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Top 7 Free Online Resources To Learn Kotlin

Top 7 Free Online Resources To Learn Kotlin

Learn Kotlin For Free

Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is an officially supported language for Android development that was officially launched in February 2016. The statically typed programming language has soon become popular among android developers due to its ease of use. One of the most significant advantages that Kotlin has over Java is that one can write the same algorithm in Kotlin with fewer lines of code.

Besides, it is compatible with the latest version of Java, which allows one to convert their application developed using Java to Kotlin easily. Such advantages have assisted developers to quickly build android applications and launch in the market. According to GitHub, Kotlin was fourth in the fastest-growing languages in 2019, only behind Dart, Rust and HCL. And one of the reasons why Java lost the first position to Python on GitHub is that android developers are moving away from Java to Kotlin.

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Here are the top 7 free resources to learn Kotlin and make powerful android applications:-

Kotlin Bootcamp For Programmers

Kotlin Bootcamp For Programmers is designed for beginners as it is only focused on teaching the fundamentals. It contains numerous practice sessions after every topic to help you implement the learning before moving on to the next concept. In the two weeks course, you will learn the basic syntax, define and call functions, object-oriented programming, and functional manipulation. However, if you do not have any prior programming experience in any other language, it will take more than two weeks for you.

Introduction To Kotlin Programming

Introduction To Kotlin Programming course is hosted on Oreilly by Hadi Hariri, VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains. He was actively involved in the development and management of the Kotlin. In the five hours and fourteen minutes course, Hadi introduces to the Kotlin programming language and teaches the fundamentals of the open-source language. Although it is not a completely free course, you can gain access to the course for free for ten days without providing your credit card details. For a 5 hour course, 10 days is adequate to learn without having to pay a penny.

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Kotlin Course – Tutorial For Beginners

This is a two hour thirty-eight minute tutorial for beginners on YouTube by to teach you right from the basic control flow to functions and object-oriented programming in Kotlin. Since it is hosted on YouTube, it will not contain practice sessions to test your learning. However, for someone who already has a programming language experience and can grasp new concepts quickly, this can be a good starting point. Besides, if you want to explore Kotlin before taking in-depth courses, this tutorial will provide you with an overview of the open-source programming language.

Kotlin Tutorial For Beginners

If you prefer learning by reading instead of video lessons, then this well-structured blog will assist you in learning basics as well as advanced concepts in Kotlin. The programing language provides various advanced features such as operator overloading, lambda expressions, and string templates. This blog offers a complete tutorial with code examples, but you will have to practice on your own to retain what you learn.

Kotlin For Java Developers

The course hosted on Coursera is focused on basic syntax, nullability, functional and object-oriented programming. However, not all the fundamentals are covered in the course. This is not recommended for beginners as it requires prior knowledge of Java programming language to take this course. Enrolling in this course will help you in acquiring knowledge of the difference between Java and Kotlin, and how the latter supports interoperability with Java. Offered by JetBrains, it will take 25 hours to complete the course and switch to Kotlin from Java programming.

Developing Android Apps With Kotlin

Developing Android Apps With Kotlin is a two-months intermediate course developed by Google and Udacity to provide hands-on experience for developers using best practices. However, it requires prerequisite knowledge of object-oriented programming, GitHub, and familiarity with modern IDEs. The course will help you in making your first android application with Kotlin. You will learn how to make layouts, app navigation, activity and fragment lifecycle, app architecture (UI and data layer), and RecycleView.

Kotlin Notes For Professionals

Kotlin Notes For Professionals book contains 37 chapters on almost every topic of the programming language to assist you in quickly revising or relooking for codes and approaches. The book acts more like a notebook of every concept of Kotlin programming language. You can skip making notes while learning as this book serves the purpose of penning down your learning. Keeping this handy will make your life easier as you can quickly refer to the concept whenever you need and recall the learning of various techniques.

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