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Top 7 Subscription-based Ed-tech Platforms For Data Science

Top 7 Subscription-based Ed-tech Platforms For Data Science

Data science is one of the top skills in demand as jobs in the field sees an upward trend, especially after the pandemic. As a matter of fact, many online platforms are providing online data science courses. These programs also offer certifications on their completion, making aspiring data scientists more employable.

Analytics India Magazine has collated some of the top subscription-based ed-tech platforms that provide learning data science in various formats.


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DataCamp is an ed-tech platform purely made only for data science. All of the learning happens in a browser, and the student does not need to download any software. The platform provides an in-built window to practice code that is accessible from laptops as well as mobile phones.

It has lessons for basic introductory courses in R, Python, SQL, and Tableau, along with machine learning modules using R and Python among other advanced courses. Students can also work on real-world problems as they learn to apply their skills. 

To access the platform individuals need a monthly subscription billed annually for $12.42 for individuals. For small teams, it is $25, and big enterprises can contact the organisation to get a quote.


DataQuest is another platform only for data-driven courses. This website’s interface provides feedback as you code in the browser. You can learn basic data analysis courses including data cleaning, exploratory data visualisation and storytelling. From there, you can go on to learn more advanced topics like linear regression, calculus for machine learning, and deep learning fundamentals. Languages available are R, Python, and SQL.

For this platform, you will be billed annually for $33.25 a month subscription, whereas the bigger teams can write to the DataQuest to request pricing.

365 DataScience

365 DataScience provides a data science program that has four modules that cover the entire subject holistically. It includes data science fundamentals, programming for data science, machine and deep learning, and advanced specialisations, with each module consisting of a certain number of lessons which has videos and exercises. 

A $29 per month subscription billed annually on the platform gives you access to 136 hours of material and 880 courses. The platform supports you to build a portfolio and provide you with feedback on your resume for employability. It also comes with a Q&A Hub for participants to ask questions related to the material.


Another interactive platform Codeacademy provides its students with courses to learn different coding languages, including R, Python, and SQL. For data scientists, the platform offers some introductory and intermediate courses which cover everything including data manipulation, data analysis and visualisation courses. The platform also provides a data science certification programme that can help the learners build their portfolio. The programme is beginner-friendly and mostly chosen, if willing to pursue a career in data science. 

The professional membership is at $16.22 per month that is billed annually. Subscription packages for entire teams or companies are also available.


This platform believes in a text-based format, instead of videos, to learn to code faster. It provides a live environment in your browser that does not require any setup. Starting with some beginner modules like data analysis and visualisation using Python, one can then move to complex courses like machine learning and deep learning. One can also choose to work on real-life projects like building a chatbot. Completion of modules offers you certificates.

Educative provides a monthly as well as annual subscription option at $35 and $144 respectively. There is also a $135-monthly subscription for business teams. 

Analyttica TreasureHunt® Leaps

The platform provides data science modules for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level studentproviding step-by-step exposure through courses and practice cases. Users get certificates after finishing all the modules in a course. Apart from that, the platform also has a section for real-life use-cases across sectors. These are presented in the form of a problem that can be solved using data science. Users can also participate in hackathons hosted by the website.

The subscription is billed annually at a monthly instalment of $8.50. Subscriptions for a lesser number of months at a higher price.

Association Of Data Scientists

This website offers access to online courses that provide in-depth knowledge of complex topics within machine learning and data science domain such as deep learning and natural language processing. The courses are available as videos, which can be accessed once subscribed to a particular workshop.

The Association for Data Scientists is a global professional body of data science and machine learning professionals. The members of the portal get access to several benefits, including a discount for various workshops, otherwise, available within the range of $20 to $30.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right subscription depends on a lot of factors — whether you like an in-built platform that provides you with a browser interface or you want downloadable video tutorials. One needs to also find out the platforms with courses and material that suit their objectives. Price is also an important factor. 

Considering all these factors, one should decide to subscribe to a platform for their data science goals.

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