Top 7 Smartphones With AI Cameras And Post-Processing

AI-powered cameras are one of the biggest selling points for the latest generation of smartphones now. In an age of slowing returns on investment in terms of processing power, smartphone manufacturers are looking for USPs in their latest products, leading to the rise of AI cameras.

Here are 7 of the top AI smartphone cameras on the market today:

Google Pixel 3

The Pixel 4 is rumoured to be launching with a dual-camera setup, but the Pixel 3’s single-camera setup still beats other phones in the market today. The phone comes with a host of Google research-powered AI features such as scene detection and portrait mode, along with a secret sauce image processing algorithm.

While the proprietary nature of the image processing is hidden away, Google has confirmed that most of the processing comes from a chip on the device, running a low-power neural network.

Huawei Honor 10

The Honor series of phones advertise the feature of ‘AI Camera’ heavily, with the devices even coming with a customized SoC for AI applications. The phone’s camera comes with an ‘AI Mode’; a moniker for AI-powered scene detection.

In addition to this, the phone also has portrait mode, bokeh mode and night mode. All of these features are powered by AI algorithms that run on the custom-built Kirin SoC.

Samsung A50

Samsung has brought down its premium image processing AI to the budget segment with its A50 Series of smartphones. While the lower end model comes with a dual-lens camera, the A50 boasts a triple camera setup.

The AI camera features over 20 scenes in the scene detection algorithm, along with a feature known as Flaw Detection that ensures that the best shot is picked from a set of photos.

iPhone XS Max

Even as the iPhone lineup is due for a refresh, the XS Max’s camera produces breathtaking images. With the on-board neural network processing unit, Apple has a lot more space to play with image processing and enhancement.

One example of the Neural Engine doing its work is the depth control feature of the camera. The focus point can be changed after-the-fact to allow for customized shots. The phone also comes with features such as Smart HDR, bokeh mode and TrueDepth camera on the front.

OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro is an improvement over the company’s past offerings in the camera segment. The phone has a triple camera setup, with a telephoto lens and ultra-wide lens in addition to the main sensor. It also comes with AI scene detection and portrait mode.

The phone also features a smart HDR feature and multiple AI image processing options. The phone also comes with a smart night mode for taking pictures in a low-light environment.

Vivo V15 Pro

The latest flagship from Vivo comes with a triple camera powered by AI. One is a wide-angle camera, with the second being a depth camera and the primary sensor being a 48 million ‘Quad Pixel’ sensor. The company claims that this phone comes with ‘upgraded AI algorithms’.

The algorithms allow for features such as beauty mode in the front camera, ‘AI Body Shaping’,  and AI portrait lighting. There is also a significant amount of AI processing required to make images from all 3 cameras meld together.

Oppo R15 Pro

This flagship offering from Oppo features a custom-built camera sensor from Sony and is bundled with Oppo’s set of Ai post-processing software. Along with the mainstays of AI scene recognition with 120 scenes and portrait mode, the phone also comes with other features.

The headlining feature of the phone is the ‘AI Beauty Technology 2.0’ that runs a facial scan on the user to analyze their gender, age, skin texture and more. This data is then used to create a customized facial mask that ‘enhances the beauty’ of the user.

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