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Top 7 Free Resources To Learn Snowflake

Snowflake offers data-warehouse-as-a service or cloud-based data storage and analytics services.
Top 7 Free Resources To Learn Snowflake

In less than a decade, Snowflake has emerged as one of the most reliable platforms for data warehousing. Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cruanes and Marcin Żukowski founded the company in July 2012. Snowflake offers data-warehouse-as-a service or cloud-based data storage and analytics services. 

Snowflake has been on Amazon S3 since 2014, Microsoft Azure since 2018, and Google Cloud for the last two years. The platform enables data storage, processing, and analytic solutions that are faster, easier to use, and flexible than traditional offerings.


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According to Forrester’s ‘Total Economic Impact Study,’ Snowflake customers can expect a return on investment (RoI) of 612 percent and total benefits of more than $21 million over three years. 

In this article, we list free resources and tools to help you learn the nuts & bolts of Snowflake. 

Courses & modules 

Snowflake Documentation 

Snowflake Documentation is a go-to resource for users planning to learn Snowflake from scratch. The documentation provides conceptual overviews, tutorials, and a detailed reference for all supported SQL commands, operations and functions. 

The module covers: 

Check out Snowflake documentation, podcast, hands-on essentials, workshop lab and additional resources

Snowflake Datawarehouse & Cloud Analytics – Introduction

In this free Udemy course, you will learn about Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and its architecture. It will teach you how to build highly scalable, high performance next-gen modern data warehouses. The beginner-friendly course covers the basics of cloud, SaaS, etc. 

Check out the free course here


What is Snowflake?

In this eight-minute demo video, the Snowflake team gives an overview of the Snowflake Cloud Data platform. For a more in-depth demo, you can sign up for its weekly live demo programme here

Snowflake Architecture – Learn How Snowflake Stores Table data

In this video lesson, Prashant Pandey from Learning Journal unpacks Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and the basics of Snowflake, separation of storage and computing techniques, and storage architecture (how storage database tables are stored and accessed when you execute SQL).  

Getting Started With Snowflake

The Kahan Data Solutions tutorial walks you through the main components of the Snowflake user interface. The video demo covers the introduction of Snowflake, initial view, worksheets, databases, shares, warehouses, history, accounts and account versus worksheet role, notifications, partner connect, preview app, persisted queries and query history. 

Books & guides 

Architecting Data-Intensive SaaS Applications: Building Scalable Software with Snowflake

Co-authored by William Waddington, Kevin McGinley, Pui Kei Johnston Chu, Gjorgji Georgievski and Dinesh Kulkarni, the book titled ‘Architecting Data-Intensive SaaS Applications: Building Scalable Software with Snowflake‘ covers the entire aspect of data applications and why it matters; things to look out for in modern data platform; building scalable data applications; data processing; and data sharing.

Click here to download the pdf version of the book.  

The Founder’s Guide to Building Data Apps on Snowflake 

The guide describes five of the most common use cases for startups and companies building data applications and how Snowflake addresses the key challenges when developing applications including. 

  • Customer 360 Data Apps  
  • IoT Data Apps 
  • Application Health and Security Analytics Data Apps 
  • Machine Learning and Data Science Apps 
  • Embedded Analytics Data Apps

Click here to download the pdf version of the guide. 

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