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Top 7 Resources To Learn MLStudio

Top 7 Resources To Learn MLStudio

Top 7 Resources To Learn MLStudio

Launched back in 2014, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio is an application of AI, which has proved to be beneficial for developers and programmers to build and train their custom models and deploy them in production. Without the requirement of coding and programming, this drag and drop tool has transformed the data modelling world, where it allows non-technical folks to build data models. ML Studio also operates on the Azure public cloud and uses Automated ML, Designer, and Python notebooks coding to solve large data processing projects.

In this article, we will share X free resources — in no particular order — to learn Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio.


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1| Quickstart With Azure Machine Learning Studio (classic)

About: This documentation comes from the makers of the platform — ML Studio. In this official quickstart by Microsoft, users can learn to create their first machine learning experiment in Azure Machine Learning Studio (classic), which will be designed to predict the price of a car based on different variables such as make and technical specifications. This tutorial documentation is appropriate for beginners of machine learning, and the video series by Microsoft as it will help in getting a grasp on ML using everyday concepts. The tutorial will help in creating the model, which would include getting and preparing the data and defining the features, training the model, where users have to choose and apply an algorithm, and test the model by predicting new prices for the automobile industry. 

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2| Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Studio

About: In this course, by Cloud Academy, users will learn the basic concepts of machine learning, along with hands-on tutorials on how to choose an algorithm, run data through an ML model and deploy the same as a predictive web service. The course involves 54 minutes of HD video with several hands-on demos, which is open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in machine learning. The course comes with a three-day free trial to enrol and is led by research lead of Cloud Academy, Guy Hummel, who will guide the students to prepare data for Azure ML studio to experiment and build models. 

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3| Azure Tutorial: Predicting Gas Prices Using Azure Machine Learning Studio

About: This tutorial is provided by Toptal, which will explore the feature of Azure Machine Learning Studio and its capabilities to solve the gas prices that we face in our everyday lives. Led by Ivan Matec, a freelance software engineer with twelve years of experience developing .NET and web applications, this Azure tutorial will highlight how machine learning can help in solving problems by finding meaningful patterns in the historical data. This simple ML tutorial will help in creating a fully functional prediction web service for data experiments.

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4| Getting Started With Machine Learning Using Microsoft Azure ML Studio

About: This is a tutorial article by Code Magazine helps learners to grasp the basics of ML and how one can use Azure ML Studio to build a model. Posted by Wei-Meng Lee, founder of Developer Learning Solutions, this article will have taken the case study of Amazon, where it predicts its customer buying habits to recommend more products. Instead of using ML algorithms in languages like Python or R, this tutorial teaches how to use ML Studio to build learning models graphically using the datasets available. The article further shares how ML studio allows users to create custom ML algorithms with the help of embedded Python and R script.

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5| Azure Machine Learning (ML) Tutorial

About: This Azure Machine Learning tutorial, by Intellipaat, will help users to learn the end-to-end application of Azure ML and successfully build a career in Azure. This tutorial will also help in learning about Azure ML Studio, where one can understand how to create and evaluate an Azure ML model in order to predict diabetes. Apart from Azure ML and ML Studio theory, this tutorial will also provide hands-on experience with ML Studio, where users will be taught the step-by-step process of building the prediction model.

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6| Introduction to Azure Machine Learning using Azure ML Studio

About: This tutorial blog by SQLShack will teach how to create machine learning models using ML Studio and how to use them. The tutorial includes how to pre-process data, develop and evaluate candidate ML models, and choose, deploy and leverage ML models. Furthermore, this also showcases the MLOps capabilities that are possible for different users in ML projects. Apart from building models, this tutorial also teaches how users can upload their own dataset and observe the statistical properties of the dataset.

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7| Learn Azure Machine Learning From Scratch

About: This course of learning Azure ML from scratch is by Udemy, where it gives a comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure machine learning along with tutorials on ML Studio. Along with that, this course will also share how to create experiments, add dataset, add algorithms and predict the values of the problem. This course will not cover R or Python. However, it will help learners understand and apply machine learning concepts to real-world problems. This course is for anyone interested in Azure Machine Learning and ML studio and will build a career up in Azure.

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