which includes long thread discussions.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Created in 2018, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Deep Learning group has quickly drawn interest from developers community and is now more than 90,000 members strong. As per the group description, everyone is welcomed to the group. Thus one should definitely be a part of the community.

Statistics Made Easy

Statistics is correlated to how proficient you are as data scientists. Therefore, if you want to master statistics, keep yourself engaged in Statistics Made Easy group with other statisticians. Although the group has a little over 11,000 members, the community consists of statisticians who are actively responding to the questions. Besides, since the group is small, it will deliver more value and less distraction in your feed. 

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