Top 8 AI Influencers To Follow On Instagram

One of the popular visual social media sites, Instagram has gained much traction over the last few years. Today, Instagram is not just a platform for sharing photos and videos, but it has also become an excellent platform for sharing educational information. Millions of people use Instagram with a majority of them being youths or young adults. 

Increase in the popularity and relevance of social media platforms has led the educators and other professionals to choose social network sites such as Instagram as a source to deliver educational contents. 

The platform includes short, crisp as well as informative posts on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and more. It has indeed become a parallel world of Data Science and AI enthusiasts on Instagram.

Below is a list of top eight AI accounts one must follow on Instagram, in alphabetical order.

Analytics India Magazine

This Instagram account by Analytics India Magazine includes a blooming community of AI and ML enthusiasts. It shares regular posts and updates on the latest news and trends that are shaping the field of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data science and more. The posts also include infographics with links to various hands-on guides, latest tools and techniques, tutorials, free resources, tech memes and more. 

Click here to follow the account.

Data Science Learn 

With a total of 49.8k followers, Data Science Learn account provides information from the basics of machine learning and data science to the advanced level. The account shares images of topics around artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, Python, probability, statistics, resources available and more. The account also shares highlighted stories that include free courses, quizzes, books, information on AI and data science.

Click here to follow the account.

Intuitive Machine Learning

Created by Peter Pan, PhD. & Research Scientist at Facebook, this Instagram account posts about machine learning, NLP and speech technologies. The motive of this account is to provide an intuitive way to deliver machine learning concepts. Intuitive Machine Learning also has a YouTube channel with around 5.76k subscribers, where it shares videos on various machine learning and data science concepts.

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The learn.machinelearning account was created to help people in understanding the emerging technologies and how to get started with it. Not only the account shares posts with infographics on machine learning techniques and tools but also provides help to professionals who get stuck in implementing the machine learning algorithms. The account also assists in choosing project ideas and helps in collaborating with the community.

Click here to follow the account.

Machine Learning India

Machine Learning India is a thriving community with AI enthusiasts in India. The goal of this account is to reduce the skill-gap in the country by creating a vibrant AI ecosystem and talent pool, thereby leading the country to contribute to the global AI revolution. The account shares valuable contents and resources on AI, ML, programming languages, robotics and more. It serves as a centre and community of excellence in education, development and research. 

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With more than 47k followers, the account shares insights and information on how to build neural networks, steps of deep learning theory, steps and procedures of implementing a neural network model, cheat sheets and more. 

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The Neuralnine account includes computer science, programming and machine learning aficionados. The focus of this account mainly lies around AI, machine learning, Python, among others. The account posts daily infographics on programming and AI. It also includes a story highlight of Q&A, where enthusiasts can ask questions or doubts about emerging technologies like AI and ML.

Click here to follow the account.

Python Learning

Python Learning is one of the popular accounts on Instagram, with a total of 667k followers. The account posts various intuitive insights on Python language and emerging techniques like machine learning and data science. The account is managed by freelancers and shares tutorial links as well as information on the basic steps of learning Python languages, resources available for beginners and intermediates, free courses available for machine learning and other such.

Click here to follow the account.

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Ambika Choudhury
A Technical Journalist who loves writing about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A lover of music, writing and learning something out of the box.

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